Getting My Self Sorted - To Do!


Eat Healthier - five a day
                        low fat
                        made from scratch
                        planned meals
                        nutritional content
                        low salt
Exercise More - daily walk
                           timer on computer time
                           look for very, extremely, definitely mild workout resources

Better Groomed - buy make up
                             use make up
                             find places to put all my clothes
                             get rid of all clothes that don't fit me  
                             work out what size I actually am    
                             learn to do my hair
                             actually do my hair          

Lose Weight - weigh myself and try not to cry
                        weigh myself every fortnight
                         find ways to replace comfort eating
                         drink more water


Pennies - check bank every day
                send in meter readings once a week
               diarise when utilities, mortgage deals are due and do the research
Shopping - only buy on ebay or amazon in the first week of the month unless is it is absolutely red                        hot urgent
                  buy online shopping once per week but also get fresh veggies from Market Delivered
Getting some more - do more surveys
                                  find coupons from the few brands we actually use


Getting organised - use Google calendar and check it daily
                                at the start of the month check on birthdays/events
                                keep an emergency present cupboard
                                sort out a 'do every morning' and 'do every evening' list
                                create filing system
Housework - work out a weekly/monthly plan for housework and stick to it modifying it as necessary
                      keep a tally of everything that is in the cupboards
                      meal plan
                      maintain tools
                      find a place for everything
                      identify roadblocks and plan to avoid them

Decluttering - make a list of outstanding projects and tick them off as done
                       do not keep anything 'just in case'
                       declutter books every six months
                       do not keep stuff 'to sell' if you are not going to sell it in the next three weeks
                       do not keep things out of duty
                       watch programmes about hoarders

Faith - get to church
           get bear to church
           read daily readings
           make time for prayer
           be kind

Writing - comment on every submission to Light and Shade, they are awesome and I should tell them
               five thousand words, every day, no excuses


Uncle - liaise with brother
             keep notebook
             keep low calorie snacks for him
             stock take his clothes and label
             identify good times to visit and stick to them

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  1. hang in there Sybil you will achieve all you want to when the time is right, every step is one step closer and what speed you go at matters not .
    Kathleen x