Thursday, 18 September 2014

Piano is Happening

Bear is lazy.  He is really, really lazy when it comes to academic stuff as he skims through far too easily.  So we have gone back to the piano idea, which he will have to work at and practice if he is going to be any good.

Previously bear went to a house to learn piano.  This was not successful.  The main problem was that bear did not like the two buses there and two buses back or the bus to piano, bus to Morrisons, random shopping and then home with DH.  My heart used to sink as I picked up on piano lesson days.

We have decided to revisit this and bear now has someone come to the house.  There have been two lessons so far, which have been okay, but they are at a dreadfully early on a Saturday morning.  Fortunately the new teacher will actually insist that bear do it again and try and get it right this time. 

So far so good.  Bear has just murdered 'Yankee Doodle' as practice without any pressure for me.  I hope this continues - and the neighbours don't complain!

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  1. Good luck with that - piano lessons are so valuable in teaching far more than how to play a set of keys! Persistence and dedication, as well as sharing the joy of music with others - the YFG is having weekly lessons again now after a break for the summer holidays and I do love to hear her practices even though she can be a bit reluctant some days!