Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Another Day, Another Ouch

Bless - bear is now not keen on soup. It won't last, and by winter he should be okay with it again, but I can see a lot of rice salad on the horizon.

Fifitr - I'm considering getting a second freezer just to have as back up, and then I could ask about whether they would like a shepherd's pie or some pasta or some curry and have a chance. Neither of them are keen on ready meals. 

I've done something interesting to my shoulder. It's easing off a little, but I still can't raise my right hand to shoulder level. I'm feeling incredibly fed up. We had breaded frozen chicken, frozen potato products and baked beans for dinner. The men loved it. As it was gluten free breaded chicken, it is quite good quality, and the frozen potato products were oven cooked and relatively low in fat, but it's not ideal. Also, bear gets sick of breaded chicken if I serve it too often, and the gluten free stuff isn't inexpensive. 

And my subscribe and save order just turned up and they had split the box of Ariel. Bear took photos for me and it now looks like the front step has dandruff.

I am a little worried about my shoulder. It's my right shoulder, which I dislocated in 1997 and took two years to heal up properly. Now it just feels frozen. I know it will sort itself out in good time, but I could do without it right now.

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. Hi Lyssa
    I hope your shoulder eases very soon. Also big congrats on being published 😍 I had a few hours to myself yesterday and spent it escaping into your London Mists - I am LOVING it - such a good read - can't wait to get back to it hopefully tonight. Feel better soon 😊

  2. Oh no! I hope your shoulder feels better soon!

  3. Yes, now is probably not the right time for soup.

    Hope your shoulder feels better, soon. Take it easy for a couple of days and rest.