Sunday 15 December 2013

Getting better

Uncle is apparently a lot better, though still a little confused.  Father is doing fine and stocked up at Marks and Spencer with alcohol.  He had £75 in vouchers and he had to add to it.  Mind you we only have four litres of whisky compared to the six litres we had this time last week so you can't be too careful.  He was discussing what will be on TV over Christmas.  He won't remember it regardless.

I've been doing some displacement window shopping.  I am considering thinking about the possibility of potentially getting a fruit bowl.  Fruit bowls are short lived in this house.  I don't think I will actually get one, but I was looking.

I was nearly persuaded by one.  It looked perfect, heavy dark wood and just the right shape to go with the wastepaper bin.  It was a bit too expensive, but at £15 it was within possibility.  I read the description.  It had been used to give pedicures.  It didn't look so good after that.

I'm going to distract myself doing something else.


  1. Nothing useful to say except that I am thinking of you all, especially Dear Uncle and Dear Father, and hoping you are OK. Hugs x

    1. Thank you - hugs very gratefully received indeed! WS xxx