Monday, 12 June 2017

Extra Laundry

I'm not sure how, but I've ended up doing bits for the local Methodist Church.  They are a lovely lot, really nice people and made father welcome when he joined.  I don't attend the services but I do various bits and I ended up taking in a donation of children's clothes from some really lovely people.  It was a very large donation, we are talking several bin sacks.  

I did all the thanking and sorted the stuff (some of it was gorgeous) and thought about the pile of stuff apparently in the loft in the Church.  So I volunteered to do a small kids' clothing stall during times when kids' groups were in.  We dug the boxes out and had a look through.  Some of it had been up there for over ten years.

Anyone who has sorted clothing donations in any quantity will know what I've found.  Some of the clothing is immaculate.  Some of it is incredibly expensive.  Some is whiffy from weird storage.  Some is fit for rags.  Some isn't even fit for rags.  So far I haven't found bloodstains, but we all know that it happens.  

My back is bad.  I can keep going for around fifteen minutes and then my back muscles go into a spasm.  I am trying to keep moving so that I don't stiffen up and fortunately I have three large boxes and three large bin bags full of very small clothes which either need washing, ironing or both.  With small items you can get an amazing amount done in fifteen minutes.  

So I am having a minor grumble but in truth I'm happy to be doing something for the lovely people at the church who have roof issues.  I wish it was with something else than laundry!


  1. You're a good egg Lyssa and have a good heart! At least the people that need clothing will now be able to go through them and find what they need. Lets hope that they are nice enough to put things back as found.

  2. I'm sure they appreciate everything that you are doing to help. Hope the back improves soon. I hope you are sitting down to iron or is that harder on the back?