Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Pottering On

There was no driving lesson today, and nothing major happened.  Bear's pal was round at the first cough of the sparrow, and I was almost awake enough to appreciate him.  He is a lovely lad, with lovely manners.

Today has been something of a write off when it comes to action, but I've had some good news.  I've had something accepted for an anthology (I will be telling all as soon as I get the go ahead) so I need to sort out my formal photo asap.  They will need it for publicity, although I'm not sure it will be good publicity or a dreadful warning.  I can deal with trying to book that after the man has come to fix the sink, which will be after my driving lesson tomorrow and also after bear comes home from his very last day at primary school.  He's going to High School in September, which is a big step. 

Bear is just so grown up now.  He is no longer the baby that trotted into Reception.  He will look tiny compared to the rest of the High School when he goes in September, but soon he'll hit the gangling teenager stage and I'll be racing to keep up with his growth spurts. He is talking about writing a book with his pal over the summer holidays.  I'm all for it.  Apart from anything else, I'll get some great bursts of relative peace and quiet while they argue over plot twists. 

While we are talking about writing, I've been at the flash fiction again, which is here.  It's stirred some ideas I started working on twenty years ago, so I may get distracted into high fantasy.  Whether I get distracted or not, it will have to wait.  All my available brain power is being taken up by the driving lessons. 

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