Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Sort of Nearly Clean

Thank you for the good wishes. My shoulder is a lot better today. It still has its moments, but I can get things off shelves now.

Patti - I'm glad you like it so far - I feel hugged! Thank you.

We had our Subscribe and Save delivery today. The box had been dropped at some point and was leaking laundry powder. It didn't leak much, perhaps one or two washes (and I'm stingy with laundry powder) but there was a scattering over the front step. DH came in from his walk and said that the local magpies had been investigating it. 

Please let us not have magpies addicted to white powder. 

I also had a delivery of soap. I really shouldn't be trusted on Facebook adds late at night. I was sort of looking out for bar soap, but wasn't on planning on getting any just yet. However it was late, I was feeling run down and sitting next to the sink.

Now that bear is trusted more on his computer, and does any school work better on his own, I'm spending a lot of time on my laptop in my room, on a desk which is next to a sink. I have no idea why the previous owners had a sink in this bedroom before, although when we moved in there wasn't a handsink in the bathroom (there is one now). It's great as it when father was here he could have his cup of tea whenever he felt like it and it gave him a little independence. Now it's convenient for me (and thanks for the tip about rice milk powder as it makes tea up here a lot easier). Unfortunately, I still have father's soap.

I usually wash my hands in the kitchen or the bathroom. I very rarely wash my hands in my bedroom. So the bar of soap that was the end of the stuff I got in for father and that I opened probably last year hasn't seen much use. It's Imperial Leather, which has a very distinctive scent, and I'm getting thoroughly sick of it. So when I saw the advert for fancy bar soap at a weak moment, I was sold. Now I need to face the awful truth. What can I do with a nearly full bar of Imperial Leather that seems a shame to throw out, but what would I do.

Apparently you can use soap to stop squeaky doors and ease screws. I may just bung it in the toolbox. I really ought to throw it out and stop hanging on to things 'just in case'. Also - contrary to many online tips, it does not deter mice. They eat it and come back for more, bringing their friends. They may sometimes be deterred by strongly scented soap, but I wouldn't put money on it. 

Now I have a citrus scented soap in a bag. You put the soap in the bag, then you wet your hands, rub your hands on the bag and you get a lather. The bag helps to clean your hands and it lets the soap air dry between washes and so the soap lasts longer - at least that's the theory.

I've just realised how much I need to clean that sink. 

I've also put a soap in a bag in the bathroom as we were at the end of the liquid hand soap there and I thought I would see how the men took it. I'm keeping the liquid handsoap in the kitchen. So far there is cautious approval.

Bear polished off a big plate of mashed potatoes and mince with veggies, so I'm happy with that. It's usually just sandwiches on Thursday nights, so fingers crossed I'll come up with something good.

Hugs and good health to all 

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  1. I bought six bars of Imperial leather soap... I am already fed up of the smell and it's only the first bar