Saturday, 25 July 2020

Bear Approves

Jason - I think you are right. I have a good kettle in my kitchen which is very quick and energy efficient and I use it to boil the water before simmering veggies etc as I read somewhere that it was cheaper to boil water in a kettle than in a pan. The kettle in my bedroom, however, is very inefficient, and I think I will spend a little extra and upgrade when it breaks.

Eileen - I've had a scout around and I'm ordering some rice milk powder from Amazon. It may be a little more expensive, but I think that it would be good to have in reserve. The Rice Milk that I get in cartons has added vitamins, and I'm trying to do my best for bear.

Fifitr - I'll have a look at cashew milk. It's all worth a try. I think that the figures being reported are a a pale reflection on the increases in the lower end of groceries. I think the cost of stuff like quails eggs is probably quite stable, but basics like milk and eggs seem to be getting a lot higher. I used to have 50p a tin as my benchmark for Heinz baked beans (the only ones DH will eat) and soups, but I don't think I've seen that for over a year. Now I think I would stock up in large amounts if I saw them at 60p!

I mentioned a book a little while ago, The Canned Pantry, which uses very inexpensive food for a four week meal plan - not brilliant nutrition, but good if you hit a hard spot. It mentioned using pickled onions instead of fresh, at a pinch. I thought I would have a go, and so I did mince with gravy, mushrooms, leeks and pickled onions, with mash. I may have misjudged the pickled onions. The ones in the recipe book were obviously very inexpensive. The three I used tonight were more expensive and extremely robust. It led to a very distinctive taste, but the men approved. 

I'm sort of considering making biscuits and I found a very pleasant Jack Monroe recipe that uses marmalade, ground almonds - and 5 tablespoons of butter substitute. I have no idea what butter substitute is. I'm considering using oil and seeing how that goes. If I have the energy, and can work it out, I'll share.

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. butter substitute is margarine, etc . gwen765

  2. The butter substitute is Stork or supermarket own make baking fat.