Monday, 27 June 2016

Continuing Bear

Bear is off today but likely to be back in school tomorrow.  He has a stonking cough and is apparently without bones and ninety percent leg, but the doctor and I agree that he will be fine.

I have made a very limp start to clearing out the dining room and kitchen that need to be fit for a workman by Friday.  I am not optimistic.  I suspect there will be heaps of rubbish under throws in corners on Friday morning.

I have just thought of an awesome set of short stories for the series of the Forgotten Village.  That series that I thought I had run out of ideas for.

Tonight there are issues - England playing Iceland or the Great British Sewing Bee - decisions, decisions!

I think I have whatever bear has had.  I'm feeling very lightheaded.  I hope this post makes sense.  Or at least is properly punctuated.

Saturday, 25 June 2016


I am sagging, I am really not keeping up.  I was up at 6.30am after a tough night and now I feel faded.

Today we went into Leeds and DH bought bear some much needed trainers, which may last more than a month, while I dived into Love Aroma.  They were selling cakes and raffle tickets to raise money for Macmillan Nurses, who were awesome when my late mother had cancer.  While I was there I picked up the usual candles for the end of term gifts for the teachers and a replacement candle for us.  As I had spent a small fortune I got a free Yankee candle and some points on my loyalty card.  I plan to use the card to pay for Christmas gifts for the maths tutor (who is awesome) and the piano teacher (who is also awesome).

I am now off to watch Wales v N Ireland and I hope I do the occasion justice!

Friday, 24 June 2016

The C Word

I mean Christmas.  I bought my first presents this week.  If I was in any way organised I would have started in January.

To be honest, there's not much to buy.  I have a brother who gets a magazine subscription, his partner who also gets a magazine subscription, and my sister-in-law and her family who usually get money in a card.  Of course, then there is bear.  Today I got the delivery of a box from The Book People which included eight 'Goosebumps' books and an autobiography of Steven Gerrard which bear will love for Christmas.  I think I will otherwise try to get back to doing surveys for Amazon vouchers which will pay for a lot of bear's goodies.  I also still have a lot of wrapping paper left.  There may no longer be the fifty rolls that I found last summer, but there's plenty for a while yet.

Bear is getting better.  He is explaining Fifa16 to me.  I have absolutely no idea and am more confused at the end than the beginning.  I believe this is normal.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Stockpiling toilet paper

Thank goodness I do!  Bear has a runny tummy and it is not a nice time for him.

I had a bad night, bear had a bad night, today is a duvet day.  In bear's case it is a computer day with frequent, unavoidable breaks.  Poor lad is all washed out.  He is, however, driving me fairly nuts as I am not on top form and he is currently playing on the Xbox while watching a YouTube video of someone else playing the Xbox - at double speed.  The commentator has a south London accent and it doesn't sound clearer for being speeded up.  He doesn't always pause it as he dashes for a toilet break and it's grating!

I may abandon any further attempt at anything constructive and just play patience.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Shopping Happens

I was putting together my Tesco order and realised that they had an event on.  If you bought four or more of one of the qualifying products, you got 25% off.  The qualifying products were over a thousand cleaning products.  I was interested to see that some of the Everyday Value range was included as the really cheap stuff is usually not included in this sort of thing.

Big boxes of Ariel were included in this, though I'm holding out for them going to half price.  I seem to remember that Tesco had a similar offer this time last year, so I shall be using my Bullet Journal to track the sales.  I did my usual trick of bunging on anything that caught my eye on to the online shop and then taking off what I didn't actually need.  Thanks to the 30 day cleaning thingy I had an idea of what I already had, which was lots.  I still got carried away - it was up to £150 at one point - but I've whittled it down to around £60.  One thing I stocked up on was the little sponges.  I do like them but I wear them out quickly and while a pack of 8 of the Everyday Value ones is only 40p, I still save tenpence a time.  I got two packs.  I also stocked up on the only bin liners that fit my kitchen bin.

So if anyone is interested in stocking up on cleaning products then the Tesco offer of 25% off qualifying cleaning products runs until 28th June.  I am considering my storage space.

Bear is triumphantly awesome

Every year the school run an equivalent of the Olympics.  The school is split into teams and each team is given a country name.  This year bear was in the China team.  And the team got bronze!!!!  It's the first medal bear has got, and he is very proud of it, and I am proud of him.

The best bit for me is knowing that bear will have given 100% of himself and will have fought so hard to win.  One of his pals from further down the street was scuffing down the road and grumbling that medals were stupid (no medal).  Bear has gone through lack of medals for years and I am so proud that he has never taken that attitude.

I am very lucky with bear.

And Continuing

Actually, I'm doing okay in myself today, though I thought I heard a rat in the next room!  There was a squeak and a noise - it was the landlord of next door doing something.  I have a new laptop but it is having a few issues.  I got it through the Tesco outlet store on eBay which seems very easy to deal with.  The last few bits I've done with Tesco they have given excellent service and so I got one refurbished (new but with damaged box) laptop at around £100 off.  It is having a few moments as I get things moving, but it is wonderful that I can not only go on the internet but I can also type!

Bear had a bad night.  He couldn't sleep.  He was a tired, hollow eyed child this morning but even though I actually offered to keep him home he insisted on going in as it was a sports day.  Tomorrow may be a different battle!

Thank you for the good wishes.  I am very grateful.