Sunday, 26 February 2017

Dull Day

It has been a lovely quiet day.  I've found out that a 5kg bag of rice can cost more per kilo than a half kg bag.  I've had my subscribe and save parcel from Amazon which was incredibly well wrapped and I won't need to get wrapping paper for a while.  I've already ironed the brown paper and I'm thinking of the best way to store the bubble wrap.  I'm not entirely convinced that the subscribe and save is a good deal and I think I will revisit it.

I've knitted a few inches of blanket, watched some craft videos and generally chilled.  Bear has been practically boneless as he's been so chilled and DH has done some serious relaxing.  We finished by reading a chapter of 'King Solomon's Mines' and I think that is definitely a story we are going to read in full soon.

It's been a lovely day, but dull to write about.  I hope I will be back with something more interesting tomorrow.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Another Mirror Fail

The local cats are not affected by mirrors.  Once again I went out to find the little mirrors knocked over and a 'message'.  It was a mountainous 'message'.  They had either been on a high fibre diet or had been saving up for a week.  Bear and DH are helping by eating oranges so I can put the peel out.  I'm not confident about this.  Evil cat once licked olbas oil from my hand.  I think this is war.

In good news, DH found my black pudding (not a euphemism).  It was in the fridge, just where I had left it.  What can I say?  At least I hadn't left it in the washing machine.

Friday, 24 February 2017

I Lost My Black Pudding

I lost my black pudding.  That is not a euphemism.  I was raised in the North West of England and it's something that was always in the background.  I quite liked it now and again.

About a year ago I thought I would quite like a small slice and that is when I found that the standard black pudding has gluten.  It's funny how when something is forbidden it suddenly becomes so desirable.  A nice component of a full English suddenly looked a lot tastier.

I have found that Morrisons do a gluten free black pudding.  Yesterday I cut a few slices, about a quarter of it, and heated them through on the griddle.  I really enjoyed it.  It was on the bland side compared to the slices we used to get from the local butcher on the Wirral, but it hit the spot.

I can't find the rest of it anywhere.  I have searched, but yesterday my mind was elsewhere and all I know is that three quarters of a black pudding didn't make it back to the fridge.  I remember at one point I tried to put it in the drawer where I keep the plastic bags, but it's a blur afterwards.

I'm going to have to pull the kitchen to pieces.  It's most likely that I threw it out in a fit of insanity but I can't risk finding a decomposing black pudding down the back of the baked beans in a month's time.  I am also really sad, because it was so lovely to have it when I thought it was a taste that I'd never have again.

So there is a bright side - the kitchen will be a lot cleaner and probably emptier.  Also, Morrisons will deliver on Monday with an order that includes a gluten free black pudding.  I shall take good care of it.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Mirror Fail

Next door but two have two cats which roam at all times and in all weathers and flinch every time they see me.  This could be because I have grumbled about their habit of using my garden as a toilet and made dark and detailed threats against them, but other cats have pegged me as a complete softy who wouldn't hurt a whisker so I think they are just not good with humans.

Malevolent cat was terrified of mirrors.  Absolutely terrified.  We found this out when we took a mirror down and propped it against a wall for a few days until someone came around to pick it up.  Malevolent cat freaked.  She hissed, spat, growled and bounced around on straight legs like an evil tigger.  We ended up putting a table cloth over the mirror before she exploded.  While it was there, Malevolent cat kept sneaking up to the cloth covered shape, peeking under the cloth and running away.  I remembered that and purchased (from my friend eBay) some small, acrylic mirror tiles that I hoped would have the same effect on the gruesome twosome.  I've propped some against the trunk of the tree in the tub, which was getting targetted, plus some propped near where they were 'using' the flowerbed, so that they got an unexpected reflection.  I was hoping to hear the sounds of cat constipation.  Instead it's blowing wildly and the things won't stay up.  I shall keep propping them up and hoping the wind dies down.

Speaking of the weather, like the rest of the UK we are being hit by serious winds.  We are on the edge of what they think is the worst of it, and it is bad enough!  So today of all days I finally get around to making the half hour each way walk to the local greengrocer.  I had heard good things and I wasn't disappointed.  It is next to a very nice butchers where they were selling venison!  I thought that was quite upmarket for this area, but it did look nice.  I have no idea what I would do with venison, so stuck to buying half a pound of mince and some bacon.  I need to make this a regular walk, but hopefully in better weather.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Lucets are dangerous

I still haven't sewn up the lucet chain I made for a rag rug.  I did find the lucet incredibly calming.  I've just no idea what to do with the result.  I still went and got this...

The two legs are the prongs which you lucet with - like the prongs below, except that the cat is around a quarter of the size.

In a very small time (when I still should have been doing other things) I had this.

I may make placemats.

Bear had his hair cut today.  I told him he was now old enough to chose his own style.  He got a fairly straightforward short back and sides, a little longer on the top, and looked gorgeous.  I may be a little biased here, lol!  Bear's hair is awesome.  It is thick, straight and tangle free.  He never combs his hair.  He never needs to.  He doesn't get bed-head or tangles - just straight hair lying perfectly flat.  I am envious.

Tonight I am determined not to cruise YouTube trying to work out what I can do to lucet cord.  Sarah Head had some great ideas in her comment on the post about the big lucet here (and a great book recommendation) but tonight I am also ignoring them.  I have spent the last two weeks fighting with a story that I hope to submit to a magazine and it has been fighting back - and winning.  I think I may have cracked it and then I can get back to the White Hart - apologies for the gap!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bear has Been to the Dentist

Father used to look at bear and tell me that bear had been here before, that he had an old soul.  Sometimes I worry that I expect too much of him.  He's an only child who spends a lot of time with older parents so he's bound to seem a lot older than ten.  He did complain with some heat about the dentist talking to him as if he was two years old, so I suspect he feels a lot older than his years.  Still, he came away with a clean bill of dental health so that's fine.

I wonder how long it will be before he went to the dentist by himself.  One of his classmates goes to school by himself already.  I'm not sure if the school know.  They are very strict in the early years but next year he is supposed to go on his own.  Bear might as well start going on his own now.  It is literally yards from our door to the school gate, bear is pretty good with roads and as soon as we get near to the school he forgets I exist so it's not as if he needs me there.  I'm holding out for a little while longer.

I visited uncle today.  He didn't recognise me - he has vascular dementia.  The doggy cuddles I got going through the park didn't really make up for it, though they were very pleasant.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Spending Again

To be fair to myself, this is something that really caught DH and bear's attention.  I'm using the picture from one of the eBay listings as all you can see next to ours is the dust on top of the fire.

It really does go like that.  You need special incense cones which allow the smoke to drift down and pool at the bottom.  Ours overflowed and it cascaded all over the fire - adding to the dust.  It's not very good at scenting the room.  It just smells of burning but it looks awesome.  I imagine it will be shown off to a lot of people over the next few weeks.  I don't know how much it will be used long term but it's coming out every Halloween!

Bear has airily talked about reading Treasure Island but he hasn't cracked open the Kindle app today.  However we had a rousing chapter from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World tonight, so he's getting exposed to the right stuff.  I think it depends who he can show off to.  There is a chance he may be able to show off his piano playing at the weekend and he is not only practising the piece but he is practising it properly and more than once!

I have had a thumping headache all day, so I've had a distinct lack of achievement.  I'll see what tomorrow brings.