Monday 23 December 2013

Normal Service

Poor DH was on duty all yesterday as I went to visit uncle.  Two hours there, two hours back and not a lot of sense in between.

Uncle is still quite confused but this is apparently this is no obstacle to sending him home to live by himself.  He says he would need someone to look after him.  He wants someone to live with him - there isn't a bed in the house, he prefers to sleep in a chair!  The doorways are awkward and getting in and out will be a challenge.  He was wandering all over about who he wants to live with/live with him.

He has no clean/dry clothes.  Next time I go I will take all I can find to the nearest launderette.  It is so hard sorting things like clean clothes from a distance.

There is a leaking gas main at the end of the street.  Apparently there was an accident and the pipe was cracked.

I had been planning to take bear to see the lights in Leeds.  I'll think I'll wait until later in the holidays because the weather here, while in no way the worst in the UK is pretty foul.

Also DH has been a hero and put the decorations up.

Bear is pink cheeked, full of cold and showing the signs of not enough sleep.  I expect it will take the New Year for the excitement to wear off.

I think I have sent all of bear's party invitations out with the wrong date on.

I haven't been at the sherry yet, but I am considering.  The sun must be over the yardarm somewhere.  

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