Saturday 28 December 2013

Bear has a good time

We took bear to see the play, 'Father Christmas' by Raymond Briggs.  It was brilliant, and bear had the most marvellous time.  They had a lady doing sound effects that the children could see, like pouring water when Father Christmas was making a cup of tea.  It was great fun.  I definitely want to keep the theatre a tradition at Christmas.

Bear then went shopping with my sister in law.  I hope he has behaved himself.  He normally does, and my sister in law is usually happy to see him.  However bear does not really like shopping.  He is very masculine in that.  Shopping is what happens when you cannot possible avoid or delegate it.

Meanwhile we went for a meal.  They had a light fitting that was light bulbs surrounded by beer bottles.

It was marvellous, very dramatic.  Mind you, I nearly had to ask for a steak knife for the salad as it was not easily subdued.  I shall get potatoes next time.

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