Thursday, 26 March 2015

First Sewing Lesson

My first sewing lesson.  We got sewing machines out of the cupboard, I plugged mine in, tried to raise the presser foot and it fell off.

Then we watched a dress being laid and cut out, with all the notches and tailor tacks.  I was intimidated.  The selvedges had to be folded in to the middle and some bits were to the fold and others were just two pieces and it all looked very bewildering.  Afterwards I managed to sew a (very nearly) straight line in a piece of paper.

The thing is, I've watched loads of bits about sewing over the years, so I know the theory about sewing with the nap and pattern repeats and all sorts.  I've just never actually done it.  I am confident that it will be harder than it looks.

I've also sort of got onto Pinterest, under Lyssa Medana.  When I work out what to do with it, I'm sure I'll have loads of fun!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Under the Influence

I've just received an email inviting me for rehab for my alcohol problems.  Father definitely thought I had alcohol problems - the half bottle of rum I finished off last night has lasted three weeks.  He would have insisted I drank more.  Interestingly, DH has cut down without any effort as father is no longer pouring the drinks for him.  The bill for alcohol in this household has all but disappeared.  Mind you, I am expecting small boys to be running in and out of the house all Easter, including bear's worst enemy/best pal (same child, it depends on the most recent argument), so I may purchase some cooking sherry just in case.  Actually, there is some sherry around somewhere...

I'm definitely under the influence of stress.  Father was not well this morning.  The nurse was joking and coaxing the medicine into him.  He is refusing to eat properly.  This could go on for a long time.  I am not safe to shop under the influence of stress.  Fortunately all I purchased today was a bulk buy of Pringles (half price, bear loves them but they are so expensive!) and a copy of the New Scientist.  It could be worse.  My track record says it could be a lot worse.

I'm off to have a talk with my friend ebay about theoretical purchases.  And drink lemonade.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Time to Watch TV

I don't get to watch much tv, with one thing and another.  However I have just found that there is a craft show, called 'Craft Daily' (on twice a week) and the linky is here.

I have just watched someone crocheting and for the first time ever it made sense.  On the site there are instructions about how to make a bag out of a pillowcase.  A few years ago I sort of accidentally bought 50 pillowcases (you wouldn't believe how useful they can be) and I was playing on ebay, so have some bias binding, and that is all you allegedly need.  There are no pictures, but that doesn't mean I can't have a go.  It looks a perfect starter project...

I suspect that it is linked to an American site that charges you to watch craft videos, but I can see me enjoying the programme.  The only thing is, please don't let it divert me to yet more projects.

Bear is not puzzled.

As we were finishing up bedtime bear pulled a puzzle book towards him.

"Bear, you should at least look at the questions before you look for the answers in the back." I said as DH tried not to laugh.
"I'm just checking I'm right." Bear said indignantly.

Bear has a very clear view on what end results he wants.  Today he wants finished puzzles.

Ravylesley - I shall definitely look at doing that.  Thank you.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sometimes I struggle

DH visited father today and called me from the nursing home.  Did I know father was going in to hospital tomorrow for an outpatient appointment?  I didn't.

From what we can work out this is the same procedure that I went with him to last week.  It is to try and work out if anything can be done about his ability to eat.  At the moment he is having a lot of trouble talking and it is only because he spent fifteen minutes struggling to ask DH about this that we found out.

I have told the nursing home that I need a fortnight's notice.  I just can't drop every thing.  There are reasons I don't want to put in the internet why it isn't a good idea for bear to go to after school club, and now my neighbours have moved I have no-one to lean on at short notice.  DH is upset at the whole mess, and I am once again caught between the welfare of my father and my son and my poor husband is stressed beyond belief.  DH's blood pressure is a steady 170 over 140 and he needs to be fussed over, not stressed even more at this.  The staff couldn't find the details, and of course the hospital admin are not in until tomorrow to find out what exactly is going on.  It may not even be necessary.  There has been a lot of confusion over the whole thing.  I just wish father could get better.

The sun is shining and my new iron is working particularly well.   Time to hold on to the good stuff.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Bear is Eggs-cited!

Well, better than he was.  He brought home the letter telling us that he was to decorate an egg.  The letter states, and I quote, 'All eggs will be judged as having had adult assistance.'  Darn.  This means I will have to have a go.

Bear utterly rejected the entire concept of Easter Egg Decoration.  It has been an epic fail every time he has tried to do this, it isn't fair.  Why does he have to do it?  He would even do extra literacy homework instead, it just isn't fair!  I have let him off the 'design a Christmas Card' treadmill as it was traumatic for everyone concerned, but the wording of this letter didn't leave much wiggle room.


However, when I did a bit of googling I found some interesting ideas.  On YouTube there was a tutorial for making a spider out of a piece of egg carton.  This can be adapted and I can see, well, realistically it is going to be mainly either me or DH, us dyeing/painting the egg black, sticking on pipe cleaners for legs, sticking on the goggle eyes, cutting little paper fangs and setting up an awesome web with yarn over an egg box.

Also, you can apparently wrap an egg in an old tie and boil it in vinegar and water.  The suggestion is number five on the list here.  My tie stash includes some storming patterns and it is very tempting.  I have so many, including these...

 ... but as they are polyester I don't think the 'boil in water and vinegar' trick will work.

Bear is now satisfied that this time it will be okayish and tolerable and he will concentrate on delegating the work (or trying to - I have Views as well, and that includes him pitching in!).  Besides, the poor lamb is about to get a headache.  I am about to insist on piano practice.

Just passing through

Thank you for the lovely comments.  I suspect that the real problem with altering the curtains is lack of courage.  I have also come to my senses (no doubt briefly) and decided bear does not need a red fleece blanket to go with the absolutely humungously huge tiger throw, the fleece snuggle throw, the duvet (with Tardis duvet cover), the dalek fleece blanket and the cyberman fleece blanket.  That child is not short of warm things.

DH was an absolute hero and bought an iron for me.

I have bought the flowers that father instructed poor DH to get me for Mother's Day.  I feel it is important that bear sees the right things being done.

Nice Mr Next Door was supposed to move out today.  There are still six cars in the street belonging to him, not including the one he drives.  The garden is also still overflowing with 'things'.  However as Nice Mrs Next Door has already moved out, the landlord will now have to speak to the lovely man next door.  The landlord doesn't speak to men unless he really can't corner a woman.  I don't know how the landlord is going to go on now.  Even though Nice Mr Next Door is really lovely and not a problem to talk to at all.

The eclipse was okay but I probably won't put it in a book.

The bees are back.  They looked very busy but I don't know many flowers out at the moment.

Bear's report at parent's evening was storming.  I am incredibly proud of him.