Thursday 26 December 2013

Feeling lucky

I feel incredibly lucky.  The forecast shows the bad weather is likely to miss us and I am  very grateful.  I really feel for those poor families affected by the bad weather.  There is never a good time for flooding and wind damage, but for it to happen at Christmas when everything is shut and it is so hard to reach help must be dreadful.

I have just done my annual search of ebay under 'unwanted gift' and I am very lucky indeed. I love everything I have been given, though one of the items on ebay is identical to the gift my sister in law gave me and I hope she didn't think that I put it there.  I am a bit sceptical about some of the listings but it is always interesting to see what turns up each year.

I have just got bear's next winter coat for next October.  It is probably the last year I'll be able to get away with it, before he really starts shooting up.  Matalan have their sale and I picked up a very nice padded coat that will do him very well for school.  He is currently wearing the one I got him last year.  I picked up a couple of shirts as well, for next winter.  There was nothing particularly I fancied.  I shall pop in again tomorrow to see if the sale rails have been topped up, but I am not buying stuff for the sake of it.  I did get a good stash of wrapping paper a while back, all nice and plain to do for all sorts of occasions.  I don't need to buy any this year as I still have a stock but I may have to next year.  It's just as well I am still okay for wrap as the wrapping bargains at Matalan were seriously depleted.  I may look in on the Card Factory on 28th as I need to restock on Christmas cards for the first time in years.

Today we fed the ducks, had a nice walk and have spent some good times.  Also uncle is being referred to a mental health specialist and that is bound to help.  That is really good news.

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