Sunday, 26 July 2020

The Chicken was Well Done

Pam and Gwen - I shall definitely try it with margarine. I thought 'butter substitute' was something technical. 

I did not feel up to inspired cooking tonight. I had listened to the hints from the men and gone to a farm shop for excellent ice cream and picked up a gooseberry pie for dessert so I didn't need to worry about the 'afters' and I had no inspiration for the main, so I put some frozen chicken breasts into the oven with a jar of sweet and sour sauce and bunged some rice in the rice cooker. Then I forgot about it. That works for rice cookers, but not for casseroles. Bear said that the chicken was very nice but the sauce was a little strong. That was probably because it had reduced down far beyond an Aldi competitively-priced jar of sauce would normally go. So not only am I ashamed of the poor meal, but I have this to try and clean.

I suppose you could say that it got a little burned. 

The dish is currently soaking in water and washing up liquid, but I'm preparing to escalate to soaking it in biological laundry powder. I also have some steel wool. I may need it. The little ripples are because the sides are fluted and I've had a heck of a job trying to get them properly clean. I know I could try cola, but I'm not sure how it will do with this mess. I really want to rescue it, though, as it's the perfect size for a fritatta for the family, and I've made some epic apple crumbles in there as well. I've had it years - it's older than bear - so I don't suppose it owes any money, but I don't want to lose it.

I've also wrecked my electric hand beater, by using it in a metal bowl, which stripped off the coating on the beaters and now they're rusting. Darn it to heck. I'm more stressed about losing the £15 it cost a few months ago. I should have gone for quality.

I checked the sport on BBC just now (Liverpool won, and I am a happy bunny) and I noticed that the BBC are now covering e-sports. I can see that there is a lot of skill in e-sports, and that the mental toughness that you see in Henderson and Van Dijk is absolutely needed at the highest level. It just seems not quite sport, which I associate with a little more activity. But then, archery is a sport, and you don't move around a lot for that. I suppose I'm getting old. I'm not mentioning this to bear, though I suspect he already knows. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Try soaking the dish with baking soda, a squirt of dish washing liquid, and some very hot water. You might need to heat the dish with the soaking liquid in it to loosen up the burnt on stuff, but, it's what I do when I burn something in a pan.

  2. This post has made me smile. Good luck with the burnt pot.

  3. When I’ve had similarly affected casserole dishes a dishwasher tablet left soaking in boiling water has done the trick.
    Does your husband ever cook? I get this sense of weariness from you when you write about food? Since my husband passed away I’ve been living on very simple meals as I am not inspired to cook at all. Hopefully the inclination will return with the cold weather as I’m currently existing on salad and ready cooked roast chicken!