Thursday, 19 July 2018

A Calmer Day

It wasn't exactly calm but it was calmer. 

The nice man came about the alarm.  That is all sorted now, and it was only £55, so that's done.  Then the insurance seems to be clear (justjill - I daren't ask.  Electric bills are obscure at the best of times).  Then I had my three hour driving lesson.

I just want to say upfront that there were no casualties, but some pigeons had near misses.  The first half of the lesson was crawling around very, very, very minor roads where I inched between parked cars and practised turning right and left.  I need to get more confidence going out of junctions.  I also managed a few hill starts without rolling back and a three point turn.  Then we took a break at the local supermarket, used their bathrooms and afterwards the instructor turned to me and told me to drive off. 

Car parks seem to be one of the most hazardous places!  There were people wandering in front of cars, cars wandering erratically between spaces and one old lady got a little confused and parked parallel with a parking bay - but in the driving lane!  Then I turned left onto a busy main road, still no casualties, pulled up at some really easy traffic lights and turned left again and I was back into the small streets.  I'm being let loose on the driving public.  I was a fair mix of terrified and exhilarated. 

I got back with around half an hour to spare so I managed a small check around and to bring in the Approved Food delivery that had been stashed.  I also checked that the scheduled post for Always Another Chapter had posted (it's another piece of flash fiction) before going to see bear's leavers play which was awesome.  The kids did dances (Fortnite has a lot to answer for - the clip is of the animated dances that the avatars do and I swear that they look about to dislocate something), sang, and there were little recorded moments for each of the kids leaving the school and a kind comment from a teacher.  The leavers play was around three hours long which meant that I got back with minutes to spare before DH and making dinner. 

After dinner I put a wash on, taxed the car online and now I need to do a quick sweep around because bear's pal is likely to turn up at 7.30am, which is a little early for me, but he's a lovely lad and they like hanging out. 

Tomorrow is just a driving lesson and a shopping trip so it should be a piece of cake.  This week has been a challenge! 

Here is something that I found relaxing to look at.  I feel like I should set up a gallery of these things so that I can calm down. 

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