Friday, 19 September 2014

Bear is on the Computer

Bear did his maths homework on the internet.  He is seven.  I know practically everyone has some access to the internet, and I knew that homework on the internet was coming but I thought it would be a while.  It is so different from when I was a child.

Also, I am not convinced that bear did his homework as thoroughly as he could.  I suspect he got a bit giddy.  I am hoping that he will get a bit more dedicated.  He has also a large set of sheets with things he should learn.  That is going to make a fun weekend.  On the one hand bear asserts his utter devotion to anything maths.  On the other hand he doesn't want to interfere with his intense pursuit of watching Tom & Jerry on YouTube.  Sigh.

I have cellulitis.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Piano is Happening

Bear is lazy.  He is really, really lazy when it comes to academic stuff as he skims through far too easily.  So we have gone back to the piano idea, which he will have to work at and practice if he is going to be any good.

Previously bear went to a house to learn piano.  This was not successful.  The main problem was that bear did not like the two buses there and two buses back or the bus to piano, bus to Morrisons, random shopping and then home with DH.  My heart used to sink as I picked up on piano lesson days.

We have decided to revisit this and bear now has someone come to the house.  There have been two lessons so far, which have been okay, but they are at a dreadfully early on a Saturday morning.  Fortunately the new teacher will actually insist that bear do it again and try and get it right this time. 

So far so good.  Bear has just murdered 'Yankee Doodle' as practice without any pressure for me.  I hope this continues - and the neighbours don't complain!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Not much to Add

The meeting about father's care was quite clear.  He needs to go to a nursing home with medical care available 24 hours a day.  I am currently researching (uncle's home is not suitable).

Father believes he will be fine to get home by Christmas.  I am not arguing, but it will take a great deal of work and luck and poor father is getting tired very quickly.  I think it is more about getting back to being active and independent rather than coming back to a particular space.

He is still flirting with the nurses.  He is still father.  That's the important thing.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Bearing Up

Bear has stained his new school shirt with spaghetti bolognese sauce.  I have washed it twice with spray cleaner and I suppose I will have another go tomorrow and hopefully will hang it on the line in possible sunshine.  I really am unimpressed that his first day stained a shirt.

Bear has also picked up a bug and is doing a very good, Oscar winning performance.  He is suffering, absolutely suffering with a sore throat, poorly tummy, headache etc etc etc and it has even affected his consumption of treats. It hasn't affected it much, but there has been a slight impact.

I had the joy of the first homework this year.  There were a list of words that bear could already spell without thinking and a request for some sentences about his new class.  As bear is suffering with dramatic intensity I will have my hands full sorting that lot out.

Bear also got four team points in class.  I always have to extract this sort of information even though good performance gets rewards.  He treats such achievements with weary disdain.  Other parents know more about his results than I do, he was the star of the day on Thursday and I only found out when one of his friends told me on Friday.

So all normal for bear.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Observations from a bus

What with one thing and another I've spent a lot of time on buses lately.  I find my mind wandering as I observe my fellow travellers and look out of the window as we trundle along.  I would never dream of saying a lot of these, but I can't help thinking them.  Recent highlights include...

Woah - that aftershave is harsh!  Do you wear it to keep personal space?

Still have tinfoil on the windows, I see.  I suppose that is one household safe from the lizard men.

That heavily patterned, short sleeved, floaty chiffon top?  It clashes with your full sleeve, brightly coloured tattoos.  Though they both do look really nice. 

Is that man I've just passed drunk, stoned or dead?

The fabric of that bhurka is gorgeous

I wonder if that household knows that there is a tree growing out of their chimney.  

Those people arguing on the back seat - I don't know what language you're speaking, and I don't know what those words mean, but I am pretty sure I know what you meant, and I am not sure you should be using language like that in front of your children.

That bag/coat/top is lovely.  I wonder if I have the nerve to ask where they got it (I never have).

Are you wearing that shirt for a bet?

Woah!  That cyclist was very brave taking on the bus like that.

I don't think that car is going to fit into that parking space.  I was right.  I bet it's expensive to get that fixed.

Did your mother see that skirt before you left the house?  

I wonder when they are going to finish painting that fence?  It has been half done since July.

I don't get bored on bus journeys.  

Monday, 1 September 2014

Looking for the bright side

I'm doing okay.  Personally I have some really bad sores and some very broken nights but actually it's getting better.  It really is.  It may not be brilliant, but it's better and I'll take it.

Bear goes back to school tomorrow in the nick of time.  One more tantrum from him today and I will be rationing his sweets.  I know what is happening.  He has a cough.  He is tired.  He is clingy.  I can barely move without him following me, but he will be fine tomorrow.

Father is on an IV drip.  He is not getting food enough through the feeding tube and he keeps coughing it up. I believe they are still looking for the notes of his stomach operation back in 1971 to see if they can operate, and he has been looking very frail. However he has access to football and that is a big deal.  And Liverpool won!  There was complicated button pressing that involved a laptop, a dongle and a long call to a helpline that is going to make it very interesting to try and get his PAYG dongle topped up.  DH was an absolute hero.

That's another silver lining - DH is being a hero.  We have started watching The Big Bang Theory.  Doctor Who is awesome.  September is my favourite time of year.  There are still lots of good things.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

There is nettle in Jelly Babies

I have not lost my mind due to stress.  Obviously there wasn't that much mind to lose, but seriously - nettle in Tesco own brand jelly babies, you can check the ingredients here

As I get to grips with this gluten free business I am reading more and more labels.  I have blinked a bit at the nettle, but I'm going for it - sweet, inexpensive and gluten free.  What's not to like?  If you add in the nettle then that's practically nutritious as nettle is full of iron.

I'm considering starting a separate blog to chart my discovery of stuff like nettle as an ingredient and my chase of the gluten free.  If nothing else it can record my moments of stopping, staring and thinking, 'What?!'