Friday, 24 January 2020

Having a Moment

I just burst into tears while on the phone to Scottish Power (again). Apparently someone is trying to reach me from the firm that does annual services, last seen around six months ago. I think that I need to take a breath and pull myself together.

Bear is looking a lot better, so that is something, and has said that he will be happy with a sandwich for dinner tonight, so I don't have to worry about cooking for him. He has said that he wants to eat healthier. This is great. Unfortunately he only eats about four things at the moment, and none of them are brilliantly healthy. He used to eat anything and everything. Now there are issues. DH has dinner sorted out as well, so that is something.

There are so many people worse off than me, and I feel quite ashamed. Back tomorrow with hopefully a more positive attitude.

Hugs to all.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Keeping On

Bear is doing slightly better. The reaction to the medicine has been building over Christmas, so it will no doubt take a while to get out of his system. For those who understand these things, it was naproxen, prescribed by a consultant. Poor kid is now back to ibuprofen for pain management. It's not helping as much as I would like. I've managed to get an appointment for the GP on Saturday, and I hope it will work out.

We are three quarters through the first month of the year, and it has been something of a challenge. I've had some poorly moments, bear has been getting worse with the side effects, my laptop failed and it's been generally challenging. I hope things pick up soon.

Thank you for the good wishes.

Hugs to all.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Bear Is Fed Up

Bear is suffering with some nasty and rare side effects from prescribed medicine. I'm waiting call backs, although the NHS 111 has been wonderful.

As far as I can tell, bear will be fine, particularly when the medicine has left his system, but extra fuss is definitely required.

I'll update tomorrow, when I am sure he will be feeling much better. Until then, hugs to all.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Almost Catching Up

I still have so much I need to keep up with, but I'm getting in a better position.

Kate - I have learned to keep an eye out for big supermarkets, because there isn't much else in the way of facilities. Yesterday, on the edge of Brighouse, I spotted a large Lidl, where I got stuck in the car park. When I dived in, I couldn't see a loo anywhere, and I couldn't see a member of staff either. I was absolutely frantic - when nature calls, she shouts, and I needed the facilities. In desperation I asked an old lady near the entrance, who thought they were near the back. They weren't. And I couldn't see any staff. Then I asked another lady with a kind face, and she thought they may be at the far corner. By this time I'm absolutely frantic, but they weren't there either. Finally I approached the tills and shouted across a queue. The baffled staff member pointed at the door right behind me. I can't tell you how grateful I was. And I am able bodied, so what your partner must struggle through is not acceptable. It makes life so much harder than it needs to be.

Today has been wonderful and uneventful. Long may it so continue. 

Hugs to all.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Things I Learned Today

1. I am still getting the hang of Brighouse's road system and I am still admitting to nothing.

2. If I make a complete spectacle of myself and wriggle and writhe, I can get in the passenger door and over to the driver's seat and be able to drive away, despite the best efforts of the huge SUV parked indecently close to the driver's door. To be fair, I had parked quite close to the line on that side as I was trying to leave space for the driver's door on the car on the other side of me.

3. Going for a thirty mile drive is not advisable with an upset stomach. Public toilets are harder to find than you think.

4. There are some awesome laybys to park in and knit.

Hugs to all.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I'm glad to be back. Thank you for the kind messages.

Driving continues as expected. A few days ago I visited a friend who lives quite deep in the countryside, somewhere at the foot of the Pennines. The road that led to the road she lives on has grass growing down the centre and is around a car and a half wide, with a steep bank on one side and a very steep drop the other, fenced off by a small drystone wall. I was a little on guard, and should have been nervous, and I wasn't looking forward to the trip back, but I was fine. I had a wonderful visit, along with some serious cat cuddles, then started back.

The trip there had been uneventful, but I'd only gone a little way when I realised that a lorry was following me down this narrow road. That wasn't a problem, except for the large van coming around the corner at me. There was absolutely nowhere for me to go, and no passing places. I couldn't even reverse because of the lorry behind me. Thankfully the van reversed back around the corner, and I was able to squeeze through.

(I should add, I'm very adventurous when facing a gap - I see a space between parked car and oncoming traffic and tend to go for it. I don't know how I have kept all my car's paint. On Tuesday, on the way home, I shot through a gap and then said to bear that perhaps it would have been safer to hang back. Bear said that he didn't know about that, but no-one was following me through. I don't think this is a positive driving thing, but it's a thing.)

The other issue I had was that while I had used satnav on my way there, I forgot to set it on the way back. I think I missed a turn, went wildly off track and ended up in Brighouse. I admit to nothing that may have happened there except to say that mistakes were made and the one way system should be marked more clearly. Once I found myself there, though, I could get home. 

Off now to carry on sorting out the new machine. I'm somewhere in heaven.

Hugs to all.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

I'm Back!!!

DH, after reviewing all the information, thought that I should get a new laptop. I now have an awesome laptop, which I can type on at a ridiculous speed and which I can start loading up with my favourite bits and pieces. My lovely brother is trying to resurrect the old laptop, which currently won't stop starting, then restarting, then restarting, then restarting etc, so that I can get all my docs off there, including some half written novels.

This has been a lesson to me to save all my passwords in a safe place, and to find a good way to save my documents.

I have a couple of pictures to share. The first is a pic of a pic, and which I now realise was a pretty poor pic, but I've already gifted it so can't take another.

It's by KJ Sutcliffe, who is awesome and I have a few of her other works as well, which I will share when I have a chance. I'm not sure of all the wonderful places she publishes her work, but her facebook page is here, and worth keeping an eye on. 

And here is a pic from when I went for a drive. It looks like mountains behind the trees, but it's just cloud formations.

There are some hills, but less than you would think.

I'll catch up with all the news as we go, but at the moment I am elbow deep in catching up with all the writing I should have done.

Writing stuff - speaking of writing, I tested out the new keyboard with this week's writing challenge and you can find the result here.

It's good to be back. Hugs to all.