Tuesday, 13 November 2018

And that was Tuesday

I admit to feeling a little meh at the moment.  I shouldn't grumble.  I'm sitting here with the heater on and things could be a lot worse. 

I got the x-rays done today.  From what I see, the GP sends a booking to the hospital which in my case is the LGI and I can turn up during office hours and wait to get seen at any time, I think in the next week.  I'll get the results in a week or so.  I am aching from being manoeuvred on the machine.  The person taking the xrays was lovely and professional, and very patient, but my joints objected violently to the whole positioning. 

I cut past the German market where I got a pic of a very Yorkshire bin and a blurry pic of a Leeds owl. 

I was heading towards the museum as they do a passable baked potato and I was hungry, and passed two armed police.  They even had rifles of some sort.  It sort of broke my heart.  They had gone when I came out and I was relieved.  I don't want to think of guns needed in our town centre.  I'm not trying to pretend Leeds is some sort of peace camp, but it's unheard of to see armed police in the town centre. 

So I am a little meh. 

Writing stuff - I have a character spotlight from one of the other authors of the Glass and Ashes anthology on my writing blog here.  She has done an amazing job, and I am incredibly impressed.  I may take notes!

Monday, 12 November 2018

Nearly Made It

whereverthejourneytakesme - we may have to postpone meeting at Roundhay, although there is no reason why you can't enjoy it by yourself.  I tried to get a particular shot I wanted - and my knees and hips just said 'no'.  In fact, they said so emphatically, and I couldn't walk far enough.  However I managed to get some pics, not all of them particularly well taken, but enough to make me smile.

The view from across Waterloo Lake

I think I was trying to take a pic of something else, but it's okay

If this was straight it would be an awesome pic of a mansion through the trees

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep
Robert Frost

In other news, my knees and hip were pretty bad, so I went to the doctors and he's referred me for x-rays.  

Writing stuff - here's a YouTube trailer for a new book release - how cool is that?  Looks like a fun read as well.  

Friday, 9 November 2018

I Couldn't Do This!

I was looking for some easy listening music on YouTube to try encourage myself to write (currently listening to this - Relaxing Celtic Music, though I have no idea what is Celtic about it.  It doesn't sound like the music of the war bands that sacked Rome) and I found a YouTuber called Stacey Flowers who is working on a grocery budget of $50 per month which equates to £38.37 per month.  Stacey is a person on their own and is working towards paying off debt, so has a lot of control about her budget, and it didn't include cleaning products or things like toilet paper, but that is still incredibly skimpy. 

I believe that Stacey Flowers does this (example here), and I have incredible respect for her, but I know that I would barely last a week on that budget.  For three of us - DH, bear and I - that would come to £115.11 for a month.  That's £26.77 per week for the three of us. I'm going to have to go away and think about it.  I know some people have to follow that sort of rigid budget, and I am in awe of those that do.  I just don't know where I would start. 

Bear's report came through today.  The school sent out an email and they don't give a report on his achievement, but on his attitude to learning.  I am totally behind this as bear has a habit of doing only what he needs to do to get by.  When it comes down to it, bear is at the expected standard apart three subjects where he is a little above the expected standard.  To be fair to bear, the expected standard is pretty tough, and, as per title, I would struggle.  Bear is going to be put out that he can't just get away with the minimum. 

Writing stuff - Glass and Ashes will be out soon, and I will be updating with events as they happen.  I've never been in an anthology before, so I'm not entirely sure what to expect.  I'm also taking part in 12 Days of Indies which is a promotion of indie authors, and when I work out what is happening (I've never done this before either) I will share.  There will be an opportunity to pick up books that are on promotion and therefore less expensive than normal, so it may be worth looking out for. 

And finally, the White Hart is still in business and the latest instalment is here

Thursday, 8 November 2018


DH is feeling full of flu.  I need to make a fuss of him.  He came in and I made 'home made' soup.  Morrisons sell a 'vegetable soup kit' which costs £1, and which is 500g of finely chopped carrot swede, potato etc with the instructions to add a stock cube and water.  I also added lots of garlic, a bouquet garni sachet and plenty of lentils.  Bear's pal insisted on staying for dinner when he heard that 'home made' soup was on the menu, and practically inhaled his share.  It was served with wholemeal bread which makes it a good complete meal.  I don't feel like it was properly home made, but I was glad I didn't have to chop a swede.  They are far tougher than I am.

As the weather is drawing in, I need to get some more comfort food in.  I think I'm looking at making dhal soon, or hoppin john.  When I mentioned to bear that I would be cutting down on meat to help fight climate change, he was aghast.  However these soups go down without complaint, as does frittata and cheese on toast and he hasn't noticed. 

I am currently overrun with requests for cheese.  Bear and DH have always had problems with cheese.  However they currently are managing just fine and have been wolfing down wensleydale, chedder, cheshire and some slices of what was described as 'black cheese' which is described as cheese flavoured with cocoa and carob.  Bear utterly rejected it and DH was dubious.  I am still sick whenever I eat cheese, so I have to just watch, wistfully, as they try the 'white cheese with cranberries' again. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

About Bear Again!

I'm trying to ease back on talking about bear, because he's getting older and I don't want to embarrass him.  However, I write what I'm thinking about.  If I'm nattering about housewifery or cooking or writing, that's what comes up.  Right now, I'm fretting over bear. 

Bear came home and gave me a well reasoned argument about exactly why DH and I should pay out £100 for a rock climbing course.  It's not a bad deal - the £100 pays for the minibus from school to the centre and ten lessons on the climbing wall.  It's less expensive than bear's piano lessons.  My instinctive reaction was 'But it's one hundred pounds!'  I signed the form.  Anything that means that bear may one day willingly go further than school and into the outdoors has to be a good idea.  Mind you, I will probably be posting a lot about money saving in the next few months. 

Also, the bins were collected today, so fingers crossed it will now settle down. 

whereverthejourneytakesme - there are some amazing parks around.  I love Roundhay Park, but I'm not the best guide as I can't walk well at the moment.  However, it's huge!  Then there is Golden Acre Park which has a lot of wetland wildlife and is on the outskirts of Leeds.  I've been looking at Batley Park, which I am determined to visit before the end of the month.  There are a lot of awesome places around.  I shall be in touch when I am less creaky (currently v v v creaky).

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Going Out Fail

I was a success at going out yesterday.  I went to Roundhay Park and wandered into their speciality gardens - a copy of the Alhambra gardens and some gardens that won medals for the Council at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show. 

Today I got as far as the town centre when I felt poorly.  I don't know what's going on, but I dropped the bag of stuff for the charity shop off and staggered home.  I nearly fell off the bus with a sudden attack of cramp and seriously alarmed the bus driver and once I got home I just flopped into a chair.  I'm having issues with my joints and I'm a little worried. 

The whole bin thing is getting silly.  Today a very nice man from the council knocked on the door and asked why we didn't take the bins up to the top of the slope.  I explained that I had taken the bins up - repeatedly.  Then someone brings them down.  Then we take them up.  Then someone brings them down, sometimes within twenty minutes.  The nice man had a think and he took the bins up again and promised that they would be collected soon.  I truly hope so.  We can't work out why the road is suddenly so unsafe.  It hasn't changed much in the last twenty years.  However I don't want binmen (or refuse engineers or whatever they're called these days) actually hurting themselves, so I'll go along with it.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Ghost Hunt

I don't think I was as helpful as I could be at the Ghost Hunt.  Partly because there was a lot of standing around in the dark when my joints were killing me and partly because they got a ouija board out and that stuff terrifies me. 

Leeds Commercial Library is awesome.  It was established in 1768 and is the oldest currently operating subscription library in the country (apparently).  I couldn't get a good pic, but the place is amazing.  It has galleries with books, reached by spiral staircases, and wooden chairs and ladders to reach the higher shelves and some of the stuff there makes my mouth water.  For example, there were copies of nineteenth century newspapers which would be a wonderful inspiration.  And the evening was well put together with lots of ghost stories and lots of attempts to contact the spirits.  There is a ghost story associated with the Library which I am totally going to use.  I kept an open mind, and I can't account for the glass moving on the ouija board and there were books thrown when I wasn't around, but there were also chills reported when people were standing under air vents. 

I got my first Prime Now order today.  If you live in a participating postcode, you can order groceries and household essentials within a few hours.  The minimum order was £40, and I padded my order with lentils etc to get to £40.16, then got £10 off my first order, so £30.16.  I was trying to get stuff that bear would eat, and thought I would give it a go.  Bear's mouth is almost back to normal but he's still milking it.  Unfortunately it comes from Morrisons, and the cocktail sausages that bear fancied were off.  I've had some bad experiences with Morrisons and meat.  Their veg is awesome.   I'll have to pick some meat up tomorrow.