Monday, 14 January 2019


I have an incredibly minor cold.  It really is totally minor, nothing to be worried about at all, complete non news.  I'm on my second box of tissues. 

I've sort of bumbled around today.  Bear had a good time making crumble at school, but we decided to wait until tomorrow to taste it.  Apparently he went heavy on the ginger, but it could be worse.  I've been tootling around doing bits of ironing and a few phone calls.  I'm a little worried as my driving instructor has a frozen shoulder.  To be honest, I'm more worried about him as last time I saw him he was in a lot of pain, but it does mean he can't currently take me on lessons because he is on strong pain medicine.  My driving test is on 19th of February, but if worst comes to the worst, I can just have a go and see what happens.  My lovely instructor is really suffering. 

Writing stuff - I love the idea of YouTube videos as trailers for books.  Here is a link to one for Tattoos by Stacy Overby, which is a sci fi thriller.  I don't know how people even start with creating something like that.  And the latest from the White Hart is here

Photo by Ohmky on Unsplash

Hugs to all from a mound of tissues. 

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Not a Good Day

I spent most of today trying to get out.  It is hard to explain the awful barrier that seems to be built between me and the front door.  Some days I can make jokes and share victories.  Today, my victory was getting on a bus.  I did it.  I got out, but it took nearly a whole day to get me through that door.  I need to find a way around this.  

But I did it, and it is a victory.  I got into town, where I took this pic, as proof to myself that I've done it.

There are a few places in Leeds where they have unattended pianos for the public to help themselves and enjoy  I must try and get bear here to show off, as if bear can show off then he is more likely to do his practice.  Also, I had forgotten that Love Aroma had shut down in Leeds, so I rattled around trying to find a place that sold Woodwick candles so I could give one to my brother, then on to Aldi.  

I've done a little this and that today, and I'm sure I'll get more done tomorrow, but I'm going to have to work out how to get out of the house.  I can usually manage to get out for medical stuff, and I can always get out for bear and driving lessons (and, to be honest, the driving lessons are so I can drive bear to school).  I am improving, but there is a way to go.  If I work out a quick fix, I'll share.  

Sending hugs to all 

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Nothing Much Happened

I had a driving lesson today.  It was quiet and steady and I just did it.  There were no shocks or complications.  I had another go at the awkward junction and managed fine, practised the parallel park and three point turn, and just drove.  It was lovely.

Bear got points for his homework, which was a relief.  I also managed to pick him up without issue for the first time after climbing (there's this rock climbing thing...).  School is really hotting up for bear with clubs for drama and maths as well as the rock climbing.  I'm making the weekends as quiet as possible.

Mind you, this weekend involves getting bear new shoes.  He had the whole Christmas break to tell me that there was an issue but waited until the morning he went back to school.

Writing stuff - I dipped into flash fiction again here.  I'm getting back into the game.

I took this picture and it is a fake ruin overlooking a man made lake in Roundhay Park. I was surprised it came out so well

Wednesday, 9 January 2019


I did the same junction again and again today.  It wasn't too bad, actually, but it was sort of tricky as the first part was going across a dual carriageway, with two possible landing spots in a central area and then finding the right lane afterwards while looking out for the three different places cars could come belting at you, quickly followed by a very odd junction where you had to change lanes, then change lanes again immediately after a pedestrian crossing and turn right.  I did it three times, and actually, it was okay.  I'm glad I practised it, though.

Two more knitting kits came today.  I have no idea why I picked them up, but I got them inexpensively on eBay and, to be honest, I'm really enjoying the first.  It's a small bag knitted out of eyelash yarn and I have no idea what I'll do with it once finished, but I love the colours and I'm enjoying the challenge of knitting the dratted stuff.  After that it's a pair of wristwarmers. 

Something interesting.  Last summer, my hands and feet were incredibly swollen and I had to drive in slippers as I couldn't get shoes on.  Now the shoes are fine, the slippers are a little baggy (possibly stretched) and my wedding ring is loose.  I've actually dug out a chain because I may need to hang my wedding ring on it.  I don't think I've lost weight, but I do think I'm retaining less water.  I hope that my feet stay down when the heat of summer comes back. 

In the background I've done a few bits that normally I would have avoided.  I've checked to make sure that we're insured, and chased a few bits from bear's school.  I'm making sketchy plans for the house and I've got some more laundry done, but I need to ramp up my game.  I'm feeling more positive.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

So Much for Today

I am TIRED!!!  It's ridiculous, because I'm only at home, but things keep going in and out of focus I'm so tired.  Also, out of alcohol (Hester - alcohol had nothing to do with the actual knitting of the hat but is a major suspect in the purchase of the yarn lol!)

Sarah - I admire the Norman's energy and organisational skills.  They got all over the place, including Sicily, and caused utter havoc.  I can't recall the full details, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have a large contingent in early crusades.  I can't imagine they made good neighbours.

Hugs to all who commented. 

I knew that big oven + anything and washer + dryer + iron cause all the plugs in the basement kitchen and dining room to go off, but now I know that washer + dryer + kettle also trips the fuse. 

I am on my knees.  Everything needs clearing or sorting or cleaning or washing or ironing or something and I feel like I'm drowning in stuff but I have to get it clear soon, no matter how big my pity party because we need to get that re-wire done soon.  I feel overwhelmed.  I will get over it, but I'm taking this evening to have a moment before working out what to do. 

Tomorrow I'm going to be awesome. 

Writing Stuff - the more writing stuff I do, the more I manage to do in real life, so watch this space as anything could happen.  I'm looking forward to Stacy Overby's guest post on my writing blog later in the month (image below).  She's the author of an exciting sci fi thriller and I feel quite giddy hosting for her. 

I've also written a book review, 'Smoke and Summons' by Charlie N Holmberg.  It's a fantasy novel, beautifully crafted and a little darker than the Paper Magician Series that made me a fan of Ms Holmberg's work. 

I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with a little more optimism.  Hugs to all.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Accidental Knitting

I was feeling stressed after Christmas (that Bailey has a lot to answer for) and I went on eBay under the influence of drink and bought a ball of Katia Polar yarn.  It is normally quite expensive, but I got a good deal.  It arrived this morning.  I tried to resist knitting it up.  I failed. 

It feels soooooo gorgeous, very soft and warm and squishy, a little like evil cat's fur without the fear factor.  It looked a little like Igor's eyebrows, and it was very thick.  I knitted on 8mm needles. 

When I saw the pattern, I wondered if it would be big enough, as you only cast on 38 stitches, but it's fine, and because it's sturdy needles and thick yarn, it only took a few hours to knit up, and to be fair, I knitted on breaks between other things.  You have to concentrate on every stitch, though, especially as the yarn is black, and you have no chance of spotting if you make an error, but I enjoyed it. 

Bear managed to get the dratted Bailey into school okay, and there has been no drama at school so far.  It is only the first day of term, but I'm cherishing what I can. 

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Finished the Bailey

I took on a lot of the detail after bear got one too many glue stick injuries.  I swear I have now burned my fingertips.  Bear supervised, however, and this was the result.

Bear now has to get it into school in one piece to be attached to the tower which one of his pals are building. 

I've also been frantically trying to sort out the washing.  It's fallen behind over the last few weeks and now I feel like I'm neck deep in miscellaneous laundry.  The washer and dryer are going but I can't start ironing yet as if I have the iron and the dryer on at the same time, all the plugs downstairs blow.  I really need to get rewired.

Tonight I am doing the bare minimum and then tomorrow I will have the space to get moving.  I can't move for boxes, papers, rubbish and stuff and it needs to move soon!