Friday 27 December 2013


I am considering posting on the lyssa medana twitter feed just to get out the snippets that don't seem worth blogging.

This afternoon I would have tweeted that father has the jazz music volume set to stun, DH and father have made some serious inroads into the stash of wine and that uncle has decided I can build him a bungalow in our garden.  There isn't enough room to park a car in our garden so it will obviously be a small bungalow.  Sigh.  I'd consider it a bit small to build a kennel.

Bear and I are sat in the room next to father and we can't hear what we are saying to each other due to father's music volume issues.  Bear is doing something complicated on his new computer.  I need to switch my chair around so that I can see his screen better.  My version of computer parental controls is me actually looking at what he is doing.  DH has also set it up so that bear is unable to download anything on it.  This should be safe for a few months.

The plans I had for the meals over the holidays are once again shot to pieces.  DH has suggested going out for a meal tomorrow.  I have half a turkey crown that will need eating.  I think I will chop and then freeze tonight and see how it goes from there.

DH has just commentated how crunchy but well cooked the cucumbers were for dinner.  He meant cauliflower.  The drinks cabinet is going to be a lot emptier tonight.

I also saw this post on Frugal Queen's blog and feel pretty despairing.  I am one of the 21% who don't keep resolutions for a month.  To be honest I am lucky if they last a day.  It was a depressing read through no fault of Frugal Queen's.  I just don't know how we are going to get along.  To be honest, after reading that I am struggling to see any silver lining.  I am sure I will find one before long, and in the meantime at least the music I am being deafened by sounds wonderful.

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