Thursday 12 December 2013

Normal life continues

Bear has found two items that should have been Christmas presents and I am trying to convince him that Santa's elves are emailing me with updates.  It's not so long ago that I had him convinced that there was a dragon living under the steps, so it surely can't be too hard to keep him going.

He has now decided he wants to have school dinners.  I am fine with him having hot food during the coldest part of the year.  I suspect the prospect of Christmas dinner is luring him.  However I remember how hungry he was when he came in from school when he last had school dinners, so I'll need to have snacks ready.  Mind you, the prospect of not worrying about his lunch is so good so even if he only lasts a week or two it will be a relief.

Father is doing well.  He had a trek across the city yesterday for the follow up to the stroke care.  He's okay, with minor heart arhythmia.  It isn't affecting him enjoying every scrap of life so I am leaving him to it.

Uncle is still very confused.  He asked for a portable dvd player.  However I'm not sure if he got it he wouldn't call it Fido and try and feed it dog food.  He is grumbling about food, not eating enough and complaining about the nutrition milkshakes.  It is very reassuring he is grumbling.  He still doesn't know where he is.

I've ordered a calendar for him from bear's school, just as I did last year.  I don't know if he will be able to use it.  I cried when I wrote the slip.

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