Saturday, 25 April 2015

Whapped by a Vulture

We had a trip to the Bird of Prey Centre in Settle.  The vulture got me this time, last time they got DH.  Bear was fine.  Being clipped by a vulture doesn't happen to everyone.  I feel privileged.

Due to driving rain, cold wind and downright tiredness, no photos, so here is a picture of a caracara, one ran between bear's legs to his utter delight.

Bear deserved a treat.  He has been in the Special Book at school for always having something to say about topics.  This could indicate a wide breadth of YouTube videos or a know-it-all.  However he was also awesome at his second fencing lesson and has generally been a good lad.

I have cellulitis again.  I am a bit low.  However I need to get my act together as I have a dozen small pots of herbs that need to be sorted out.  I bid on them, regrettably won them and now I have to work out what to not only with the parsley and the mint but also the curry plant and the fennel.  That should be loads of fun.  The thought of it has really cheered me up!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Light Fail

The very nice son of Nice Mr Former Neighbour installed the lights and did a very good job.  There were some issues, so I was glad I hadn't had a go myself.  Apparently some of the wires were not quite as they should be - but I knew that anyway.  We had had issues years ago with one of them.  So now we have lovely new lights in two rooms.  But the lights are too small.  It looks smaller than the measurements, if you understand what I mean.  I could cry.

It doesn't matter.  I'm still keeping them.  They cost a massive amount (for me) and I am not replacing them for at least ten years.  And they do look good.  They look small and good.  I would rather they were too small than too big.

I miss our neighbours.  There is now only a box from a lorry on the street.  Actually there is also a huge pile of junk in their former garden, two small cars that belong to a friend )and goodness knows what will happen to them) and a large lump of flytipping that I think my lovely former neighbour is going to get framed for.

The courgettes are still going.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Feel the Fail and Do it Anyway

We started making a pincushion in class.  I'm doing okay on the straight sewing but I had an epic fail on the curves.  I'll put up a pic when we finish it next week, such as it is.  It was great to have a go with.  The teacher (who is lovely) used the filling from an old pillow for the stuffing.  It was a sort of patchwork, where you use eight triangles to make a larger square, then sew them together.  It was excellent practice.  The machining was okay but my ability to cut out was seriously challenged and I pressed things all wrong.  It's a great way to learn.  I shall be patchworking with my ties so I want to have a good go with other stuff first to learn what I can do wrong - and then avoid the fails!

On the bright side, the rosemary tree has been in for nearly 24 hours and still isn't dead.

Also some more fabric came.  I actually spent @ £1 per metre on this (including p&p, of course).

It's a not-too-lightweight polyester, very pleasant, around 60 inches or 150 cm wide and roughly 20 metres long.  Fortunately I do have a plan for that.  Though I may have to ask DH to help me fold it.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Rosemary for Rememberance

My rosemary tree is in!  I hope to surround it with herbs.  I've planted some purple carrot and purple spring onion seeds as well.  Bear donated some stones from his rock collection (things he has picked up off the road) to put at the bottom of the tub.  I felt I under surveillance as I swear a bee was hovering as if on guard for ages, right in front of the front step.  It wasn't a hover fly, it was a bee, but I think it was a little confused.  I also had a bumble bee bumbling around.  It was so big I thought it would show up on radar.  The laurels opposite are all in flower which is attracting the bees and the scent is lovely.

In fact it has been a busy day.  First of all the plumbers came at 8am and fixed the toilet flush.  They did a lovely job.  Then I called in to see father.  He is fed up.  He feels that the healthcare professionals have given up.  To be honest there is little more they can do.  It has been hard.  Still, as they are digging up a massive roundabout near to father, the buses are all over the place and I had to pick a route that wasn't going along the main road.  It was a bit of a challenge.  Here is an overview of some of the works

Image from who are doing their best

I'm sure it is going as well as can be expected, but it is causing havoc with the rush hour buses.

The man who was supposed to fit the lights didn't show up, but there was another play date.  It looks like the lights will be tomorrow.  Poor lad hasn't been well (I know him, he's lovely).

Now I just need to work out what the new neighbours are like two doors down.  I think they'll be okay.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Looks Like Gardening

Not only has my Approved Food order just arrived, but I have also just taken delivery of a Rosemary Tree.  It is a bit bigger than I expected.  I now need to clear the area where I want to plant it.  I had a little go earlier and I filled three bin bags far too easily.  I wish I knew someone who used compost.  It seems a shame.

Speaking of which, we have hostas.  I don't particularly like them and they attract slugs, which are already over-running the garden.  They ought to be re-potted.  I don't want to re-pot them.  I do not want to go through the whole soaking/tipping/lugging/compost/pushing/soaking thing.  I feel I will be a bad person if I get rid of them.  They were given to father.  I am considering getting rid of them anyway.

I should also have already got the seeds in for the Psychedelic Salad and Funky Veg kit.  Oops.

I ought to get things spotless for the playdate, but I'll just have a quick shuffle round and try and work on the garden.  The end of the week doesn't look good so I need to get the seeds in while it is briefly warm.  I also need to get the other herbs I want.  I don't trust myself with seed and I can't get to a garden centre easily so I think I will have to order from Amazon.  I can't really lean on my friend eBay at the moment as parcel deliveries are difficult and Amazon will deliver to a local post office.  I am out a lot visiting father and we don't have a neighbour to leave parcels with anymore.

Father wants to come home.  He thinks he will get better at home.  I think that medically it is insane.  If he came home he would never again have a shower (physically not possible to sort out in our house), he would struggle to get to a hospital appointment and he would never otherwise leave the house.  He is becoming more and more frail and needs (according to social workers and health professionals) 24 hour medical care.  If he came home I wouldn't be able to take bear to the Maths Tutor.

So I am going to think about gardening.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Creepy Crawlies

I had already had to scrub myself several times after sorting stuff out in the garden.  We seem to have far more than our fair share of scuttling mini beasts in our corners, which is apparently healthy.  I itched.

Today I visited the bathroom and found a Very Big Wasp.  It was possibly a queen looking for a place to nest, as it realistically did look quite large, but it looked roughly the size of a kestrel to me.  I fled.  But it was only me and bear in the house.  I had to do something.  I knew bear would not react well to a Very Big Wasp when he was trying to use the facilities.  A rolled up newspaper was out of the question.  Apart from anything else, we don't get newspapers now that father isn't here, so it would have been some form of magazine, most of which I actually want to keep!  My track record with anything rolled up is also abysmal.  I am a hazard and there are far too many things to knock over in the bathroom.

I wasn't sure if we had any fly spray.  I had a rummage and because I had recently had a bit of a clear out I found a can of bug spray.  I think it is older than bear.

I was not an adventurous warrior.  I crept up to the bathroom door and listened.  The angry buzzing continued.  I dashed in, sprayed madly, dashed out and shivered.  I left it about half an hour.  I stood, poised, listening at the door.  No sound.  I crept in with the spray can at the ready.  It took me a few minutes to find it and the poor thing was twitching.  I gave it another heavy duty blast and retreated again.  It should at least now be stunned.  Now I shall wait for DH to come home and be a mighty warrior and dispose of remains.

I looked on WikiCommons for a picture of a wasp for illustration.  There was no way I was going in to get a picture of the striped raider.  All the pictures made my skin crawl, so here is a pretty picture of a daisy instead.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Bear is Surprising

Bear surprised me as after lobbying for a new scooter he offered to pay for it!  Well, some of it.  Actually quite a big bit of it.  We got it from the Entertainer (whose service was awesome) and it looks like this

Then bear was discussing his maths homework.  I am unimpressed by the homework.  He has to arrange twelve shapes that are funny sort of arrangements of blocks to make a rectangle.  Bear suggested he went on Google Images for a clue.

Afterwards DH and I worked out that as bear normally would just say 'Google' or look it up on YouTube he has probably had a look.  At least once.  I am trying hard not to just let bear get away with cheating as it is sort of research, shows initiative and it's stupid homework anyway.  If I had ever been set it, I would have just taken the detention, I wouldn't know where to start.

For the record, after some research on Wikipedia, the dratted thing is a Pentomino.  It starts off looking like this

And is supposed to end up looking like the 5x12 example in this

Both above images from Wikipedia and the full article is here.  Tomorrow is homework day.  It could be very long.