Friday, 20 December 2013

Not that Friday Feeling

Uncle is now able to call me from hospital.  He is still very confused.  He was very hit and miss about where he was.  He has decided that he wants to live with me.  I am flattered.  However I cannot see how that is physically possible at the moment.  Apart from the three steep internal flights of stairs in our house there are steep concrete steps just to get in.  I can't see it suitable for an amputee and we can't afford to move.

These are our front steps

Father has problems with our steps.  Mind you, the internal stairs are steeper.

Bear told me at 7pm that he wouldn't just be going to one boy's party, but was also going to another boy's party as well.  Apparently I 'forgot' all about this.  Bear shut up quite quickly after he saw my expression.  I've managed to sort it out but I am sure this is not the last time I will find myself in this position.

Uncle has been moved from one ward to another.  The staff have been absolutely brilliant, but I wish they had called us and I didn't find out when I rang up to see how things were going.  They also said that they had had a whip round for clothes for him.  Apparently there is no sign of the two pairs of pyjamas plus dressing gown I took in, nor the sack of clothes poor Ian took in, and it does ask the question why they didn't ring someone and say, 'Please bring in some clothes for uncle'.

I cooked a chicken in the slow cooker.  There wasn't enough for soup, however, but the chicken will be cold later.  It was supposed to be for tomorrow's dinner but bear will be at softplay plus disco and DH with him.  It should be nice when we do have it.  I prodded at the breast with a spoon and a lump of chicken just fell off.

I wonder what I have forgotten.  I am sure I will find out soon.


  1. Sybs if you were seriously considering having Uncle live with you,you can get help to fit ramps,stair lifts etc to make the house liveable for him and it wouldn't cost you anything you just have to sort it out with the Hospital Occupational Therapy department


    1. If I had to, I would - no question. However until and unless utter necessity compels I will do what I can to make him comfortable without him living here. He is in Wales, I am in England and the bureaucracy makes me scared. Thank you for the heads up. If it comes to it I wouldn't fail him, and it is helpful (and really reassuring) to know. WS xxx

  2. Sorry to hear that uncle is still confused. It's not good that the hospital move him and don't tell you. They did that with my late mother in law, and then had the cheek to get shirty when I visited at what was the visiting time for the ward she was originally on, which wasn't visiting hours for the new ward (othopaedic ward for a gastro case - just trying to shuffle beds in an overcrowded hospital in that instance!) Just a thought but have you put uncle's name into his clothing? It might help everyone keep track of his belongings in hospital. All best wishes, Vee x

    1. I will have to mark his clothing - when I can get my hands on it! That is a good idea, though. Thank you. WS xxx