Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Washing up

I have a dishwasher and it does a better job than me with the pans.  It is probably more economic than I am washing up as I am generous with changing the water.  It lets me get on with stuff so that I am doing other things rather than washing up while it whirrs away.  Too much washing up hurts my back and when I got the dishwasher I was too ill to do any washing up.

I still do some washing up by hand, though.  There are a few things that are not dishwasher safe.  The microwave rice cooker is one thing and I have some sharp knives that I don't like to risk.  There is also a heat change mug of DH's that when filled with something hot has a Tardis that disappears from one side and reappears on the other.  Besides I only have a table top dishwasher so I usually generate a load and a half of washing up and I do most of the cutlery in the sink.

I have finally finished my stash of sponge scourers and so I am braving the reusable sponge scourers I bought ages ago from Lakeland when they were on offer.  They are sort of a velvety microfibre on one side and a silvery non scratch scourer on the other.  It feels very different from the naff disposable ones and it probably isn't even cost effective.  I couldn't remember how much they cost as it was some time ago, but I do know I would have bought anything like that without it being on sale.  On checking they are now £2.99 for four, or 75p each.

So I have a pack of four that can be washed and reused and I never need to buy another scourer, at least until these wear out.  I am not sure how long they will last and you have to keep washing them which has a cost.  However I do feel that even though it may not necessarily be the cheapest option when you can get 5 sponge scourers for 19p I am a lot happier with reusable than disposable.

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