Saturday, 3 December 2016

Bah Humbug

I do it every year.  I haven't checked but I am willing to guarantee there is a similar post on my blog last year.  I always say that I'm not going overboard with bear, then I start to panic about how few presents he's getting.

This year does look limp.  He has some books, a few figures and not much else.  Part of the issue is that he doesn't have to wait until Christmas to get football boots or clothes.  We are very lucky.  However this means that when it comes to Christmas and his birthday, it's goodies.  As I pointed out to bear, he's a little old to be getting little ones' toys but he isn't quite a teenager.  I told him I wasn't ready to buy him body spray yet, which made him laugh.  I've been scrolling through eBay until I'm travel sick, but I haven't found much.

I should add that bear and DH are currently excavating bear's room.  The wardrobe has finally collapsed so it needs to be replaced.  I've seen one in IKEA for £39.  It's not anywhere near as good as the Ben 10 one that is currently sitting in a sad puddle, but I'm not going crazy until he stops playing football in his bedroom.

This is what we have lost.

It was cheap, cheerful and had two hanging rails.  At least we can still use it elsewhere.

And, to add insult to injury, the local cats have been using my flower bed as a toilet.  There is a truckload.  They must have saved it up for weeks.  I am completely unimpressed, but I know how hard it is to keep cats off, especially as I suspect my garden is on the front line of a territory dispute.  I'm going to put down some vinegar weedkiller and see how it goes.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The First Day of Winter

It's sort of the first day of Winter.  According to the Met Office, meteorological winter starts on 1 December but astronomical winter starts on 21 December on the Winter Solstice.  Actually it's slightly warmer today, which is perhaps just as well.  I picked up a pair of gloves for bear at Matalan yesterday.  This morning, without even leaving the room with them, he has managed to lose one of the gloves.

I've finished the blanket.  It's around three feet wide and three and a half feet long and sort of okay.  It's great for dementia patients to twiddle and fiddle as there are different ridges and stripes, so hopefully it will be fine for uncle.

It took around 500g of yarn, and I hope he will enjoy it.  When I've cleared the decks of other projects I may knit some bigger ones for the sofa.

I have a to-do list as long as my arm for all the stuff I need to do for winter, but today I'm concentrating on getting the kitchen more sorted as a man is coming to service the boiler.  As I have started to stockpile the Christmas goodies and there are piles everywhere, I may have to get imaginative.  I'm making home made soup for dinner, it's that sort of weather.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Feeling the Cold

My nose is looking a lot less like Frankenstein's monster, so I'm keeping it all crossed.  However it is a lot more sensitive to cold, and it is now officially cold.  The local council issued an amber warning that there may be colder than average weather this week.  To those of you who live in places where it gets actually cold, try not to snigger too much.  It has been frosty.  Last night when I went to put the bin out for collection, the lid was frozen shut.  As last winter was notoriously warm it has come as something of a shock.

I think it has seen off the fuschia.  If you remember how vibrant it was here,

Well now it looks very drained

The flowers are looking very faded.

It feels the time of year to snuggle down and make the home cosy.  That's the plan for tomorrow.  I also want to look out my extra blankets.  It feels like we may need them.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Bear is Almost Quiet

I can't whistle, no matter how hard I try.  Perhaps it's just as well.  When I was around four or five I remember my late grandmother trying to explain to me why I shouldn't whistle.  Looking back I think she was trying to explain that only lesbians whistled.  It made as much sense then as it does now - none at all.

Bear can't whistle either.  DH has done his best to teach bear but without any luck.  Bear, however, has learned that he can make a sort of whistling noise by sucking air in.  He has been off school today as they enforce a strict 48 rule so I have listened to the sound of bear almost whistling all day.  It has been tough.

Fortunately bear is in school tomorrow.  Hopefully I can start the pre-Christmas clean, sort out the doctors and generally catch up.  At least my knee is a lot better.  

Monday, 28 November 2016

Mixed Weekend

I was up until daft o'clock Friday night, but I managed to get a delivery slot for 23 December from Tesco.  I've bunged some stuff in to hold my place but I'll be getting a lot in the run up, just to be on the safe side.  The way I see it, getting frozen sprouts, Christmas pudding and such like in before the absolute manic rush makes things a lot easier.  btw Tesco are doing a very pleasant looking three bird roast that is gluten free, so that looks like Boxing Day's dinner.

Then I had to be up early as I was doing the lucky dip at the Methodist Church Christmas Fair.  The fair was awesome, but I was shattered at the end.  It was surprisingly successful, and I will be happy to run it again.

Of course, while I was running the stall I had a huge red scab on the tip of my nose as I woke up with a sort of skinned space where my skin graft used to be.  I need to try and get hold of a doctor, but it isn't bleeding or too sore so it can wait until bear is better.

I had a very quiet Sunday, partly because walking is a challenge.  I've done something interesting to my knee.  I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep, which was a shame as bear started being sick at 2am and carried on.

On the bright side, I've nearly finished the blanket for uncle.

Now I am off to cancel the light fitters that are supposed to be here tomorrow as I cannot face them with a vomiting bear, even though I am desperate for lights that let me see.

It could all be a lot worse, though, and so I plan to crack on with the knitting and enjoy shedloads of Arrow.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

I Have a New Shower!

Today I finally got a decent working shower.  Truth be told, we've needed a new shower for years, now we have one.  It's wonderful.  Not only does it have constant pressure, it also stays at the same temperature all the time!  It's installation was almost painless, though I'm still wincing at the cost.

Now I need to worry about what to get bear for Christmas and his birthday.  I pointed out to him tonight that his bedroom is full and he hasn't actually asked for anything.  Bear is considering his options.  I have books stashed for him and a few toys, but it's going to look a bit thin.  The trick of wrapping fancy sharpeners and cute shaped rubbers isn't going to get me far this year as he has a drawer full of the dratted stuff.  If his birthday was more than a week away from Christmas then it would be a lot easier.

I think I will look carefully at my options and then suggest that everyone gets him Amazon vouchers that he can use throughout the year.  It may not be a lot of big boxes but it's better than getting him stuff for the sake of it.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

What School Would Like

Grumble grumble grumble...

School have sent home two letters.  Letter number one says that they are having a Christmas jumper day on 14 December and can the children either wear a Christmas jumper or a brighly coloured jumper.  That's plenty of notice, really, and they were very clear that we didn't need to buy one.  The trouble is,  I don't think bear has a sweater that qualifies.  We don't bother with Christmas sweaters so much.  I quite like seeing them on other people but  DH doesn't wear sweaters at all, I begrudge buying a sweater that will be bought to wear once a year and bear takes after his father and doesn't bother much with any sweater ever.  Sometimes he wears a hoodie on his way to football, but hoodies aren't allowed in school.  Bear and I have discussed this, and he agreed that I will try and find him a bright sweater.  It's still not going to get much wear but at least a little more than one with a flashing Rudolph.  I'm putting a note in my diary to look for Christmas sweaters on eBay in January in bear's next size up, just in case.

Letter number two is asking for £12 for the ukele lessons that the school are providing for all of bear's class.  It is marginally better than the recorder but I'm not a fan.  Besides, I can only get bear to practice the piano under strict duress so I don't know how much twanging he'll do.  Still, it's free lessons and it won't hurt.