Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bear is Pleased and Enjoyed his Homework

Bear has a new desk.  His old one just wasn't working, it was that bit too small and slanted.  DH went out and got him a fancy new desk from IKEA like this

It has a whiteboard on the back and everything.  Bear has been organising it and putting Things in Places.  He then insisted he did his homework on the desk and he did it without too much argument.  He did insist on me and DH being present throughout, as he managed a paragraph of a rip roaring story about Ancient Egypt.  Bless him, at seven he can not only spell 'canopic jars' but knows what they were for.

I've been in hospital over the weekend and there was a looong list of ladies telling me how cute he was.  I haven't gone in to all his talents.  He is working really hard at his maths because if he works really hard until Parents evening in a fortnight's time I will ask for more maths for him.  This is his idea.  He is getting better at numbers than I am, although this isn't that hard.

I'm going back to the weekly targets.  This week I want to sort out the laundry into different piles.  I am not going to attempt to do it all, but at least get rid of some of the confusion.  I will stick to just that for now.

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  1. Bless you - I'm sorry to hear you have been in hospital - if they have let you come home, I hope that you are feeling better. I love the desk and bear's enthusiasm! Hugs xxx