Friday, 7 August 2020

Trying to Make Informed Decisions

 The trouble with trying to make informed decisions, is that the information is missing, incomplete or has dubious authority.

For all sorts of reasons, mostly connected to it being near bear's school, when I shop instore, I shop mainly in Tesco and Aldi in Batley. I like Tesco stuff. Some other stores do certain items better, but on the whole and by and large, I like Tesco, with occasional preferences from Aldi. 

Batley has been considered a hotspot, along with all of Kirklees, so I switched to Morrisons, in Kirkstall. Now Kirkstall has been identified as a hotspot. 

I'm considering getting a delivery, but I'd rather leave those to people who need them. I think I will have to make a call and say that I'll go back to Tesco in Batley and be meticulous with the face masks and hand sanitiser.

That's my best guess. Cases are rising faster in Kirkstall than they are in Kirklees. I'm dreading the return to school. I just wish I knew what to do for the best. Do I watch the local hotspots and drive around? Do I keep doggedly going to the same places but keep all precautions going? 

On the bright side, bear has decided that he likes the mango sorbet from Aldi and wishes to heartily recommend it.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Thursday, 6 August 2020

No Cats

No cat pics today.

My joints have been very bad, so I've taken it quite easy. But bear has been a lot better and started with some violin practice, which is pretty good. 

It's a very dull post, which I'm quite glad of, but I thought I would add a pic from my phone now that I can do it easily. 

This is a random, poor quality pic I took of a Victorian vampire killing kit that was exhibited in the Royal Armouries. I thought it was so cool. Apparently it was as much of a gimmick then as it is now, but I still enjoyed seeing it.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2020


Today has been a tough day so I thought that I would just include a cute pic of a cat and call it evens. I put in 'funny cat' in the search engine. I got these.

I have not even included the pics of rubber ducks, squirrels or even a plastic egg, all shown under a search for funny cats. However this is a cat in a birdhouse, and is almost certainly a cat, and at least worth a faint smile.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

I Am Having A Moment!

Bless - it's absolutely all experience. Now he knows a little more than he did and he'll learn a little each time. It's how we all learned.

Today I had an email from Scottish Power. They said that they were sorry that I hadn't been a customer for the last two years, but wondered if I would like to come back. This was a surprising email, because I thought I was still a customer. In fact, not only was I convinced that we were still customers, we've been paying them. A direct debit of over £100 left my account for them yesterday to cover our gas and electric. I even had an email earlier requesting readings from the meters. 

I left a message on Facebook for them (I'm not bothering with ringing them again) and I got a reply that sounded a little rattled. The poor customer service person had obviously had a quick look at my record (duplicate accounts, duplicate payments, strange cancellations etc etc) and was now really regretting picking up this query. And all the people at Scottish Power who I've spoken to have been awesome. I don't want to be horrible to some poor soul on minimum wage trying to work out what's gone on with an account that I am now convinced is haunted. 

I'm changing providers tomorrow. 

And I think I'm entitled to have a moment now.

Hugs and good health to all.

Monday, 3 August 2020

Getting Back to Whatever is Normal

Pam - unfortunately the frosting really, really didn't work so I had to write it all off. I'm not writing off the cookbook, though, and someone else may have better results.

It's been a quietish day. I popped to Aldi for a few bits and was in and straight out. I've done some writing stuff, and pottered a little, but it feels like it slid away from me.

Last night I could hear a dreadful row. The soundproofing in the houses isn't brilliant, and my room is full of water pipes so sound carries when the street is generally quiet, but I suspect it may have been the people our side next door but one. I hope that they are okay. 

It felt weird without DH in the house. His day was okay, though, so that's not so bad. 

Hugs and good health to all.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

The Cake Failed

Bless - that weather would destroy me! How can you function? I suppose you get used to things.

WitchHazel - thank you for the tip - it really worked.

Sharon - it did not go well.

The recipe came from Sorted Food, who have just released a cookbook. I'm not sharing the exact recipe because I understand that they are independents and don't need to lose their ideas around the internet quite straight away. The link is to their YouTube channel and I think they have instagram and a podcast and stuff as well. We watch them all the time, which is one reason why we bought the book. We get a lot of pleasure watching their shows and we wanted to give back.

Bear shooed me away quite early in the cake making process. This was okay in one way. He's thirteen and a sensible lad, but he's still learning and he doesn't know where all the things are kept. He couldn't find the bowls and spoons he wanted and then the frosting didn't work and the cake wasn't what he expected and it wasn't fair. To be honest, he dealt with it a lot more maturely than I would as if I got that frustrated then there would be broken china, and there were a few substitutions, like the non-dairy cream cheese for the frosting, which may not have helped. 

I think part of the problem is that bear is inexperience except in watching videos. We all know little tricks that we have learned over the years about how to stir stuff together and where you can add or alter, but he hasn't got there yet. And he still hasn't got his favourite bowls or a spoon he knows works just right and it will take time. Sorted Food are a group of lads, two of which are trained chefs, so their simple recipes are a little above my simple recipes. We will keep watching them, though, and we are picking up tips. 

DH has been working from home all this time, but tomorrow he goes back to the office. It's going to be odd. Then bear will probably be at school soon, though who knows how that will turn out. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

Saturday, 1 August 2020

What About Dinner

Fifitr - the discussion of beans came up when we were first married, nearly thirty years ago. I can remember some scorching debates then, not just about beans but such controversial topics as ironing jeans and whether the kettle has boiled properly to make tea. I'm not prodding that.

Jonathan - beans are always good!

I dived into Morrisons extra early today and picked up the ingredients for bear's cake. It's a recipe from a cookbook that has just been published by Sorted Food who are acting on their own and don't have a publisher, so I'm not comfortable sharing it, but it's an uncooked carrot cake with lots of things like dates and nuts as well as the carrots. The frosting is also a little problematic as it requires cream cheese which I can't have and bear is dubious with. I bought the lacto free fake non-dairy stuff and, as the quantities are strange and bear will want to stick to the recipe, I needed two packs. They were not inexpensive. With all the nuts and everything, I can see the cost of it coming up to £20. Tomorrow I need to practice toasting pine nuts because I am confident that although bear will be making the cake, I'll be doing a large slice of the labour. I think I will ask much more detailed questions about his recipe choice in the future. 

Bear and DH have been deep in some computer game. Every now and then I will look up, nod, smile and go back to my laptop. Dinner tonight was chicken cooked with tomatoes, olives and peas with mashed potatoes. Bear is suddenly a big fan of mashed potatoes, but it's the wrong time of year. It's nothing to do with the weather, more to do with mash needing old potatoes and there not being many of them around. I'll go with what I've got.

Hugs and good health to all.