Tuesday 31 December 2013

New Year's Eve

I'll probably have an early night.

It almost certainly won't be a sober night.  Father is taking it personally that I haven't drunk the Amaretto that was a Christmas present to him.  Sigh.

You see, these New Year's Resolutions don't work for everyone.  I can't cut down as much as I would like on my alcohol consumption because I am under almost constant bombardment from father.  I am a bit worried about this as what with all the problems with uncle my consumption is up and I am rather concerned, but unsurprised, about how quickly I finished off a bottle of Cointreau.

I don't get 'No Spend' days.  I'm always picking up father's papers etc.

I can't rush round first thing after bear is at school when it would be a really good time to clear the house, because father is asleep, and writing first is a bit awkward as I know I will be interrupted to make father's breakfast.

I am trying to leave calls about uncle until after I pick up bear from school as I am usually devastated afterwards.  Today I rang early as bear is on school holiday.  Uncle had a bad night and was very confused.  I checked with the social worker.  If uncle once again lies and says that he has carers and that his family are looking after him (we can't) or his friend is looking after him (she can't) then there is nothing the hospital can do but just send him home.  I am really worried about this.  Even if the hospital know he is lying it doesn't make any difference.

I think I will just concentrate on what I can control.  I'm going to look at meal planning again, although I'll start w/c 6 Jan when bear is back at school.  It's going to a time for research and consideration about all the different blocks and how to deal with them.  If meal planning goes the way it has in the past at least I will have an epic fail to laugh about.

As for random spending, I have been out bid on one of the packs of Christmas cards.  Fingers crossed for the rest.

Monday 30 December 2013

Looking forward

I am not very good at sticking to resolutions.  I am, in fact, bad on an epic scale.

Looking back to this time last year, the house is in a better state (not good, but slightly better).  The finances are a bit flabby, partly because the computer for bear was so much more expensive than I had expected and we did have two brilliant holidays last year.  This is despite me utterly failing my resolutions.  It could be better, but it also could be worse.

So upwards and onwards.  I am looking at what helps me and what hinders.  I need to change the things I can change and swerve some of the others.  I am quietly confident that the trend will continue upwards.

Today I have been speaking to the ward where uncle is, trying to make sure that they know that there is no-one looking after his money.  He was telling me that x was looking after his money.  She isn't.  She would be appalled to be asked.  However uncle has also told people she is his carer (she isn't) and told me of his plans to move nearer to her so she can do all his cooking.

I think I will find things a bit easier if he could get a diagnosis then we could get some routine.

Sunday 29 December 2013

Christmas Paper

I've just picked up seven rolls of Christmas paper at Morrisons for 8p per roll, or 56p for the lot.  I would have picked up more but I ran out of arm space.  I don't think it is an incredible bargain as the rolls were originally only 30p, so a massive percentage discount but not a huge amount in pennies.  They probably aren't the greatest quality but I have just spent two long shifts of wrapping for bear and they will do for the little things.  Unfortunately they are not plain and shiny, so won't do for the birthday/wedding/christening type gifts that the stash of gold and silver paper has been ideal for.  I will keep some on standby for next year's shoebox appeal at the local church to wrap the boxes.

I have been weighing up the wrapping paper I have left from the last mad shopping spree and it is looking a bit less.  However it should hold out until the Sales on Boxing Day 2014.  I'll have a look in town when bear is back in school but I don't expect to see that much.

Fortunately I have been outbid on one of the lots of Christmas Cards, so I am heaving a sigh of relief about that.  Just fourteen more auctions to worry about.

Christmas Cards

I have been dithering over Christmas Cards and looking on ebay (my friend).

I blame the late hour, the overload of sugar, the vast quantity of Cointreau and general distracted situation but I think I have made a slight error.  You see, I was pottering through the 'auction' and 'Christmas Card' parts of ebay and I started putting in minimum bids.  Don't get me wrong, the bids were extremely minimal even including postage but I wasn't keeping track.  Besides, I need some Christmas cards.

This morning I checked my email account, realised the awful truth and wanted to hide away.  If I win every auction I will end up with seven hundred Christmas cards.  I can't store 700 Christmas cards. It will take me years and years to use up 700 Christmas cards.  They will be cards at an extremely economical price, but I don't need that many cards, not in any context.  I am praying I get outbid over the next few days.

I am beginning to think that ebay is not a good friend.

Saturday 28 December 2013

Sublime to the Ridiculous

My sister in law took bear to the cafe in Harvey Nicols where he had a hot chocolate and apparently behaved impeccably.  As is usual, I let the side down and have forgotten to buy his birthday cake.  I will pick up a small one on the way back from the quite grown up birthday lunch bear asked for at Bella Italia as he is having a humungous cake in the shape of a Tardis made by a relative of DH for his party later on.

I may bob around the clearance Christmas stuff while I am there.  I am on my third roll of wrapping paper and taking a break before I lose all hope.  Working it out, I haven't done too badly.  The biggest success was a box full of the gifts off the front of Dr Who Magazine, which had loads of really cool stuff for bear, some of it really, really good.  It wasn't expensive at all and I split the goodies between Christmas and bear's birthday.  I am still whimpering about the cost of the PC but otherwise it could have been worse.  

Uncle has told his friend that I will be visiting this weekend with bear.  I had told him I would not be visiting for a few weeks and definitely not with bear.  However uncle wanted me to visit this weekend and with bear, so he has decided that is reality.  Sigh.  It is going to be a long road.

Bear has a good time

We took bear to see the play, 'Father Christmas' by Raymond Briggs.  It was brilliant, and bear had the most marvellous time.  They had a lady doing sound effects that the children could see, like pouring water when Father Christmas was making a cup of tea.  It was great fun.  I definitely want to keep the theatre a tradition at Christmas.

Bear then went shopping with my sister in law.  I hope he has behaved himself.  He normally does, and my sister in law is usually happy to see him.  However bear does not really like shopping.  He is very masculine in that.  Shopping is what happens when you cannot possible avoid or delegate it.

Meanwhile we went for a meal.  They had a light fitting that was light bulbs surrounded by beer bottles.

It was marvellous, very dramatic.  Mind you, I nearly had to ask for a steak knife for the salad as it was not easily subdued.  I shall get potatoes next time.

Friday 27 December 2013


I am considering posting on the lyssa medana twitter feed just to get out the snippets that don't seem worth blogging.

This afternoon I would have tweeted that father has the jazz music volume set to stun, DH and father have made some serious inroads into the stash of wine and that uncle has decided I can build him a bungalow in our garden.  There isn't enough room to park a car in our garden so it will obviously be a small bungalow.  Sigh.  I'd consider it a bit small to build a kennel.

Bear and I are sat in the room next to father and we can't hear what we are saying to each other due to father's music volume issues.  Bear is doing something complicated on his new computer.  I need to switch my chair around so that I can see his screen better.  My version of computer parental controls is me actually looking at what he is doing.  DH has also set it up so that bear is unable to download anything on it.  This should be safe for a few months.

The plans I had for the meals over the holidays are once again shot to pieces.  DH has suggested going out for a meal tomorrow.  I have half a turkey crown that will need eating.  I think I will chop and then freeze tonight and see how it goes from there.

DH has just commentated how crunchy but well cooked the cucumbers were for dinner.  He meant cauliflower.  The drinks cabinet is going to be a lot emptier tonight.

I also saw this post on Frugal Queen's blog and feel pretty despairing.  I am one of the 21% who don't keep resolutions for a month.  To be honest I am lucky if they last a day.  It was a depressing read through no fault of Frugal Queen's.  I just don't know how we are going to get along.  To be honest, after reading that I am struggling to see any silver lining.  I am sure I will find one before long, and in the meantime at least the music I am being deafened by sounds wonderful.

Looking Forward

The New Year is a good time to set your house in order.  It's a great time to declutter and organise and sort out.

I have a record of epic failures when it comes to resolutions.  Actually if I make decisions to definitely do something it usually means that I will instantly do something else.  I do wonder if I have a condition sometimes.

I have repeatedly failed with budgets.  I have tried practically every way I can think of to keep a budget but none has stuck.  I have had help from lovely people and still not managed.  We are not in fear of missing a bill but we don't have as much in the way of savings as we should and we have bear to think of now.  I suppose that is something I will be working on over the next week.

We are getting better at healthy eating, but it is still not as good as I would like.  Meal planning has been another epic fail.  I have no idea where to even start with getting that right.

The housewifery is another area of epic disaster.  It is slowly creeping up as a better area, but there is so much wrong.  I don't know where to start.  I grew up in very chaotic housekeeping so I have never known when it worked.  I will probably get it worked out just before I move into a nursing home.

There is still good points thought.  I intend to keep writing, keep trying and keep looking on the bright side.  The bright side today is that I have still managed to resist buying 1000 Christmas cards.  That is definitely a win!

Thursday 26 December 2013

I really shouldn't look

I have just found a listing for one thousand Christmas cards for just under £20.  They look really good for the price.  It is a great bargain.  I am almost out of Christmas cards.

However even being generous in estimated father's usage and bear's usage, why would I buy more than ten years worth of Christmas cards and where would I put them?

I love buying in bulk.  It is a pretty good deal.  But where would I put them?  It could be even 20 years worth of Christmas cards, I would be sick of them by the time it came to year 19 and may throw out the remnants raising the overall price to over 5p each.

I wonder how long I can resist?

Feeling lucky

I feel incredibly lucky.  The forecast shows the bad weather is likely to miss us and I am  very grateful.  I really feel for those poor families affected by the bad weather.  There is never a good time for flooding and wind damage, but for it to happen at Christmas when everything is shut and it is so hard to reach help must be dreadful.

I have just done my annual search of ebay under 'unwanted gift' and I am very lucky indeed. I love everything I have been given, though one of the items on ebay is identical to the gift my sister in law gave me and I hope she didn't think that I put it there.  I am a bit sceptical about some of the listings but it is always interesting to see what turns up each year.

I have just got bear's next winter coat for next October.  It is probably the last year I'll be able to get away with it, before he really starts shooting up.  Matalan have their sale and I picked up a very nice padded coat that will do him very well for school.  He is currently wearing the one I got him last year.  I picked up a couple of shirts as well, for next winter.  There was nothing particularly I fancied.  I shall pop in again tomorrow to see if the sale rails have been topped up, but I am not buying stuff for the sake of it.  I did get a good stash of wrapping paper a while back, all nice and plain to do for all sorts of occasions.  I don't need to buy any this year as I still have a stock but I may have to next year.  It's just as well I am still okay for wrap as the wrapping bargains at Matalan were seriously depleted.  I may look in on the Card Factory on 28th as I need to restock on Christmas cards for the first time in years.

Today we fed the ducks, had a nice walk and have spent some good times.  Also uncle is being referred to a mental health specialist and that is bound to help.  That is really good news.

Wednesday 25 December 2013


Bear was up at a ridiculous time.  I am too tired to write anything more coherent except that I hope everyone is having a wonderful, marvellous Christmas! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Monday 23 December 2013

Normal Service

Poor DH was on duty all yesterday as I went to visit uncle.  Two hours there, two hours back and not a lot of sense in between.

Uncle is still quite confused but this is apparently this is no obstacle to sending him home to live by himself.  He says he would need someone to look after him.  He wants someone to live with him - there isn't a bed in the house, he prefers to sleep in a chair!  The doorways are awkward and getting in and out will be a challenge.  He was wandering all over about who he wants to live with/live with him.

He has no clean/dry clothes.  Next time I go I will take all I can find to the nearest launderette.  It is so hard sorting things like clean clothes from a distance.

There is a leaking gas main at the end of the street.  Apparently there was an accident and the pipe was cracked.

I had been planning to take bear to see the lights in Leeds.  I'll think I'll wait until later in the holidays because the weather here, while in no way the worst in the UK is pretty foul.

Also DH has been a hero and put the decorations up.

Bear is pink cheeked, full of cold and showing the signs of not enough sleep.  I expect it will take the New Year for the excitement to wear off.

I think I have sent all of bear's party invitations out with the wrong date on.

I haven't been at the sherry yet, but I am considering.  The sun must be over the yardarm somewhere.  

Friday 20 December 2013

Not that Friday Feeling

Uncle is now able to call me from hospital.  He is still very confused.  He was very hit and miss about where he was.  He has decided that he wants to live with me.  I am flattered.  However I cannot see how that is physically possible at the moment.  Apart from the three steep internal flights of stairs in our house there are steep concrete steps just to get in.  I can't see it suitable for an amputee and we can't afford to move.

These are our front steps

Father has problems with our steps.  Mind you, the internal stairs are steeper.

Bear told me at 7pm that he wouldn't just be going to one boy's party, but was also going to another boy's party as well.  Apparently I 'forgot' all about this.  Bear shut up quite quickly after he saw my expression.  I've managed to sort it out but I am sure this is not the last time I will find myself in this position.

Uncle has been moved from one ward to another.  The staff have been absolutely brilliant, but I wish they had called us and I didn't find out when I rang up to see how things were going.  They also said that they had had a whip round for clothes for him.  Apparently there is no sign of the two pairs of pyjamas plus dressing gown I took in, nor the sack of clothes poor Ian took in, and it does ask the question why they didn't ring someone and say, 'Please bring in some clothes for uncle'.

I cooked a chicken in the slow cooker.  There wasn't enough for soup, however, but the chicken will be cold later.  It was supposed to be for tomorrow's dinner but bear will be at softplay plus disco and DH with him.  It should be nice when we do have it.  I prodded at the breast with a spoon and a lump of chicken just fell off.

I wonder what I have forgotten.  I am sure I will find out soon.

Thursday 19 December 2013

Bear's Nativity

I have just survived bear's nativity.  

The kids were lovely, but while I really, really approve of them having a nativity in the local church, there is never enough room for parents so there was a crowd stuck standing around the font, there is never enough room for them to do much and it is very cold and draughty.

Mind you, I enjoyed the way the kids speeded up during the carols and left the poor organist behind.  I know the organist, he is lovely and very talented but he was left in the blocks as the kids charged away with 'Once in Royal David City'.  They slaughtered 'Away in a Manger' as well.  It's part of the charm of a primary school carol service.  Once bear gets to secondary school I don't suppose I'll have many chances to see the scuffles in the pews.  And yes, I love hearing the kids sing.  I really do.  And so many were so happy.  

Bear is having an action packed day.  Not only did he have the Carol Concert but today is the school party.  I sent in some new clothes for him to change into and 140 cocktail sausages, as requested.

Actually bear is having an action packed week.  On Tuesday he had the Christmas school dinner (no sprouts) and yesterday they could go in wearing their own clothes and enjoy the school fayre.  Bear was feeling pretty good in a shirt and waistcoat.  He does like his clothes.  Today he is in a waistcoat/tie/new shirt combo and I'm sure he'll feel good about it.  

I asked bear about the school fayre.  As usual I didn't manage to extract much information but he did say that his favourite game was where they had to pull a string and see if it was a 1, 2 or 3.  If you pulled 1 you got a small prize, 2 and you got a medium prize and 3 and you got a big prize.  Bear got a big prize.  He had hung back, watched the others and worked out which string to pull.  

I think I will need to keep my wits about me.  

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Important Washing up update

The thing that would be the best for me is if I could get used to using the knitted dishcloths by Sweet Blondie Blue Eyes, shown here.

They are far better than anything else, but I just can't get the hang of not having a sponge.  I'm working on it!

Washing up

I have a dishwasher and it does a better job than me with the pans.  It is probably more economic than I am washing up as I am generous with changing the water.  It lets me get on with stuff so that I am doing other things rather than washing up while it whirrs away.  Too much washing up hurts my back and when I got the dishwasher I was too ill to do any washing up.

I still do some washing up by hand, though.  There are a few things that are not dishwasher safe.  The microwave rice cooker is one thing and I have some sharp knives that I don't like to risk.  There is also a heat change mug of DH's that when filled with something hot has a Tardis that disappears from one side and reappears on the other.  Besides I only have a table top dishwasher so I usually generate a load and a half of washing up and I do most of the cutlery in the sink.

I have finally finished my stash of sponge scourers and so I am braving the reusable sponge scourers I bought ages ago from Lakeland when they were on offer.  They are sort of a velvety microfibre on one side and a silvery non scratch scourer on the other.  It feels very different from the naff disposable ones and it probably isn't even cost effective.  I couldn't remember how much they cost as it was some time ago, but I do know I would have bought anything like that without it being on sale.  On checking they are now £2.99 for four, or 75p each.

So I have a pack of four that can be washed and reused and I never need to buy another scourer, at least until these wear out.  I am not sure how long they will last and you have to keep washing them which has a cost.  However I do feel that even though it may not necessarily be the cheapest option when you can get 5 sponge scourers for 19p I am a lot happier with reusable than disposable.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Pity Party

I'm having a big one.  I was logging in and thinking where to start.

Then I thought, I have lots of good things.  I have enjoyed the sunshine today, spoken to nice people at the playground, at least bought the cards (dear heaven, how much), decided on how I could rearrange the kitchen for maximum help and minimum outlay (though still stuck with broken cupboards and drawers - they just add character!) and actually had a lunch from the sandwich shop.  I never normally have a lunch from the sandwich shop.

Last night we watched a clip from YouTube on the tv that clever DH won at work and we all laughed at the Morecambe and Wise sketch with Andre Previn - linky here for those who also remember 'Grieg's Piano Concerto by Grieg'.

I am in a warm house and not worried about the heating bills (though I am going round unplugging things and not putting the heating on, we can certainly manage if it gets colder).  I may be tearing my hair out about the cost of bear's Christmas present, but actually we can cover it.  There is more than enough food coming in and plenty of drink.  Father has just brought me in a bottle of Cointreau and I am pitifully grateful.

DH's health scare has passed, Father is looking better than ever and Uncle is a lot better than he was, though still confused.  Bear is an enduring delight.  Actually, life is good.

Also I don't have to iron uniform for bear tomorrow as it's go in his own clothes tomorrow and he has a new outfit (and there is money for bear's clothes).  And my back that has been really bad is a lot better.

Life is good!

Monday 16 December 2013

School Dinners!

This morning bear went off with a cheque for £9.25 for his week of school dinners.  I cannot tell you what a relief that was as I was getting increasingly desperate when it came to his pack up. He argued about everything.

The house looks like a condemned site and my back is hurting.  I'm confident that it is not serious, but it is enough that I can't risk taking a bath as I think I couldn't get out again.

Father is doing a lot better.  Uncle seems to be improving.  Fingers crossed for a nice, quiet week.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Getting better

Uncle is apparently a lot better, though still a little confused.  Father is doing fine and stocked up at Marks and Spencer with alcohol.  He had £75 in vouchers and he had to add to it.  Mind you we only have four litres of whisky compared to the six litres we had this time last week so you can't be too careful.  He was discussing what will be on TV over Christmas.  He won't remember it regardless.

I've been doing some displacement window shopping.  I am considering thinking about the possibility of potentially getting a fruit bowl.  Fruit bowls are short lived in this house.  I don't think I will actually get one, but I was looking.

I was nearly persuaded by one.  It looked perfect, heavy dark wood and just the right shape to go with the wastepaper bin.  It was a bit too expensive, but at £15 it was within possibility.  I read the description.  It had been used to give pedicures.  It didn't look so good after that.

I'm going to distract myself doing something else.

Thursday 12 December 2013

Normal life continues

Bear has found two items that should have been Christmas presents and I am trying to convince him that Santa's elves are emailing me with updates.  It's not so long ago that I had him convinced that there was a dragon living under the steps, so it surely can't be too hard to keep him going.

He has now decided he wants to have school dinners.  I am fine with him having hot food during the coldest part of the year.  I suspect the prospect of Christmas dinner is luring him.  However I remember how hungry he was when he came in from school when he last had school dinners, so I'll need to have snacks ready.  Mind you, the prospect of not worrying about his lunch is so good so even if he only lasts a week or two it will be a relief.

Father is doing well.  He had a trek across the city yesterday for the follow up to the stroke care.  He's okay, with minor heart arhythmia.  It isn't affecting him enjoying every scrap of life so I am leaving him to it.

Uncle is still very confused.  He asked for a portable dvd player.  However I'm not sure if he got it he wouldn't call it Fido and try and feed it dog food.  He is grumbling about food, not eating enough and complaining about the nutrition milkshakes.  It is very reassuring he is grumbling.  He still doesn't know where he is.

I've ordered a calendar for him from bear's school, just as I did last year.  I don't know if he will be able to use it.  I cried when I wrote the slip.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Carrying on

Sarah - thank you so much for your post.  I've found it really, really helpful and I'm starting to tick things off.

Uncle's mental state currently is that he is barely lucid.  One of my brothers managed to get a full talk with a doctor and there is a chance of vascular dementia which is restricted blood supply to the brain.  The problems in his foot are largely due to restricted blood supply, and his foot has been amputated.  We will now have to wait and see if there is an improvement.

I've managed to track down the social worker and a different brother is going to chase.  I've cancelled the DLA as he has been in hospital too long to claim.

Father has another hospital appointment tomorrow.

If we apply to Court of Protection ourselves it is £400 just to lodge.  I hope the social worker will sort that.

Randomly bought a massive wall hanging with absolutely nowhere to hang it.  It only cost £10 p&p included and I am thankful my more random moments are relatively inexpensive and it does match the waste paper basket.

I am finding things a bit tough, so after the random dragon and the random wall hanging I am trying to guess what else I could happen to.  I hope it is extremely inexpensive.

The hanging looks sort of like this but more orange

Sunday 8 December 2013

Sorry about absence

Sorry about absence.  I'm not my 'normal' self.  Father has to go into hospital tomorrow for some tests.  We are all confident that nothing will be found but he has been on an incredibly restricted diet all today for the scans tomorrow and it goes against everything my father enjoys to have two boiled eggs with dry toast as a Sunday lunch.  He hasn't been able to have milk in his tea or anything.  The leaflet didn't mention avoiding alcohol but I think he has avoided it and stuck to the rules.  The stuff they gave him has made him feel a bit 'off' as well.

This was a shame as we went to a brass band concert this afternoon and bear nearly fell asleep while sitting twenty feet away from the trumpets.  He had to go home half way through as he was almost in tears from 'tired'.  He is an exhausted bear.  We dashed into IKEA at opening time this morning (how busy?) and he managed to charm a soft toy from us.  DH bought me a plush dragon as part of my Christmas present, on account of the 'Sybil' nickname. I have been cuddling it.

Uncle is still very confused and disorientated.  He will have his third operation on his foot (since the beginning of October) tomorrow.  I don't exactly know what the position is as he is unable to give informed consent, but I know it is necessary.  I don't know how we are going to get his bills paid as there is no power of attorney and he was always against direct debits so we can't just let stuff run.  He states clearly that he is in pain, but he keeps telling the nurses that it is in different places.  I'm now imagining things like septicaemia which was one of the causes of my grandfather's death.  I am quite confident I am wrong but I can't stop it haunting me.

I've got most of my Christmas shopping done, we have enough whisky in to float the Queen Mary and the food shopping is more or less covered.  Bear has got me to write all his Christmas cards (school sent home a list of all in the class with a definite hint) but he gave them me back in irritation as I hadn't written the year and class on the envelopes.  I've written all his party invites and the bags are sorted.  The hall is confirmed, the party planning is confirmed, the food will be basic stuff and the cake booked.  I just need the rest of my cards and not much else.

DH has been driving on winter tyres all summer.

I've cancelled the day out I was supposed to have tomorrow with a friend of mine who is in a worse state than I am as I hope to drag bear into school but I am not sure that he won't be sent home and I am also worried about father and uncle and hospitals.

Digging up the Past has made it as far as Sony ebook store but hasn't reached much further.

So all normal here but a bit condensed.  I am looking forward to Christmas.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Feeling overwhelmed

It's not just Christmas.  Each year I do less for Christmas and it really isn't a problem.  We are still too full to eat Christmas pudding until tea time, we still have plenty of goodies and we still have more than enough alcohol (thanks father!)

It's also the tidal wave of bear's birthday.  I've booked the party.  Father says he has booked the hall.  I am on pins because I'm not sure he has.  When he says he has booked it, he has probably thought about it.  All I can say is that it's the last party I throw for bear before he's eighteen.  I'll still do things for him.  I may take him and his friends bowling or to the pictures, but this is the last party.

Up until now it has been soft play parties.  They are lovely.  You turn up with your cake and guest list and everything else is sorted out for you.  This includes party bags.  This year I've booked a Sublime Science party which means I need to sort out the party bags myself.

I had a look on my friend ebay and found some Doctor Who party bags.  Bear is obsessed with Doctor Who so I thought they would be ideal.  I picked up the party bags.  The listing said that they 'may be near to or just past their sell by date'.  I can live with that.  However the sweeties in the ones that arrived were eighteen months past their sell by date.  The seller was not particularly helpful about this but bear suggested that we take the sweets out and put our own in.  As the stickers and puzzle book don't go out of date I thought this a very sensible idea.  So that is another thing on the list.

I am going to try and get some quiet time tonight and go through everything.  It doesn't help that I've decided to get all my calendars and notes under one log in.  I have reams of notes and information stored in the ether.  It is a time for lists.  I'm not even near ready for putting the Christmas tree up, either.

Also uncle has moved ward into a rehabilitation ward.  They think he may be in there some time.  When I visited his bungalow on Sunday the damp was very bad and the board he uses to spread things out on had gone very mouldy.  We all live too far away to keep an eye on it.  I don't know what to do about that.

Monday 2 December 2013

Monday Again

I am feeling a bit flat.  I have lots to do and not much idea where to start.

I've decided to alter the curtains from the top - after Christmas.  Then I shall do one curtain at a time.  I may get new heading tape as I suspect that when father hung the curtains he hung on the cord and some of the ends have pulled away.

I need to sort out where we are at with presents.  I think I am almost there.  Perhaps it is just as well as the car broke down this morning with a broken spring that had taken a lump out of the tyre.

Uncle is still confused.  I managed to visit yesterday and he thought he was in a hospital in a town he last lived in 1974.  I'm a bit worried.