Sunday, 1 May 2016

Epic Stamina Fail

When I went into Leeds and traipsed round looking for bear's trainers I spent more time out of the house than I normally do in a week.  Then I ran the 'Roll the Tuppenny' stall which was more interaction with strangers and their kids than I normally manage in a week.  Then we went out to see Macbeth, and a trip to the theatre is a 'once a year' treat.

Macbeth was amazing.  It was an amateur company but I have to say it was one of the best performances I have ever seen.  I loved it.  Lady Macbeth was particularly impressive.  When she snapped, 'Infirm of purpose!' at Macbeth every married man in the theatre flinched.  I wish I could watch it all again.

DH and I chatted in the interval.  I said that perhaps we ought to see if we could get a regular babysitter for an occasional Saturday afternoon so that we could go to see a film or a matinee.  After all, we were both looking forward to seeing Captain America, Civil War.  We normally only have bear sleeping away once or twice a year, and perhaps another one or two afternoons a year on top of that.  We don't mind, bear is good company and I'm happy to look after him, but we don't do much.

DH joked that we could see a late night showing of the Captain America film tonight, while we had the chance.  I asked if there actually was a late night showing.  DH checked on his phone.  There were several late night showings quite near to the theatre.  So after an amazing, wonderful performance of Macbeth we saw the 10:50pm showing of Captain America Civil War and got home at 2am.

Shopping, a church function, a Shakespeare play and a film rated suitable for twelve year olds (with guidance) isn't exactly a rock and roll lifestyle, but it was a lot more excitement than I'm used to.  Today I am tired.  My experience is that it is the second day when unexpected exertion catches up with you so I expect that tomorrow I shall be on the floor.

It was worth it.  I just need to work on my stamina.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

I Have No Stamina

I've not been active for a while for a number of reasons, mainly health.  It is showing.

Do you remember the picture of the trainers after an hour?  I posted it on 25 March.  They are now completely trashed.  Not only has bear made a habit of playing football in the pouring rain but the dog from next door but one has had a play with them.  Due to various circumstances, bear was having an unexpected night with my sister in law, who dresses very nicely, so I had to send him in something respectable.

My feet touched the pavement in town around 10:30am.  I got on the bus around 1pm.  I didn't sit down, I didn't have a cuppa or a break.  Instead I went round and round and round and round trying to find trainers for bear.  I also needed to get shoes for me, as I didn't have a pair that I could wear and that looked half way decent but I only had about five minutes before I absolutely needed to get on the bus home.  I managed to get most of what I needed and staggered back.  My feet were on fire, my back hurt and I was frazzled from a shopping in a very crowded city centre.  I do like Leeds, though.  There was a stage set up in Briggate and a rock group were playing.  About twenty yards behind the stage someone was playing an accordion.  Briggate was more crowded than usual and you had to pick your way through.

Here is a picture of Briggate from WikiCommons.  It was a lot more crowded today.  Incidentally, it is the same width now as it was when it was set out in 1205.  The stage with the rock group playing loudly was about where the photographer was standing, and the accordion a few yards behind.

At 2.15pm I was out of the door again and took bear to the Tea Party for the Queen's birthday at the Methodist Church.  As I got through the door, I was nabbed.  The person who was down to do the 'Roll the Tuppences' game for the kids hadn't shown so could I help out.  Of course I could.  So I herded the kids who were shooting tuppences down the slots like guided missiles, made change, kept an eye on bear, made and poured quantities of tea and kept moving.

I staggered in around 4.30pm, having made around £1 profit on the twopennies (but the kids loved it) and now I need to get fed and ready - I am off tonight to see Macbeth.  I didn't find out it was on until yesterday so there was some scrabbling around for someone to look after bear and did I have anything fit to wear?

I am not going to be fit for rags tomorrow.  I have no stamina at all!

Friday, 29 April 2016

Frozen Friday

I am perished.  I got caught in the snow this morning during the school run.  It wasn't really snowing hard, just some cold, wet lumps as I walked the few hundred yards to school and back.  However I feel utterly frozen and I haven't been able to get warm.

I have continued to move stuff around, a few bits here and a few bits there.  The kitchen smells wonderful as I am cleaning the old Woodwick candle jars.  The jars are so elegant that it seems almost criminal to throw them out.  I thought I had better get started on my backlog in case I should need to start storing ring pulls, for example.  Not that I'm planning to store ring pulls for making chain mail, not at all.  I told DH about it and I thought he would fall off his chair laughing.

My internet search history is getting worse.  Other people worry about naughty ladies showing up on their search history.  I'm worried about being taken into custody.  Did you know that you can't buy embalming fluid as such from eBay but you can buy formaldehyde.  It does worry me that there is a market for 25 litres of formaldehyde.  Apparently it's really toxic and flammable.  I wouldn't give it house room.

The reason I was looking was purely research purposes - I followed a prompt from Studio 30 and Our Write Side which, if you don't mind something macabre you can find here.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

I Need to Raise My Game

I've just found two of bear's Christmas presents.  I want to stress that bear has not had a deprived Christmas and birthday.  He did have lots.  I just found two more.

I got rid of one piece of furniture completely yesterday, and today I moved a couple more pieces around.  I should really have done a proper job instead of leaping into the middle and now I have heaps of stuff to sort through.  I'm looking forward to getting it finished.  That will probably be some time in the next ten years, but at least it's a little nearer.

I'm shattered now.  Our alarm went off at 5:52am this morning for no apparent reason and bear was very unimpressed.  To be honest, so was I.  I suppose I need to add 'sorting out the alarm' to the list of 'things that we need to spend money on'.

I must write tomorrow, as it's surprising how much more I get done if I do.

Reasons to Write

I do more if I write.  It is a statistical fact.  On the back of two poems and a 100 word flash fiction entry I filed my tax return and finished a shrug I have been faffing with since Christmas.  I have written another 100 Flash Fiction (here, if you're interested) and wonder what it will fire me to do.  It should at least get me through the washing up.

I am still baffled by bear.  This morning he explained to me that the Class Assembly had been a bit rushed and about a pump that had been painted, weeded, kicked by a bully but when the person built it there was already a spider inside.  I have absolutely no idea what he is on about.  I have tried Google and all I got was a story about a man setting fire to a gas station as there was a spider in the gas pump.  I'll try again tonight.

I need to be very careful.  I've switched to drinking cans of diet cola instead of bottles, as it's easier to ration.  Entirely by coincidence I found a YouTube video about how to make chain mail from the tabs on cans of pop.  I don't need chain mail.  I certainly don't need to build up a stash of tabs.

For those interested, or who can't believe that it actually exists, here's the link.  There are some wonderful things on the internet - they make me wonder if I'll have time to have a go.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Weather Continues Irrational

I took this picture this morning.  It shows the bright sunlight more than the apple blossom which I was aiming for as I'm not sure any bees will have got to it.  We have just had hail and now it is snowing.  I object!

I haven't seen any bees in the chimney, but that is not surprising.  The weather is far too cold.  I'll keep an eye out.  I'll be sad if they have gone.

My caffeine isn't going well as I have just done my tax return, but I am cautiously confident that I will get it back down.

I think today is going to be a knitting day.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Not Strong Tea

That is the strength of tea I have been taking.  There are a lot of very rude ways that traditionally describe tea not much darker than the cup it sits in, but I will settle for meh.  I went to the Coffee Stop at church yesterday and when they asked me how I wanted it I told them I wanted it pathetic.

I've never had strong tea anyway, and I am doing okay actually, but it isn't helping my leg.  It is still quite sore.  It could be worse.  I may be rationing chocolate (which contains caffeine) but I haven't given it up altogether.

Yesterday we went to IKEA and bear desperately hinted at getting another stuffed toy.  He is not short of soft toys.  His bed is filled with them.  It is ridiculous.  You can barely move for plush.  The bottom of his wardrobe is two foot deep in toys (not exaggerating) and there are two ridiculously large pandas in the top room.  And he loves them all! He has names for them.  He has intricate histories and relationships and complicated family trees.  They are not going anywhere soon.  I can live with him keeping a large heap of fake fur friends but I really don't want him to add to them.  Mind you, IKEA toys are wonderful to cuddle.

I've written a poem for the Light and Shade Challenge which is here, if you are interested.  It's interesting.  The last few bits I have put up have been quite dark, but I'm actually in quite a positive mood.

Edited to add - I've also done this.  Anything to put off the furniture moving I really need to do.