Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Continuing Normal

I registered uncle's death today.  We're doing that 'tell us once' to make sure his identity isn't stolen.  When you register a death you are given a reference number and you can log in online or call and cancel things like passports and driving licences.

I also broke the iron.  It gave up with just the half of one front of DH's shirt left to go.  I am not actually surprised as it is quite old and I dropped it a lot.  Fortunately I had one stashed from a few years ago when there was an amazing deal.  I am not planning on getting a new reserve iron, or at least not until next Amazon Prime Day next year when I shall do research and see if there are deals worth having.  Otherwise I may hang on until Black Friday 2018, though not all the Black Friday deals are all they are made out to be so I shall need to look at what prices are before the sale, and before they could be artificially inflated to be in the sale.

I was hoping that I would be able to hang on until Black Friday 2017 for a new freezer.  I have been muttering about that freezer for some time.  However today I pulled out a bag of curly fries that I had used yesterday.  There was a thin layer of frost over it.  I don't think things have defrosted, I just think that air is getting in through the worn out seal.  I shall start researching and seeing what I can salvage.

We have lost a grave.  When my late mother was buried, we got a double plot and the idea was that eventually uncle would join her, so no headstone yet.  We hoped it would be longer between burials.  However the vicar explained that there had been a slight issue with burials and record keeping at the time and he couldn't be absolutely certain which grave needed to be opened.  He had an idea as there was a grave between two graves with headstones with the right dates on - one earlier and one later than mother's passing, but was concerned that uncle would be interred and then some family would turn up asking indignantly why a strange man was put on top of their Grandma.  It is the sort of thing that uncle would have found absolutely hilarious and I am sure he is chuckling at our bewilderment. I keep finding myself laughing as who would think you could lose a grave?  If all else fails then we will have another plot and it will be fine.  The vicar has been pretty amazing as he has sorted out the order of service with me over the phone, has been very kind and has only been in the parish a few months.  It can't be easy telling a potentially volatile lady who is in the middle of grief that they have managed to misplace the burial plot.

File:Graveyard of Christ Church, Rossett - geograph.org.uk - 1469774.jpg
This is the Church yard in question, photo taken by John S Turner and used under the Creative Commons Agreement

File:Churchyard of Christ Church, Rossett - geograph.org.uk - 1469672.jpg
This is the old part of the churchyard, where my great grandparents are buried, also taken by John S Turner and used under the Creative Commons Agreement.  They made a quiet space for people to think in the place where the graves were so old that most were untended

Monday, 24 July 2017


Bear is now into Harry Potter.  I was a little worried that the later books would be too dark for him, but he's been fine so I've left him to it.  He's just about devoured the books and I think has a crush on Hermione.  He definitely identifies with Ravenclaw.

There are two more days of school, one of which needs special kit.

I have to pick up the death certificate tomorrow, the funeral is next week.  I think the poem I wrote before father's funeral still applies.

I just found an ant in the living room.

I am doing a stall at the church fair on Saturday and I'm not sure how much I need to do beforehand.

I am knitting in a random way.  I have no idea what I'll end up with.  I'm just interested to see what the house looks like when the shock wears off.  All bets are off.

For uncle, I think one of the best descriptions of his character comes in Luke 10:33-35, which we hope to use for a reading.  He would come out with all sorts of completely, outrageously, non PC and inappropriate comments - but would give the coat off his back to anyone, regardless of colour or creed.  He was a man out for all he could give.

Thank you for the kind comments.  They are much appreciated and have given me much comfort.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sad News

Uncle passed away this afternoon.  I had spent a few hours sitting next to him and knitting.  This isn't as random as it sounds as his mother, my late grandmother, used to be obsessed with knitting and knitted about a sweater a week.  I hoped that it would seem soothing to him.  I don't know if he ever noticed as he was out of it all yesterday and today.  He passed around twenty minutes after I left him.

He will be sadly missed.  He had a heart the size of Wales and was out for all he could give.  He was kind.  He utterly adored bear and was responsible for the four foot high panda that bear insists on keeping.  He utterly adored evil cat and it was mutual.  I don't miss the shell that lived at the care home that was all that was left after dementia got hold.  I do miss the old him that drove me to distraction.

Rest in Peace, uncle.

Thank you for all the kind comments.  They have meant a lot this afternoon.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Uncle is Very Poorly

My brother got a quick call from the nursing home this morning to say that uncle had a chest infection and the hospital was checking it out.  He texted me.  I waited until the rush of booking him into hospital and lunch was out of the way before ringing the hospital.  Apparently they had been trying to ring someone connected to uncle all morning.  The care home said that they only had my brother's number.  My brother was in meetings all morning.  I have watched the home write my number in the file on three separate occasions and they've called me in before when uncle was ill.  So when I got through to the ward I got a 'please come down at the earliest possible moment.'  I did.

I had the 'well, he may surprise us but we need to prepare for the worst' with three different doctors this afternoon.  He is not very well at all.  He may indeed surprise us.  I am preparing myself for the worst.  It is almost exactly two years since my father died.  The talks are almost exactly the same.  I am sort of hopeful for uncle, though, as he has always been so strong.

Thank goodness I could rely on some good friends as bear was dumped at out of school club then DH's cousin who is beyond amazing picked him up while we were getting the third lot of carefully worded warnings from the doctor.  DH was also beyond a star, sorting out all sorts of things that I couldn't while he was slammed busy at work.  I feel like I have been carried this afternoon.

The hospital have confirmed repeatedly that they can ring me at any time, even in the early hours of the morning.  I am taking it as a warning and getting an early night.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Candles Have Arrived

They've actually landed at DH's workplace, as someone is always in there and I try and pop out now and again.  He has taken a large shipment of candles in his stride.  It's not nearly as bad as the time 90 ties turned up, or 108 toilet rolls.  He puts up with a lot.  Mind you, we've never run out of toilet paper.  We've never really run out of anything.  I'm not sure that bear understands that running out of things is a possibility.

I do like my candles.  I like either Woodwick or Prices, for the candles that are in my price range.  Lynda posted a comment recommending Homesense, and I agree.  I have scored some incredibly inexpensive Woodwick candles from there and some others that were incredibly good, but not usually available in my price range.  Unfortunately Homesense doesn't deliver and I am back to having trouble getting out of the house again.  I find so many excuses why I shouldn't cross the threshold.  It isn't good for me.  I'm getting a little worried, because it is coming up to the six weeks summer holiday and I won't get many chances to go out anyway, as bear doesn't approve of anything that's beyond the end of the street.

It's been a month of bargains.  First there was the offer from Morrisons of 11,000 points if I spent more than £220 in a month (we needed the new duvets and they were on offer, so that's easily attainable).  Then Sainsburys chipped in.  I had reluctantly gone back to Sainsburys as a more or less one off but DH really likes their lemon and lime flavoured water.  Some of their drivers are awesome, like the one this weekend, but the one the previous weekend was a Creepy McCreepface.  I nearly sent bear to go and get next door's husband for support.  However, I got a coupon that got me £9 off if I spent £60.  It is very easy to spend £60, especially as bear decided that his reward for his report was a nerf gun costing £20 that Sainsburys carried.  I get the same coupon for the next two weeks and then £12 off a £60 shop, and if I use all four coupons I get 500 Nectar Points (which isn't too important to me, but I'll take it if it's offered).  Over that time there's a barbecue we're attending and taking some meat, so there's a lump of the bill, and I nearly bought some of those vacuum space savers to store blankets in the Amazon sale and they are less expensive and a top up to the order at Sainsburys, so I will pick up a couple which will also top up the spend.  They also included a coupon for £10 off a £50 shop which can't be used with other coupons so I may switch it over.

I had nearly forgotten the Amazon Prime Day.  I saved around £60 with that.  I could have saved a lot more and bought less as some of the items were definitely treats, such as the tray of lychee juice drinks (£7.69 instead of £12) which were an indulgence for bear and DH.  I also got a Lion Brand 'Shawl in a Ball' yarn, which was half price and I had been coveting for a while (the shawl is coming on nicely, actually).  I had never touched Lion Brand yarn.  I know it's a big brand in North America (and they have some great free patterns on their site) but it's very much a speciality here so I got quite giddy.

Overall, since the start of this month, I think I've saved well over £100 (nearly £130 just on the candles), and by the end of the month I will probably have not only saved around another £50 or so but garnered up a lot of points on various reward cards to put towards Christmas.  I'm trying to be careful to buy only the things we will actually use or that we really need and that are good value, but I have spent money getting that saving.  I think I shall try and ignore special offers in August.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Not Safe On Amazon

I like the Woodwick candles.  There's the crackling of the wick, of course, but the scents are really good.  I feel that Yankee Candles have got very limp over the last few years and Woodwick really do scent the room and it lingers in a good way.  I've got birthdays coming up and I was checking out teachers' gifts and I saw them.

I think it was a pricing error.  Woodwick Candles are not inexpensive.  Here is a link to one on eBay (my friend).  They cost £16.49 on that listing.  Other sellers are available.  The Amazon listing was for a herb scented one, burn time 60 hrs - for £2.25, or around a sixth of the normal selling price.  There are always deals, and I take advantage of those, but this is the first time I found such an awesome pricing error for something I really, really want.  I bought ten.  It's sorted out teacher's gifts for some time plus they can be used in the home.

I hope I like the scent.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Interested Bystander

Bear's tummy continues bad.  This is why I missed most of the gossip and wasn't able to offer reasonable sympathy to next door but one when she came back home to find herself burgled.

I was spending time with bear in the bathroom while two policemen checked through our CCTV for information useful for their enquiries.  Our CCTV is legal, so only covers our house, garden and footpath next to us but it's something.  There is footage showing someone checking our house out.  I found that particularly unnerving.  However I didn't get to see most of it as bear is feeling very sorry for himself and needs a cuddle.  I was quite glad, actually, as the place is a complete mess and I felt mortified.

There is currently a lull in bathroom occupation so I am airing my thoughts here.  Also updating a delivery order that is due tomorrow to take into account DH's preference for a recipe for Chicken Biryani with leftovers to be made into Coronation chicken.  It's not very authentic, but it will do.

I'm feeling off balance myself.  I had lots of plans that I can't keep up to as I'm listening out for bear, so I'm going to start a new knitting project to cheer myself up, though I am confident that poor Next Door But One is the one who actually needs cheering up.  It's quite bad.

Also, the little jack russell that lives there was in while the burglary took place and poor thing is barking at everything that moves, including his own shadow.  He must still be traumatised.