Friday, 31 July 2020

Sudden Change in Temperature

When all else fails, you can talk about the weather. I was feeling very warm and just now, when I stepped out to water the plants, it felt like stepping into an oven. So I checked. Wednesday, according to, had a high of 16C or around 60F. Yesterday, according to was a high of 22C or just under 72F. Today it is 31C or around 88F and I'm not good at those temperatures. Tomorrow it is forecast to be back to 22C. 

If I wasn't so ashamed of the weeds I would post a pic or two. The lavender isn't really going anywhere but the climbing fuschias are taking off. Typical fuschias - complete thugs!

I watched the Prime Minister's press conference earlier and was utterly unimpressed. I was also somewhat confused. I live in West Yorkshire, but not in a part affected by the local lockdowns, but it is still worrying. I will not be going to my favourite Tesco and Aldi any time soon. I'm considering going back to deliveries as there seem to be quite a few slots available, so I wouldn't be depriving anyone. I could perhaps go for a one off delivery, stock up on frozen and chilled and the heavy stuff so I only needed to call in to small, local shops near me to top up.

I am nipping out first thing tomorrow to go to Morrisons to pick up some bits. We received a new cookbook today, from Sorted Food. They do a lot of videos on YouTube and are on instagram and stuff and we watch them all the time, so we invested in the latest cookbook. It's written for foodie London cooks, so it's a little out of my price range, but bear is having a go and making an uncooked carrot cake (mainly based on minced up dates and walnuts) and I need to get the stuff in. He plans to make this on Sunday, so I'll share how it goes!

And after all the effort of lugging the watering can up and down steps to fill it in the kitchen, it has started to rain heavily. It's really coming down in rods as I type!

Hugs and good health to all. 

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