Saturday, 1 August 2020

What About Dinner

Fifitr - the discussion of beans came up when we were first married, nearly thirty years ago. I can remember some scorching debates then, not just about beans but such controversial topics as ironing jeans and whether the kettle has boiled properly to make tea. I'm not prodding that.

Jonathan - beans are always good!

I dived into Morrisons extra early today and picked up the ingredients for bear's cake. It's a recipe from a cookbook that has just been published by Sorted Food who are acting on their own and don't have a publisher, so I'm not comfortable sharing it, but it's an uncooked carrot cake with lots of things like dates and nuts as well as the carrots. The frosting is also a little problematic as it requires cream cheese which I can't have and bear is dubious with. I bought the lacto free fake non-dairy stuff and, as the quantities are strange and bear will want to stick to the recipe, I needed two packs. They were not inexpensive. With all the nuts and everything, I can see the cost of it coming up to £20. Tomorrow I need to practice toasting pine nuts because I am confident that although bear will be making the cake, I'll be doing a large slice of the labour. I think I will ask much more detailed questions about his recipe choice in the future. 

Bear and DH have been deep in some computer game. Every now and then I will look up, nod, smile and go back to my laptop. Dinner tonight was chicken cooked with tomatoes, olives and peas with mashed potatoes. Bear is suddenly a big fan of mashed potatoes, but it's the wrong time of year. It's nothing to do with the weather, more to do with mash needing old potatoes and there not being many of them around. I'll go with what I've got.

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. Hope you let us know how the cake turns out! It sounds interesting.

  2. I hope the temperatures (referring to the previous post) was more to your liking, today. We are having some nice, warm days (July was unusually mild). Yesterday, we were 98F; today, we were 97F, and, tomorrow, we will be 100F according to the weather forecast. :) Not quite sure what that works out to, almost 38C?

    Yum! I love mashed potatoes!

  3. Top tip for toasting pine nuts. Take the pan off the heat LONG before they have started to brown. The pan retains the heat and they continue browing without the heat underneath. It takes a split second to go from nicely toasted to acrid (and inedible) black.