Thursday, 8 October 2015

Recipe Fail

I forgot to get the cardamon seeds so I didn't do the Indian yellow split pea soup with coconut milk.  When I do that I'll definitely report back.  It looks lovely.  I was going to do it Tuesday but I ran out of onions.  Still, at least the onions that I finally remembered to get yesterday were good in the Chilli con Charlie (like an normal chilli con carne but with things like baked beans, it would make a Texan cry).  Then bear utterly rejected the chilli because it was quorn and bear thinks that quorn is an abomination.

I've amended my delivery that is supposed to get here tomorrow.  There was another fail there.  DH tried the couscous with salmon that was on Eat Well for Less and we all agreed it was delicious.  I couldn't wait to have another go at it.  It was relatively low fat, it had veggies involved, and oily fish and the gluten free couscous from Tesco was not too extortionately priced.  Tesco have stopped doing the gluten free couscous.  Just as I find an awesome recipe that we will all eat, darn it to heck, we can't find the ingredient.  I may have to use quinoa.  It won't be the same.

This morning I spoke to someone who was really missing father.  She is having trouble with the church boiler and she knew that father would have made the right jokes and said the right things and even if he couldn't fix it, he would somehow take the sting out.

On the bright side, thanks to Barbara Anne who kindly pointed me in the right direction, I may be able to pick up another Remy.  That will make my life a lot easier.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Nervous Moment

Bear is a big lad now, and nearly nine.  He still sleeps with his soft toy rat, Remy from the film Ratatouille.  Tonight he couldn't find it.  It was tense.  I turned the house upside down, lifted things, moved things and prayed that it hadn't found its way into the rubbish that had been collected this morning.

We found it.

Despite my best efforts I have never found another one like it.  Uncle bought it when bear was about two and it cost an arm and a leg.  It was worth it.  I melted the beads in the paws when I tumbled dried it on holiday, and it is looking saggy but it is holding together and while it currently needs a wash, it isn't in bad shape.  I can't replace it.

I am really glad we found it.

There was a major thunderstorm here yesterday, a real downpour.  I hope we don't get too many of those, but at least I don't have to water the garden as I still haven't got another rose for the watering can.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


There's been another murder, quite close.  There was one a few years back as well.  This one isn't that close, and it's quite a long walk, but it's walking distance.

I wonder about the people left behind, the people who have to always remember that they have lost a loved one in a dreadful way.  I wonder what sort of person kills another and what their family think and how they will cope.

I feel like pulling bear close, closing the curtains and hiding away.

Tomorrow I will be looking for the bright side and finding the jokes, but it feels a little hollow now.

Bear is Less Awesome (but still proud of him)

It's started.  Bear does not want to wait for Christmas, he wants things now!  Of course, with Christmas so near, his birthday not much after and so much we have had to spend out on, he is having to wait for Christmas.  Apart from anything else, if we get stuff now, we won't have anything left to get for Christmas or birthday presents.

Bear is not sympathetic to this view.

Yesterday it was a rubik's cube.  It wasn't just any rubik's cube, though, but fancy ones.  Bear has been watching YouTube and found lots of videos of people solving not only the things that I recognise but these

Bear has all the fancy names for them but I call them weird ones.  'But mum, I've looked on Amazon and to buy one individually is £13.99, but if I get the set plus the pyramid and the dodecahedron it's only £22.99 which is a bargain!'

This worried me.  First bear had learned to search Amazon.  I am stuffed!  Then the cunning angle to appeal to my weakness for bargains.

Bear continued, 'And I've lost my rubik's cube and I can solve it really easily.  It's completely lost and I can't find it anywhere so I can't practice.'

I found the normal rubik's cube in less than two minutes.  Bear completely failed to solve it.  He still wants the fancy ones.  I am sure I haven't heard the last of it.

The weather is warmer.  Bees were hanging around what is left of the lavender this morning.  Oddly I found this.  It's an orange blossom, normally seen around May.  You can see the evidence of autumn in the rest of the shot.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Bear is Awesome

DH took bear into town on Saturday with ongoing negotiations about playstations, x-boxes and Fifa 16.  We are not ready for bear to have a playstation or x-box.  Apart from the money (and that's a big thing!) he is just too young.

They were walking through a shopping arcade and they spotted a piano.  Bear waited for a turn, relatively patiently, and watched kids that are younger than him have a bang on the keys.  I missed it, I was doing other things, but I have seen the video DH took.  Bear did not look anything unusual, just a t-shirt, jeans and a fake leather jacket (eBay is my friend).  He sat down, thought about it, then started playing 'Ode to Joy' - with both hands!

I am incredibly proud of my darling as he did so well.  He isn't brilliant. It wasn't a 'child genius' performance, but it was pretty good and bear loved it.  Finally, a chance to show off!  According to DH, bear was impressive.  And now he can see where practicing gets him he may voluntarily sit down at the piano.  On the other hand he has just scraped mud all over the piano stool, so perhaps I shouldn't get my hopes up.  

I am so proud of bear.  I can't wait to see what he will get up to next - whatever that may be!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Bear Continues

I was considering apple crumble for dessert last night.  I noticed that a couple of apples had fallen off bear's tree and thought that it was time to pick them, and that meant apple crumble.  I asked him about it.  Bear ummed and aahed and then confessed.  The apples weren't really ripe.  It's just that he had completely accidentally kicked a football against the tree and the apples were sort of knocked off.   By the way, could I ask Matalan for his ball back as he had kicked the ball over again.  The apples were small, hard and unpromising when checked.  

I visited uncle today for the first time in a long time.  I was only there for around half an hour, and had to tell him three times that father had died.  I'm feeling a bit low after that, but the walk through the park there and back was lovely.

I didn't see any nice things to take a picture of on my way and I really need a happy picture, so I had a look on Wiki Commons and found this.   

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bear is Unamused

I could tell last night that I was heading for a tough morning.  Bear was told he could have one of the fairy cakes that came with the Approved Food order.  Three cakes later they 'smelled funny' and 'I feel sick...'

The cakes did smell a bit sour, but if they were so bad it did make me wonder how he managed to eat three first, as did his pal.  Bear is also keen to try and stay home.  At the moment, hanging out with his mother is the best thing possible (except for hanging out with his pals, playing football, arguing with his pals, playing computer games...)  This means that mornings are a challenge.  This morning bear managed to bring up some faint strands of phlegm - and I still forced him to school!  He was very indignant in a failing voice that he was being forced to school after being sick!  Past experience says that he will be fine.

Wean - lol, the tomatoes were stepped on before they reached the windowsill.  The delivery drivers are remarkably sensible round here, despite my influence.  I do have a visiting cat that has widdled on windows, though, which also makes me think I may have had a lucky escape with the tomatoes.