Monday, 1 September 2014

Looking for the bright side

I'm doing okay.  Personally I have some really bad sores and some very broken nights but actually it's getting better.  It really is.  It may not be brilliant, but it's better and I'll take it.

Bear goes back to school tomorrow in the nick of time.  One more tantrum from him today and I will be rationing his sweets.  I know what is happening.  He has a cough.  He is tired.  He is clingy.  I can barely move without him following me, but he will be fine tomorrow.

Father is on an IV drip.  He is not getting food enough through the feeding tube and he keeps coughing it up. I believe they are still looking for the notes of his stomach operation back in 1971 to see if they can operate, and he has been looking very frail. However he has access to football and that is a big deal.  And Liverpool won!  There was complicated button pressing that involved a laptop, a dongle and a long call to a helpline that is going to make it very interesting to try and get his PAYG dongle topped up.  DH was an absolute hero.

That's another silver lining - DH is being a hero.  We have started watching The Big Bang Theory.  Doctor Who is awesome.  September is my favourite time of year.  There are still lots of good things.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

There is nettle in Jelly Babies

I have not lost my mind due to stress.  Obviously there wasn't that much mind to lose, but seriously - nettle in Tesco own brand jelly babies, you can check the ingredients here

As I get to grips with this gluten free business I am reading more and more labels.  I have blinked a bit at the nettle, but I'm going for it - sweet, inexpensive and gluten free.  What's not to like?  If you add in the nettle then that's practically nutritious as nettle is full of iron.

I'm considering starting a separate blog to chart my discovery of stuff like nettle as an ingredient and my chase of the gluten free.  If nothing else it can record my moments of stopping, staring and thinking, 'What?!'

Bear is doing fine

Bear has had a lazy day.  He dragged the box of Doctor Who Trading Cards downstairs at 7.30am, pootled around the YouTube videos, wandered happily over with me to the doctors where the nurse changed my dressings (bear stayed in the waiting room!) and then got to hang out with one of the neighbours and play Skylanders.

We had a baked potato with sauce tonight.  The sauce was onions and a pepper softened and a tin of borlotti beans added then a half tube of tomato puree added with oregano and paprika.  This is tasty, healthy, relatively inexpensive and gluten free.  Bear insisted on adding raisins.  I really just go with the flow.

Tomorrow I am up early, drop bear off at martial art boot camp, dash home, get a delivery, pick up bear, kill some time in town, meet with DH and go out for a meal.

Father is continuing to do well and the Occupational Therapist seemed to think he would come home at some point.  My sores are improving although I feel the soreness sometimes.  Things are looking up.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Same old Same old

Matters continue much the same.  I am trying to be positive and we are watching the Big Bang Theory on DVD.  That is, DH and I are watching the Big Bang Theory on DVD.  Not only is the content unsuitable for bear but I don't want him to take Sheldon as a role model.  Bear keeps asking for maths books.

Bear has been to martial arts boot camp today but managed to come out with a few gems regardless.

Bear:  (said very seriously) Two things: one is that I hurt my chest pulling the box with my Doctor Who Trading cards out from under my bed and two is that my bedroom is now a disgrace.
DH: You can tidy it up tomorrow with mummy but now it is bedtime.
Bear: You are always telling me to tidy up my bedroom
DH: That's because it always needs tidying
Bear: But I never tidy my room
DH: We know.  We really, really know.

Bear: I don't like tomatoes but I like raisins.
Me: Since when didn't you like tomatoes?  You've always loved tomatoes.  And since when did you like raisins?
Bear: (airily) Since the start of the holidays

He has eaten tomatoes recently and utterly rejected raisins last week so I guess that terms and conditions still apply when it comes to bear and food.

Father coughed his feeding tube up again today.  Sometimes he coughs up the feeding tube up twice in one day.  I think the longest it has been stable has been 36 hours.  They tried him with some yogurt on Friday but he choked badly.  There is still no response from his right arm or leg.  I am going to get dressings changed again tomorrow.  I am feeling a bit low.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Things Seen From a Bus

As I was on my way to visit father the bus passed a house where a policeman was standing by the doorway and an ambulance was parked outside.  It made me wonder.  If it had been serious I am sure there would have been a lot more police and a lot more commotion, so what could it have been?  There is nothing in the news.  I hope it was nothing serious.  I can make plenty of stories up, but stories are just stories.  Real people and real life is a different thing altogether and I would hate anyone to be upset.

I also noticed that the specialist cookware shop that has been in town since the Flood (well, 1899) has closed.  I loved going in there, it was ripe with possibilities and inspiration.  I bought my pans from there.  They cost an absolute fortune (to me) and were half price and still a lot of money.  However they are still looking good ten years later on and likely to outlast me.  I am really said they are going.

Bear went on a playdate with a friend from school who has a new kitten.  I described it to father as black, white and evil.

Father was helped to try to eat something today but it didn't work.  He choked too much.  However he is much brighter and I am optimistic.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bear has been bitten by a Dinosaur

Tonight bear was exhausted and when bear is exhausted he speeds up.  DH and I sat in the living room and listened to him running repeatedly from one side of the room to the other.  Thud, thud, thud, thud.  Thud, thud, thud, thud.  Thud, thud, thud, ow!!!  Bear had tripped, fallen and landed on a small plastic dinosaur which managed to leave a very small scratch on his leg as it shattered into a dozen plastic pieces.

Bear was appalled.  Bear was horrified.  Bear put on an operatic performance and wailed as if he was about to be taken to field surgery.  There was a hint that a drop of blood might - just might - ooze out.  I had to put on an emergency plaster before his leg fell off.  I am definitely not taking bear to drama school.  He is bad enough as it is.

To be fair, bear is not the most stoic of children but he is pretty exhausted and he just was beyond himself. After some heavy duty cuddles he calmed down and flaked out.  I shall go up and retrieve him from wherever he switched off and put a duvet over him.

Father is much the same.  He coughed the feeding tube out twice today.  He was sick when we were there.  I am a bit worried.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Matters Continue

Father is much the same.  Uncle is much the same.  I am less itchy after going gluten free but I am still getting dressings twice a week.  Baked potato and baked beans is gluten free.

DH is still a star.

Marks and Spencer's Coffee Liqueur that father bought me at Christmas is gluten free.  I took advantage of that last night.

Bear is doing great.

Things could be a lot worse.