Saturday, 18 August 2018


Had a bad reaction to something I ate and now I have a sore throat, headache and I'm not even discussing my digestive system.

But I am still in a better place than Barb from Canada and a lot of others who are affected by natural disasters at the moment, so sending out good vibes.  I hope you are safe!

Now I am going away to watch YouTube and practice feeling better.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Bear Helps Out

Bear has been pretty awesome today.  He had a pal come round for lunch and dinner so he helped me tidy up.  Then he was a sweetie (but I couldn't concentrate worth tuppence around their games) and he was awesome clearing up.

I got a box of books today.  Bear was the consultant as I tried to take a decent photo. 

The book is my latest (I feel so giddy), the hat is father's (for picking out names) and the red in the background is the sheet from that incredibly inexpensive superkingsize fleece bedding set that I bought because it was loads and loads and loads of fabric for very little money.  I will be drawing the names out of the hat to win a signed copy at the end of the evening.  And speaking of the White Hart, the latest instalment is here, if you are interested. 

Bear was really helpful as we talked about angles and whether or not to include a plastic crow in the shot.  It was a lot of fun.  I'm planning on getting stuff on eBay next week and I am confident bear will be an awesome adviser. 

I'm still feeling incredibly flattened, so I have set tonight aside for some knitting (I haven't knitted for ages!) and a film.  Thank you for all the good wishes.  I'll be sorting through the comments over the weekend to make sure that only the ones without info are published, but I really appreciate the kind thoughts and encouragement.  Barb from Canada - sending all the good vibes I can.  I hope you stay safe! 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

A Fail, but No Surrender

I failed my driving test.  It was epic.  I rocked the hill start, swept around left turns like a boss, turned right, reversed two car lengths and obeyed all traffic signals while remaining roughly two miles under the speed limit.  Then I got completely stranded in the wrong lane at a set of traffic lights and stalled!  The traffic was backed up for nearly a quarter of a mile.  Four of us took a test at the same time, and only one passed, so I'm not too downcast.  Besides, no casualties.  I've taken a brief break but my next lesson is Saturday.  I am going for it with gusto!

Bear has suddenly decided that he needs to go out more.  This is the child that has steadfastly refused to go beyond the end of the street for anything except a very good reason.  Last summer I couldn't get him out without serious, sustained and well planned effort.  He has decided we need to take him out more and he has also decided that he and I are going out next week - twice!  I'm not complaining, but it's a shock.  He and DH have also expressed a possible interest in going away for a weekend.  I hope this continues.  Once I can drive (I am not giving up!) I can take bear to all sorts of places around here. 

The driving test fail hasn't been the toughest thing I've dealt with, so I've taken a few days down time but I am back and feeling a lot more optimistic.  I am giving one last chance to enter the give away for a signed copy of Tales from the White Hart (details at the end of this post here) then I will be picking a name, packing them up and sending them out, details to be announced 21st August.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Traffic Lights

As you can tell, I'm still caught up in driving, and today was awful especially at a set of traffic lights.  There was an incident, but no casualties. 

Two lessons tomorrow!  I'll be back when there is something of interest to report. 

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Still Tired

I did an emergency stop today.  I was supposed to, I didn't have to respond to a child or similar.  Apparently I did okay. 

I had two driving lessons today, and all I can think about is feeder lanes and signals and clutch control.  I'll be back later when I have something more interesting to talk about. 

Friday, 10 August 2018

Thank Goodness for Friday - I think!

Yesterday I had my photo taken.  It was very professional and undramatic.  He asked me to stand, sit, look, smile and generally was amazing.  He didn't ask me to suggest stuff, which was just as well as I didn't have a clue.  I'll get my pictures some time in the next fortnight and when I do I will probably get my courage up to post one.  As you may have gathered, I'm not a glamorous young blonde.  I'm not a glamorous anything but it was fun. 

By the time I got home, however, I was exhausted.  I think the last month or so is catching up with me.  I rang up bear's pal's awesome mum and said that the playdate would have to hang out some other time, then crawled off to an early bed.

Today I managed to get the latest White Hart chapter finished (here, for those interested, and apologies for the late delivery) and spent some time working at the laundry pile which is now very slightly lower.  Finally I had another driving lesson.  He took me on a mock route and I wouldn't have passed.  I am due to take my test on Tuesday and I might pass.  One of the things that may help is that I am having two three-hour lessons tomorrow.  I may not survive if I carry on at this pace. 

I will be taking on board the suggestions by Barb from Canada and Softstuff.  I'm waiting until my mind is totally under control before I publish anything as I don't want to get anything wrong.  I really appreciate the suggestions, though.  Thank you!

Thursday, 9 August 2018

My Sins Have Found Me Out

Last night, quite late, I got a text from the mother of one of bear's friends.  She isn't the one who is helping me with driving but it's a different mum.  I wish I was more like her.  She feeds her family good, home cooked food, looks after her husband, works, keeps a beautiful home, manages life so well and is just a wonderful, supportive, kind person.  Her son is lovely and her daughter is adorable.  Her son is coming around to hang out with bear on Friday.  Her son is severely asthmatic.  My house is full of dust.  What is worse, my house is so full of clutter that I have to move and find places for and throw out a gazillion tons of stuff before I can even dust and vacuum.  The lovely son is bear's bestest friend.  I can't let bear down.

The last few weeks have been a little busy.  Okay, more like hysterically, crazily, frantically, mind-stealing busy, and my housewifery has been worse than usual.  It isn't that good to start with.  However we have had home cooked (more or less, some parts pre-assembled) food, everyone has clean clothes and so far no casualties.  Today I have already been to the hairdressers because this afternoon I am getting a 'proper' photo taken.  I am not looking forward to this photo.  I haven't been happy to have my photo taken for around thirty years.  The last time I willingly stood in front of a camera was when I got married and we had a silver wedding a few years back.  I am still sorting out clothes and stuff for that, plus I need to deal with tidying and dusting everything.  However I can't cancel the photo as it is needed because I got a story accepted into an anthology who want a pic for their publicity which is currently gearing up (I'll share when stuff is going on).  Darn.  I'm planning on getting a few shots and that will be it.  I hope I've got another decade in me and from now on I can just trot out the same old photos for job applications and any publicity I do. 

At least I don't have a driving lesson tonight.  And I've sorted the bathroom window payment, chased the council about the bins and texted the babysitter to cover for the upcoming driving test.  Also, it's a great opportunity to have a good clear out.  I'll wipe around with lots of damp cloths, vacuum a few times and keep all the windows open.  Please send good vibes!