Thursday 19 December 2013

Bear's Nativity

I have just survived bear's nativity.  

The kids were lovely, but while I really, really approve of them having a nativity in the local church, there is never enough room for parents so there was a crowd stuck standing around the font, there is never enough room for them to do much and it is very cold and draughty.

Mind you, I enjoyed the way the kids speeded up during the carols and left the poor organist behind.  I know the organist, he is lovely and very talented but he was left in the blocks as the kids charged away with 'Once in Royal David City'.  They slaughtered 'Away in a Manger' as well.  It's part of the charm of a primary school carol service.  Once bear gets to secondary school I don't suppose I'll have many chances to see the scuffles in the pews.  And yes, I love hearing the kids sing.  I really do.  And so many were so happy.  

Bear is having an action packed day.  Not only did he have the Carol Concert but today is the school party.  I sent in some new clothes for him to change into and 140 cocktail sausages, as requested.

Actually bear is having an action packed week.  On Tuesday he had the Christmas school dinner (no sprouts) and yesterday they could go in wearing their own clothes and enjoy the school fayre.  Bear was feeling pretty good in a shirt and waistcoat.  He does like his clothes.  Today he is in a waistcoat/tie/new shirt combo and I'm sure he'll feel good about it.  

I asked bear about the school fayre.  As usual I didn't manage to extract much information but he did say that his favourite game was where they had to pull a string and see if it was a 1, 2 or 3.  If you pulled 1 you got a small prize, 2 and you got a medium prize and 3 and you got a big prize.  Bear got a big prize.  He had hung back, watched the others and worked out which string to pull.  

I think I will need to keep my wits about me.  

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