Tuesday, 23 May 2017


I read the news today about the bombing of the Manchester Arena and my heart broke for the parents and families.  I read about the casualties and wondered how those police and ambulance people would cope with dealing with that awful tragedy.  I thought how sad that a concert that should have been a safe place for young teens was targeted and how so many would be changed by this experience.  I also read of the ordinary people of Manchester doing what good people do everywhere - offering rooms to stay for the stranded, offering a meal, a safe place, somewhere to charge their phones, lifts, blood donations, opening nearby cafes and hotels to take in the shocked survivors, what good people do in hard times.

Dreadful things happen, whether it's a natural disaster like the earthquake in Turkey which had Israeli search and rescue teams helping out or whether it's man made like the dreadful events in Manchester which has led to the rush of support from local people in the moment and prayers and support from around the world.  Always, in the bad, if you look you can see all the good people who step up and pitch in and do the right thing regardless.  I utterly condemn those that would do such dreadful things.  I give thanks for the vastly greater number of good people who keep the world turning.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017


All has been lovely and quiet here.  I've pottered very gently (leg is getting a lot better) and on the whole it could be worse.

I've taken some time to browse reddit.com, which was fun.  There's a tab at the top which will take  you to random subreddits, different topics from a very diverse range of subjects.  I've dipped into a few and subscribed to a decluttering sub and a funny cat sub amongst others.  However if you do try to run through a selection of random boards, I strongly suggest that you wait until you are not at work and do not do so where children or those of a delicate nature can see the screen.

Some of them I didn't understand at all.  There's one that's dedicated to the different types of socks or stockings in anime.  I'm not linking to it.  It's quite disturbing and you'll have to take it on trust.  I'll link to cute pictures instead.

I've also started browsing eBay for clothes for bear for next winter.  I'm hoping that bear doesn't shoot up too much, and that if I stick to the likely age range then I'll do okay.  I'm trying to catch the sellers who are clearing out winter wardrobes, but I may have left it too late.  It's always good to buy things off season if they are a little less expensive, and second hand children's clothes are a reasonable target.  Salt and grit is also less expensive in the summer - if you can find it.

This is not fresh advice.  I read about buying out of season in a book on Medieval Social History.  Housewives in the fourteenth century were advised to order the salt fish so necessary for Lent in early Spring and to order it early, some recommending that it was bought in well before November.  The fish must have been very well salted!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Sainsbury Delivered

I like the Sainsbury's products, and while they average a little more you can still get some awesome deals.  However the drivers from the local depot aren't user friendly.  I've posted before about uncomfortable encounters with the drivers and I ditched them after one experience too many.

Then it came to this week.  I need compost.  I want to re-pot the herbs from Aldi into bigger pots before I start seriously harvesting them.  They have not only survived but I think they are going to take off as soon as we get some sun.  I have the pots.  I just need some compost.  I think I am going to have some serious problems in the central bed when I start digging there as well.  Everything was dying off before I started with the weedkiller and I suspect an ants' nest.  This will require some compost once everything is treated.

Tesco don't have any compost on their deliveries and neither does Morrisons.  Darn, my two go-to stores couldn't help.  I wondered about risking Asda who are okayish but not always good if there's a problem.  They don't have compost.  Sainsbury's do carry the compost.  I had a rummage around the internet, including Amazon, but the delivery charges were high - reasonably enough!  After all, we are talking a lot of brown stuff being lugged around.  So I put in a Sainsbury order.

I got some good stuff.  I won't lie, they do some good, ethical, wholesome products.  Unfortunately the quality of drivers hasn't improved over the last few years.  He was pleasant enough and at least he unloaded his van by himself, which was more than the Morrisons man did, but he overplayed the 'cheeky chappy' routine.  I hid in the kitchen while DH dealt with the delivery.  Yes, I ordered a lot of compost.  Yes, our garden is smaller than his truck.  No, I did not over order as I'm not even sure that I've got enough for all the pots.  I'm glad DH was there because I felt heckled.  He went on and on and on.

I don't think I'll be going back to Sainsburys soon.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Bear Grows Up More

I checked with school and it is okay to send bear into school on his own.

A lot of the parents already do this, but I do not want to have a telling-off from the headteacher and thought I had better play safe.  Bear can be there in literally two minutes and doesn't actually cross a road.  I think he's fine.  He definitely thinks he's fine.  I breathed a sigh of relief that the school think he's fine.  The pick up/drop off was very hard on my leg.

This morning I stood at the door and watched bear hurtle down the street.  He was fine.  He used to forget my existence as soon as we got within ten yards of the school gate.  Now he forgets my existence as he leaves the house.  I think I've done something right.

Thank you for all the good wishes.  I really appreciate the hugs - it's helped!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Today is Not Day One

I fail at the cleaning plan.

I only have one stitch, but it feels quite painful if I stand or walk for more than a moment or two.  As it is still only a two days on, I've decided to wimp out and leave it.  Apparently as it is lower leg it can be slow to heal.

Also uncle is in hospital again.

Also I got a letter for father today, from a jazz band in Czechia that he followed.  I'm going to have to write back and let them know he died two years ago.

Also, did I mention, very sore leg.

Also the garden needs doing and plants I ordered have arrived.

It's a complete pity party here.  To be honest, I'm most worried about uncle, but it is a regular cycle.  He feels under the weather, then he doesn't eat, then the diabetes kicks off, then it gets complicated, then he gets back into hospital where he is stabilised, then he gets back to the home.

I've been naff raffing around but I'm determined that tonight I will make the most of enforced sitting and make a dent in the outstanding knitting.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Tomorrow is Day One

It sounds like one of those motivational posters, but actually I'm starting the Simply Clean 7 Day kickstart tomorrow.  Day One is to declutter.  There is no way on this planet that I will be able to do even a token declutter in one day.  The book is chirpily optimistic that I will be surprised how much I can accomplish.  I reserve my judgement on that.  I plan to use the rest of this week at least.  I have a lot of clutter.  Fortunately there is a handy checklist for a whole house declutter at the back.

Part of the problem is that I don't have homes for everything.  If I can just establish a home for everything then it will be a breeze.  As it is I can see me spending the rest of this week just decluttering the dining room.

To be honest, I think the book may be aimed at better housekeepers than me.  It says that just filling a couple of bin bags will make all the difference.  I suspect that two bin bags won't make a dent.  Also the kitchen is FULL as I have a year's supply of pasta amongst other things stashed as the yearly gluten free Tesco sale has ended.

I have a sore leg.  It was a very minor biopsy, but it still stings, so tomorrow I will be taking it steady and working up to more.  Bear was very sweet about my leg, and is checking that all is okay.  It is, but I feel like I've been cuddled better.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Impulse Control Fail

I bought another book on how to clean your house.  The 'Clean Your Home in 30 Days' had potential, but I could never get past Day Three.  It did have some effects, however, and we had a marginally cleaner home for a while.

This time it's a book called 'Simply Clean' which promises a lovely, clean, tidy home in just 10 minutes a day.  I'm not holding the book to that promise.  It's never going to happen.  However it may work if I take away the unrealistic timescale.  For example, I am supposed to vacuum one day a week.  According to the book it should take ten minutes.  We have three bedrooms, a junk room, a bathroom, a study, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.  Also three sets of stairs.  Okay, it's lino in the bathroom and kitchen but it would take me more than ten minutes to get the vacuum between all the rooms.

You know those shopping channel adverts which start by advertising a chopping board or something and then keep saying, 'but that's not all...' and, 'wait, there's more...' and they are adding in knives and kettles and all sorts so that the overpriced chopping board looks like a good deal.  I feel like the book is doing similar.  You have a daily routine.  Then you have the ten minute task.  Then there are the monthly/bi-monthly/yearly type tasks.  Before you know it it's an hour at their estimate and goodness knows how long in real life.  However if it gets a clean house then I'm good for that.

One thing that is promising is that it starts with a seven day action plan to get you ready, then a 28 day kickstarter.  As Day One is to declutter it may take me a while to get past that, but I can live in hope.

I won't be starting it tomorrow as I have a biopsy on my leg, but I'm optimistic.  As it starts with a declutter then I can stretch Day One over a few days as any leg pain allows (I've no idea how painful it will be, probably not much).  Then I can go for it with gusto!

This week there are tests all week for bear's class.  Bear is calm and seems to quite enjoy it.  Please let that continue for a long time!