Monday, 18 October 2021

Funny Sort of Day

I had an awful night. I managed about two hours sleep and I feel like scrunched up newspaper. The antihistimines didn't really help. 

I was worried about the school run, but I managed fine. The only oddity for that was when I dropped bear off. He has started asking to be dropped near a particular junction where the street parking is odd because (insert long and complicated reason that I understood 30% of it). I've found a nice little spot, away from traffic lights, junctions, bollards and awkward corners and I've used it about half a dozen times now. I pulled up behind the usual car and noticed a long black stripe. Someone had sprayed paint over it. I looked around. The spray paint had also been used over the car in the drive, the walls, the path, the windows and the doors of the house next to the car. It was not nice stuff, lots of swear words and accusing someone of being part of the IRA and 'poiseners'. I dropped bear off and got out of there.

I could have really done with trying to go back to sleep, but the car valeter was coming. DH had asked him to do his car, as it is a lease car that is about to be handed back, and I thought I would have mine done at the same time. The valeter took four hours in cold and damp. We tipped him a decent amount.

Every now and then I sort of peered out as the lad was working. I spotted at least ten sparrows on the bird feeder and surrounding honeysuckle at one point as they bullied the pigeons, and there was a great tit later on. There was also a rat, but it didn't seem confident, so I'm hoping some of the sound stuff is working. This leads me to another concern. The apples.

We have a small apple tree in a tub. It has some apples. Most of them don't seem ready as they are clinging on to the branch and not giving. I managed to pick one, and it was the only decent (for me) pic that I got. 

These apples have been ignored by the birds (including pigeons), wasps, rats and the squirrel. I'm not sure if the wildlife is trying to tell us something. I may look up craft style stuff. I'm sure I've seen them dried and stuck with cloves. That would be awesome. 

Bear is off to climbing tonight and as soon as he is home I am going to have a very stiff drink and a ridiculously early night.

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Hugs and good health to all. 

Sunday, 17 October 2021

I Feel Abashed

The arch with the honeysuckle is now down. It just wobbled down like cardboard, so it was just as well that it came down before any stormy weather. All I can say is that the local robin did not approve. I got a death glare. I got a full on disappointed, irritated, grumply stare from something that weighs less than my current used tissues. I got the strong feeling that I should go away and think hard about what I've done. I didn't get a pic of that particular robin, as I was too busy transfixed and hanging my head in shame, so here is a stock photo.

There was also a stunned pigeon. I've seen it around a few times. It's scruffy looking and comes to the bird feeder, but it seems a little, well, lacking. I noticed it when it rustled the bag with the clippings in, and then got lost in a tub that was sideways on - and around 18 inches deep! I'm not sure if that is normal for pigeons or whether it needs help. At the moment it seems to be getting around okay, so I'll just keep an eye out.

I can understand the robin being cross. I've taken down two good places for the small birds to perch and they both provided a certain amount of cover for the bird feeder. As a magpie regularly visits, and I believe magpies will go after small birds, this is important. On the other hand, the fuchsia is still roughly the size of a tank even after I trimmed the bit overhanging the pavement, the weeds still flourish underneath the study windowsill and the honeysuckle in the tyres still no doubt harbours loads of insects and honeysuckle berries. Now that it's been trimmed, I've even got a few flowers.

I took a pic, which was mercifully robin free. I usually see it in the mornings. 

When I took the pic, I realised how much I needed to do in the garden to get it looking halfway fit. I certainly avoided a lot of angles. It can wait until after I've stopped sniffling. I'll almost certainly look to get more trellis and climbers, but perhaps a little sturdier. The last lot were technically metal but had the resistance of cardboard. I'm not getting Russian Vine again, though. We had that and it too father three goes to get rid of it. It once grew 9 inches in a week. We never got decent flowers, either. 

Sniffles continue. I feel somewhat like death (but it is seriously not serious) and bear needs a short sleeved shirt for tomorrow. 

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Hugs and good health to all. 

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Sniff Sniff

Cold continues and I'm currently knackered. On the bright side, Liverpool won by five goals. I've also got some knitting done while watching the first few episodes of 'Castle' and I'll appreciate it all when it's over.

Writing stuff - today's snippet is here.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Friday, 15 October 2021


Tooth is almost 100% pain free. I wish I hadn't got the cold that followed. It is just a cold. I can't overdramatise it. However I do feel pretty poorly.

When DH or bear feel poorly, they get upset stomachs. Everyone has their own idiosyncracies. Mine is that my nose runs. It runs like Usain Bolt. I am on my second large box of tissues of the day. It is ridiculous. Apart from anything else, it makes tasks like washing up a nightmare and I feel unclean. I'm giving myself another night to let it get out of my system before I start taking antihistimines. I am so fed up. 

This morning I risked antagonising the sparrows and cut back the fuchsia where it overhung the path. People can now get past. I got this pic.It's a pic of the sun shining through some virginia creeper on the fence at the school, and from the front of our house it almost looked like stained glass.

I love virginia creeper and I love the colour it turns at this time of year. It may not be a brilliant pic, but I couldn't resist it.

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Hugs and good health to all. 

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Different Day, Same Situation

My toothache has almost gone. It's a shame about the raging sore throat, aching muscles and sniffles. I could really do without it.

What makes it all interesting is the appointment to see the dentist about getting sedated is on Saturday. I can't go if I have a sore throat. I have been waiting for this appointment for something like six months. 

On the bright side, DH and I have started watching 'Ghosts' on BBC iPlayer, and have just spent a very fun evening. 

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Hugs and good health to all. 

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Only Wednesday

Toothache really continuing, with fever and sore throat. What fun!

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You are all awesome

Hugs and good health to all.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Still with the Toothache


In other news, I can't remember. I think there's other stuff that has happened, but I have no idea. At least I had the sense not to put in the supermarket order. 

Writing stuff - I had the sense to cue up most of the stuff for October, including the October Frights - link to today's story is here.

Hugs and good health to all.