Tuesday 10 December 2013

Carrying on

Sarah - thank you so much for your post.  I've found it really, really helpful and I'm starting to tick things off.

Uncle's mental state currently is that he is barely lucid.  One of my brothers managed to get a full talk with a doctor and there is a chance of vascular dementia which is restricted blood supply to the brain.  The problems in his foot are largely due to restricted blood supply, and his foot has been amputated.  We will now have to wait and see if there is an improvement.

I've managed to track down the social worker and a different brother is going to chase.  I've cancelled the DLA as he has been in hospital too long to claim.

Father has another hospital appointment tomorrow.

If we apply to Court of Protection ourselves it is £400 just to lodge.  I hope the social worker will sort that.

Randomly bought a massive wall hanging with absolutely nowhere to hang it.  It only cost £10 p&p included and I am thankful my more random moments are relatively inexpensive and it does match the waste paper basket.

I am finding things a bit tough, so after the random dragon and the random wall hanging I am trying to guess what else I could happen to.  I hope it is extremely inexpensive.

The hanging looks sort of like this but more orange


  1. Just sending hugs, my friend, big hugs xxx

    1. Thank you, that is really appreciated! Especially as you have your hands so full. Take care. x