Thursday 30 November 2023

There May Have Been a Snowflake

We practically never get snow in November here. In fact, we're more likely to get it in February or March. I read somewhere that statistically, England is more likely to get a White Easter than a White Christmas. However at least three flakes fell last night. 

This was NOT forecast. At least I managed to persuade bear to wear a hoodie, although he was a little worried that the buses would be tricky as they faint at the thought of snow. 

I've done quite a few bits today. I've not been following the checklist, but I've done things like take vitamins and empty the dehumidifier. I've eaten relatively sensibly. I even left the house to go a few yards when I was topping up the bird feeder. I also got quite a bit of writing stuff done. There's all sorts of bits bubbling around in the background which won't see the light of day for a while, but I'm hopefully getting a bit further on. 

I'm starting again with the list. I'm adding loads and loads on, but I've decided that I'm not going to stress about everything. I'm just going to try and get some of it done and I'll call it a win. The point of putting it all on the list is to get it out of my head. There's also a risk of me thinking 'I can do this later/tomorrow/next week/next month' and this will hopefully keep me a little more on point. Anyway, I've had another play and here is the start of the daily list and the weekly list, so that I don't give out personal stuff, and I've also added a sort of timetable of what needs to be done on each day. 

I'll keep sharing how it goes.

I'm doing okay at the moment, I guess. I'm feeling a little tired, but I'm sure that I'll pick up soon, especially if I'm taking my vitamins. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

Wednesday 29 November 2023

I Failed the Eye Test

My flinch reflex was apparently too much. It was ridiculous. I was so ashamed but I couldn't stay still for them to get the stuff in. It was a three ring circus trying to get the drops in at the start. The consultant decided that if it needs doing then it will need to be done under sedation. It may be that it's better just to keep monitoring it for now. Currently it's apparently fine. The consultant was an absolute sweetheart, though, and I feel incredibly guilty for what he had to deal with. 

I am flattened by it. I was up half the night with what I think was a proper panic attack - weight on chest and struggling to breathe. I was so annoyed at it. I was trying to plan ways of keeping focused and calm. As you may gather, I didn't get so far. 

At least I got out of the house. I didn't go through the checklist properly, but I managed to tick a few boxes. I'm not showing the list as it's so personalised. One example - 4pm prep [DH's name] dinner. DH finishes work at 5pm and I like to have things laid out for him. There are things like 'leave the house' and 'take vitamins' tucked in with 'empty dehumidifier'. I'm not sure that I like the current layout so much, so I may have to spend some more time thinking about it. I know that there's a risk of spending so much time crafting the perfect list that you never actually get anything done, but I think that it's worth me having another go and a long think about things. I need to have boxes to tick, but I was also wondering about a place to record steps taken and words written. I may just need a separate place for those. 

It was frosty last night, and I think Gladys is finally slowing down. 

And it's about time as she's spreading out over the public path. 

I'll give it another day or two so that any insects get the full benefit of the flowers, then I'll hack her back. Hopefully she'll rebound again, just as vibrant and vigorous.

I really appreciate the kind thoughts and good wishes. They have really helped over the last few days and I'm incredibly grateful. I'll keep looking back and reflecting on them. 

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Small Things Continue

I managed a few bits today, but I have that big appointment tomorrow and my eyes are sore. I think I'll be picking up again properly on Thursday, depending on how things go. I'll share how well I do.

I actually managed to speak to my doctor's office about how I'm getting anxious and they've given me some numbers for counselling. I'm having a think.

Anyone who reads this will know how silly I'm being. If I was reading someone else writing this, I would sympathetically and kindly tell them that they're being an idiot. But I can't help feeling that I just ought to pull myself together. Rationally, I know that's not how it works. I'm just not being very rational - and that bugs me more than anything else!

I refuse to feel too 'doom and gloom' about it. I'm going to go away and write some nonsense. It's not likely to ever see the light of day, but I plan to write something silly and playful and ridiculous and have it held in my mind when I'm going through the procedures. 

I meant to take a pic of Gladys today when I managed my few paces outside the house, but it was too dark, so here is a pic from Unsplash, taken by Alec D

And that's the attitude I'm taking to my writing. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

Monday 27 November 2023

Not the Start that I Wanted

It's not been brilliant.

I have spent a lot of today chasing up the eye clinic. The people in the central hospital department who make the appointments apparently forgot the urgent appointment needed by the clinic. After some back and forth, I'm now going in on Wednesday. They booked a double appointment as I was so twitchy last time. I'm mortified. 

And after the near panic I had trying to convince the main hospital reception to put me through to the main eye clinic, I have also made an appointment to try and speak to someone. I'm having a lot of trouble feeling that I'm not worth this kerfuffle and it makes it hard for me to try and get help. If it's for bear, I can climb mountains. I'm not sure that I can manage much of anything apart from that. It would be good to talk it out with someone. That should at least start to happen tomorrow. 

But - I took vitamins, emptied the dehumidifier and ticked quite a few things off the list, so I'm not too unhappy. It's always going to be a list to attempt. If I don't get it all done then it's not the end of the world. I've also thought of a few different things that I need to add. And I called in to Aldi (DH was driving) for some bits for bear so I got out of the house. I'm taking it as a win.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Saturday 25 November 2023

Mainly Knitting

Today has been mainly knitting. I had a dreadful night with not much sleep, so I decided to take it easier today. 

It's been quite calm. I've watched some documentaries (we have a free trial of Apple TV and I want to make the most of it) and knitted, and I went with DH to a local farm where they have a coffee shop - which is gorgeous. And they have plants in hanging wall thingies which I think look amazing.

I think that it's pretty much how farms need to use every trick they can. This farm has an egg business, plus the cafe (which is really lovely) and livery stables. 

Afterwards DH, bear and I watched the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Programme. It was a lot of fun, and as the BBC have all available old episodes on the iPlayer, I suspect that a Doctor Who marathon may be happening over the next week or so. It's great for getting knitting done. 

It's the first frost that I've noticed. 

That was at 10pm. I think that we're heading into scraper weather. I'll be keeping a close eye on Gladys and cut her back when the flowers and leaves fall.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Friday 24 November 2023

It's Getting Cold

I've noticed that it's getting a lot colder and the weather forecasts are forecasting a non-zero chance of snow. Gladys usually thrives until the first frost, so we will see how it goes. 

I got out of the house twice but it wasn't a total win. The first time I left it was to put petrol in the car. I was planning on driving to Tesco afterwards but didn't feel able. The second time was to go to Aldi for salad stuff and bagels but only went to the nearest one. Still I saw this. 

I'm not sure if it's for sale or a decoration, but I kind of wanted it. DH would probably be unimpressed.

Bear had a sort of day off type thing. He wasn't in college but he had online meetings about something. I'm not exactly sure what that something is, but it's complicated, mathematical and he has explained it to me. I didn't understand the explanation, but I don't blame him. The conversation had some strange mathematical words in that he knew what they meant but I really didn't. 

I start the new plan on Monday. There's a page for each day of the week and, for example, Tuesday has an entry that reminds me that the bins need to go out for collection and it's a good day to clear out the fridge, Sunday has a reminder that it's bear's day to use the washing machine etc. I have a page for stuff that really should be done once a week but aren't tied to a particular day and I've got another page for stuff that should be done most months, but aren't tied to a particular time. I'm taking it as aspirational and not something that's locking me in, and I can alter them if I need to. But today I did a couple of things that needed to be done, so I'm happy. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

Thursday 23 November 2023

A Bit Draughty

It's very windy here. I tried to take a pic of Gladys being blown around, but failed to get a decent one. Have a look at this. 

It doesn't show much movement but shows that Gladys is still flourishing. 

Today was a very mixed sort of day. I had to drop a parcel off and it was really hard for me to leave the house. I managed to push through and then somehow managed to get to Tesco. I never thought I'd see the day that I struggled to get to Tesco, but here we are! I just grabbed a few things and raced home. It's strange, I'm getting nervous about driving during busy times, which I've done plenty of times, and today the wind was rocking the car at some points and that is, again, not exactly the first time. 

I was unimpressed (as well as something of a wreck) and I can't afford to be like this - I refuse! So I've had a play with the templates on Canva and come up with a structure that will hopefully work. I'm not including one of my 'real' ones, but I had a quick fiddle with a template and got this. 

I changed the font and the clip art in the top right corner. The glasses did not originally show rum, but I thought it was funny.

I was reluctant to do the print out thing because it costs money, but if it gets me into any sort of rhythm then it has to be worth it. I'm getting pretty desperate. 

Writing stuff - I have a short story here

Hugs and good health to all. 

Wednesday 22 November 2023

I Can Just...

Nothing much happened today. I tootled up to the Co-op where they have a post office and posted a returned shirt that I picked up for bear. I misread the sizes on the eBay listing and I suspect that bear also had a growth spurt so it looked like he was wearing a kid's shirt from primary school. It was hilarious - he got it more or less over his shoulders but the arms didn't go much past his elbows. 

Trousers may start to be a problem. Standard sizes fit me and DH, but I noticed that the cargo pants he picked up for himself from, I think, Primark are a little bit high over the ankle. It's not obvious - he wears black trousers, black socks and black trainers - but they're looking a little short. It could be because they've been in the tumble dryer, but I have a suspicion that he may need to get the longer lengths now. 

There are worse problems to have. 

I was looking at the stats again and apparently, over the last week, there were five hits on a post from 2017 (probably from bots) where I had ironed some of the packing paper from Amazon and there was a link to a fancy floor made with the stuff. And I was thinking about using the idea in the porch - and I could still do it. I'm currently using squares of packing paper that's hanging up near the bin to scrape out mucky pans and tins, and I'm always getting stuff in the post. But I have said 'I'm going to...' so many times and it's never happened. I'm so fed up with myself for doing this.

Currently I'm trying to be careful about not doing this anymore. I've been thinking about how to try and force myself or coax myself or fool myself into getting more structure, but it's something of a fail at the moment. 

This is incredibly depressing, so I thought that I'd share this pic of a kitten. It's from Unsplash, taken by Loan and has cheered me up considerably.

It looks so cute. 

By the way, I'm not saying that I'm going to do this, and DH has views about not needing too many pics, but I'm considering downloading some pictures from a contributer on Unsplash called Europeana who have a collection of all sorts of fine art pics which I'm sure would look lovely if I framed them and hung them around the house and they are free to use. Here's an example that is tempting me.

If I ever get around to it, and if the printer manages to copy something this delicate, I'll let you know.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Exceedingly Dull

I haven't posted because absolutely nothing much has been happening. I feel a little guilty. I'm quite achey and my joints are playing up, so I haven't done much at all. 

To anyone who's been blogging a while, I suggest that you have a look at some of the stuff in your 'stats' list. I found one from 2018 where I had been fretting over sending bear into school with his stuff for cookery classes. Tonight he successfully made himself a portion of frozen prawns with creamy pesto sauce from Aldi, so at least he can follow instructions on a packet. 

I remember tearing my hair out trying to get things like eggs into school, as he was on the bus on those days. Now I just worry about what time he'll get home after school stuff. Tonight there was a fancy lecture about <something something something physics> Yesterday he was late because there was <something something something karate>

In the spirit of looking back, and because I have nothing better to offer, here are some pics from the past. 

That is a pic from November 2021 of a robin, which turned out unexpectedly well. I've got rid of the tyres now, but there is still a robin lurking around.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Saturday 18 November 2023

My Eyes are Doing Fine

When I went back this morning, my eyes were a lot better. Last night I was told that the pressure in eyes is normally 10-20 (of whatever, not sure). Last night my eyes were 24 and 28, which was a little concerning. Glaucoma, with permanent damage to the nerves in the eye is around 60. Today my eyes were in the 'acceptable' range. 

Full disclosure - I had a little panicky moment when they were checking, but it went from 'this may be a cause for concern' to 'this is not urgent and we can just monitor' as there is something that could cause problems - I can't remember the name of it but there's an opening in the eye that is a little narrow in my case. So some time in the next two weeks I will trundle along and get treatment where they put a hole in my iris to allow them to get a good pic of the back of the eye. 

I felt a little frazzled afterwards so I went to look at the Beckett Street Cemetery afterwards. I only had a little look because my back hurt, there were a lot of leaves and the paths weren't clear. It was opened in 1845 and there were a lot of interesting gravestones. However there had been storm damage and I saw a lot of graves looking jumbled and displaced with a large tree trunk on top of them. 

I took a few pics. 

I shall have to go again when it's easy to walk around. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

Friday 17 November 2023

Today has been 'Interesting'

Not only did I end up going to the hospital today to be checked out for glaucoma (almost but not quite - have to go back tomorrow) but I also found a load of comments in the 'Spam' section. You are all awesome!

I'll answer them properly tomorrow and let you know how I go on. There may be lasers involved and I am a pathetic wimp when it comes to my eyes that even though the doctors were lovely, they must have been sick of me by the end. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

Thursday 16 November 2023

A Bargain May Have Happened.

I've finally finished the dratted antibiotics and I'm feeling somewhat hammered by them. However I managed to leave the house and headed towards Tesco. Unfortunately my back has been playing up so I barely managed a brief stagger around, but I picked up a thick flannel shirt for bear. Tesco own brand clothes are currently 25% off and I had a £3 off coupon on top of that so I paid something like £11.50 on a thick, black, plain flannel shirt in bear's size that was originally £19.50. I may go back early tomorrow and see if there are any other bargains to be had.

Then I stopped for a quick knit and was visited by a crow. I'm a little worried that it was hungry. I was certainly unimpressed by me.

It even tapped on the windscreen a couple of times and was very disapproving when I tapped back. I didn't have any food to give it. I may look at getting some suet pellets if I go back. Normally I would leave peanuts for crows, but there are a lot of dog walkers around and a lot of really lovely woofers. I don't want to risk them. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Blogs are Weird

I need to tidy this blog up (again) as I've just realised that there are links to books I've written that aren't currently available. I've deleted the links but I'll need to have a rummage soonish.

I found this because out of curiosity I checked the stats. I rarely check the stats here as this is for friends and I'm happy for anyone or everyone or perhaps even no-one to check as it's where I sort out my thoughts and a sort of diary combined with a wailing wall. And it turns out that over the last 7 days there were eleven hits on the post from 4th April 2014 where I spent £180 on whiskey over two days (here). I have no idea why that would suddenly get so many hits. Perhaps it's bots, or people with unfortunate results to searches, but everyone is welcome. 

It was back in the days when father was with us and he could go through two or three bottles of whiskey a week. I'd seen a good deal and I had gone for it with gusto. I think it more less lasted until June, but I can't remember the details. If I remember rightly, I would save something like £3 per bottle and I got 18 bottles. It's so long ago and things are so different. Bear was tiny, although still crazy good at school. DH was still stuck with his long commute. Father was being father and causing his own brand of genial havoc. Looking back, I was not in a good place mentally. I never felt that I had a steady footing but I was always on the back foot. I was trying to cope with uncle being poorly and keeping up with, well, everything. I don't think that I did very well. 

If I remember, the whisky lasted until around June 2014 and then father was taken to hospital in July 2014 and never came home. He died a year later. Back in that moment in April I was trying to work out ways of keeping some control over my life. Not long after that I found out that I had gluten issues and developed eczema so bad that I needed dressings changed at the GP surgery. 

I just had a skim through some of the posts at that time. When I read between the lines, I wasn't doing very well at all. I think I'm finally finding my footing now that I'm not dealing with serial crises, but I'm so adrift that I don't know how to start with getting going. I may have to seriously, actually, really do some planning now that I'm off the antibiotics. 

And I got out of the house today for a very brief trip to Aldi with an excuse that we needed some fruit. The car park was full of evidence of the high winds around here, although we had been fortunately unaffected. 

I wish I'd taken better pics. The car park was covered with leaves and branches. I did manage to snag a pic of the local tom cat who had been hanging around in our garden.

The poor old man is looking stiff in his back legs. I first saw him years ago and wish I had taken him in, but evil cat was still with us and would never have tolerated him. Now he is very much an outdoor cat. I may try and get some good treats into him. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

Very Dull

The only thing around here that's exciting is the weather. I had a quick look at last year's pics as I hadn't taken any recently and I found this one of Gladys from last November.

I think she may have been cut back a little, but she was a lot thinner. I'm sure that cutting her right back has been a benefit. This is the last full pic of Gladys on my phone. 

I think that I'll make a point of pruning her when the frost hits and she loses her flowers. The growth is a lot thicker. 

I spent a lot of the weekend relaxing. Bear was out on Friday night at an apparently awesome party, then he was out Saturday night to see the lights switched on at Cleckheaton. Of course I was happy to run him around but last night I dreamt that bear had got a Saturday job at Whitby, which is two hours each way, and I thought that was a step too far for lifts.

Bear was late home as he stayed on to try a Karate taster lesson put on by the school. I remember how unenthusiastic he was about Taekwondo when he was little, but Karate may suit him better. He has been so much better with his joints and (I think) Karate doesn't require kicks which would cause havoc with his iffy knee. He seemed to have enjoyed it regardless. 

I've hardly anything ready for Christmas this year. It seems to have crept up on me. Bear is getting driving lessons, plus a few bits here and there. He doesn't need much. As usual, I've no idea what to get DH. I'm putting in my usual request for candles as I love candles. 

Writing stuff - the latest chapter of Invitation Accepted is here. I hope to catch up with a few other things in the next few days and I'll share what I can.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Friday 10 November 2023

Feeling Better

I went to the shop today, driving all the way to Tesco. I still forgot a few bits, but at least I managed it.

I also took some pics. The other honeysuckle is still flowering.

Gladys is not the only fuchsia going on.

(which reminds me that I need to clear up the gravestones). It's likely to be dug up later as we are thinking of paving over that area as we utterly fail to maintain it. I know that paving gardens is bad, but the rest of the beds will continue to flourish, including Gladys. 

Gladys is definitely still flourishing. If you look hard in the pic you can see a ginormous bumble bee.

Here's my attempt at a close up

Gladys may not carry on much longer, though, as it looked like it could be chilly when I dropped bear off. He persuaded me to let him stay over at a party. As it's people he's known for years, I said yes, but I'm worrying. At least worrying about whether I could see frost on the road gave me something else to worry about.

I'm feeling a lot better but incredibly tired. I'm off to bed and hopefully I won't be required to drive to rescue bear at daft o'clock.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Bathroom Continues

It's over a year now and the end to the bathroom saga may be in sight. DH and I were worried about the walls, but it turned out that should be an easy fix. However the entire floor needs replacing. They'll have to take everything out, lay new flooring and then put everything back in again. 


I'm starting to get back into the land of the living, so that is also a good thing. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

Monday 6 November 2023

Oxtail Soup with Added Milk and Sugar

This is a common phrase in our family and means bewildered or away with the fairies. It refers to someone going to a hot drink vending machine and being so confused that they end up with oxtail soup with added milk and sugar. And it's fairly how I feel.

All are fed. DH has had his pasta bake, bear (who was schooling from home) has had a frozen Thai green curry and I think I had a hotpot. 

Tomorrow I have to drive to a new location. I'm a little concerned. I've looked over the route, though, and it should be fairly straightforward. It's mid morning, so not crazy traffic, and while it involves the ring road, it should be okay. I'm a little worried about parking, but I'll leave in lots of time and take my knitting. 

It depends a little, though, as if I feel too disconnected, I'll ring and try and reschedule. It's for tinnatus, so not exactly time sensitive. 

I haven't done much today. I should have been spending time working out how to give myself some structure, but instead I got on with the proof reading for Not by Appointment by Essie Summers which should be released soon. 

I have to be up early as the slots for Tesco Delivery are released first thing tomorrow. I could do with marking a place as there are some things that I will probably want to order. We have quite a minimalist Christmas, so I don't mind splashing out a little on some nice meat. 

I've no pics taken but this is one from November 2021. It's still one of my favourites

Hugs and good health to all. 

Sunday 5 November 2023

Things May Be Forgotten

I got a text today from Tesco to remind me of the delivery coming tomorrow. I don't remember booking the delivery. I never forget these sorts of things. I've also forgot salad for DH and pasties for bear. I almost never forget anything for them. It's like information is landing on the surface of my mind and then just skidding off sideways. This is a little worrying. 

When I was twenty, I lost all my short term memory. I could remember my name and stuff, but I couldn't remember whether I had switched on the kettle. I couldn't remember if I'd eaten or not. Due to the way memory works, I don't have many insights into that time, but the ones I have are quite nervewracking. 

Now I'm starting to feel a little like that. I suspect that it's the whole infection plus massive antibiotics and possibly a shortage of sleep. It may just be lack of practice at thinking. Tomorrow is going to have to be a day of sitting down, working out how to manage the thinking and remembering and sorting out priorities. 

I don't have a pic from today, but this is one I took back in 2018. I was still struggling to get out but I managed to get to Roundhay Park and took this.

I need to get out more and get healthier and fitter for bear's sake. He needs me to be able to do things that I currently can't. Last week I missed a GP check up because I couldn't get out. But I managed to get to them about the cellulitis because I was worried that I wouldn't be able to give bear lifts. 

Tomorrow is going to have to include some heavy duty thinking. 

At least I won't have to worry about bear getting to school. There's been a last minute hitch with some bits so bear won't be going into school until Friday. Until then, he'll be doing remote learning. Of course, I'll have to try and remember to feed him, but he's pretty good at sorting that out by himself now.

Writing stuff - I wrote a short story about need-fire here for Hazardous to Your Sanity. I also want to do some hard thinking about writing. Today I wondered if I was scattering my efforts too much. I'll come back with any developments, but things are likely to change.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Saturday 4 November 2023

A Little Tired

Bear got the bus out to the firework display tonight but needed a lift home. I said it was no problem, and I was happy to give a friend a lift as well. 

So I was driving at night, in drizzle, on unfamiliar roads to pick up bear. I'd much rather do that than worry about him hanging around in this weather, but it was still a little nervewracking. I've scraped or dinked something (not really my fault) and according to Google Maps I drove 44 miles and for an hour and 52 minutes. This may or may not include the time when I lost signal when I was relying on my phone for directions. I drove there, picked up the lads and drove back without much break. 

And now I'm going to collapse into bed. Hugs and good health to all. 

Friday 3 November 2023

Bear Is Sensible

Bear met up with his friends today. They had a wander in Leeds and then went back to a friend's house. Bear texted me to ask if it was okay if he was late. I remembered what I was like at that age and said that it was okay but not too late and that I didn't want to be out much past midnight. Bear asked to be picked up at 8.30pm. I think that we've established that bear is the sensible one in the house. 

He's lined me up for a few lifts over the next week or so, but I don't mind. It gets me out of the house and I'd rather he had a social life. 

Speaking of sensible - here is the crow light that DH and I fell for.

We splashed out on a 'smart bulb' so it changes colour and can be switched on and off remotely. As it's an LED bulb, it should last for a while, and it makes us happy. 

There were some fireworks in the street earlier. I'm not a huge fan these days, and I'm a little wary about the possibility of fireworks being thrown at cars. I don't think that it happens as much these days, partly because fireworks are so expensive. And I got lost as it was a new pick up point and I ended up caught in a maze of side streets.

Next door but one had their fireworks tonight. Bear and DH are quite adamant that they are having theirs, possibly on Monday, depending on bear's social life. I am concerned about the local pets, but I don't suppose our small contribution will make much difference. And as father always did the fireworks, it is also something of a reminder of him.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Thursday 2 November 2023

I May Actually Be Poorly

I forgot to pick up salad for DH and pasties for bear. I never forget all that stuff. I'm really mindful of the things the men need. But I forgot the salad and the pasties. My mind is currently just about blank. I'm not thinking like I should. I'm not in pain, I just feel like I'm not quite with it. 

This morning I found my handbag in the car where I had left it overnight. I took this pic.

This is Gladys in her glory. The flowers, once they got going, have been rampant. You may notice that there are no ripe fruits in the pic. It's not for lack of pollination. Rather, the sparrows have been stuffing their beaks as soon as they're available. 

And that's one reason that I'm not ready to clear out the garden before spring. There must have been a dozen sparrows on and around the bird feeder this afternoon. The seeds had been almost completely cleared and I think that rules out raids by squirrels. My tiny garden is a resource. In the past I've complained about how many flies there are, but there are a lot like hover flies and bumble bees and not just miscellaneous buzzing things. I know we had a toad once, but I haven't seen anything like that for a while.  

I suppose I should dispose of the gravestones soon, but I kind of like the look of them.

Now is probably a good time to catch up with some knitting. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Another Quiet Day

I had a real job refilling the bird feeders. We'd left them during the rat problem, and the seed holder had sprouted.

I had such a job prying the bottom layer out as it was all matted. 

I've lost a filling. I'll make a call tomorrow.

Deirdre has flourished this year. She has a habit of growing over the pavement and garden instead of along the trellis. I've tried pulling the growth through the trellis but the branches are quite brittle and tend to break. 

I gave bear a lift to his friends for the pub quiz tonight. He was meeting with a different friend so said that there was a Co-op on the way we go so I could drop him there. I pulled up outside the Co-op that we normally pass, and it turns out that he didn't mean that Co-op, he meant the other Co-op that I've never driven past before. There's nothing like driving down winding, narrow, unfamiliar streets in the dark with no warning.

Writing stuff - I've put the next instalment of 'Invitation Accepted' here and I think it's getting close to the end. According to the stats on Royal Road, it's over 63k words.

Hugs and good health to all.