Sunday 29 December 2013

Christmas Paper

I've just picked up seven rolls of Christmas paper at Morrisons for 8p per roll, or 56p for the lot.  I would have picked up more but I ran out of arm space.  I don't think it is an incredible bargain as the rolls were originally only 30p, so a massive percentage discount but not a huge amount in pennies.  They probably aren't the greatest quality but I have just spent two long shifts of wrapping for bear and they will do for the little things.  Unfortunately they are not plain and shiny, so won't do for the birthday/wedding/christening type gifts that the stash of gold and silver paper has been ideal for.  I will keep some on standby for next year's shoebox appeal at the local church to wrap the boxes.

I have been weighing up the wrapping paper I have left from the last mad shopping spree and it is looking a bit less.  However it should hold out until the Sales on Boxing Day 2014.  I'll have a look in town when bear is back in school but I don't expect to see that much.

Fortunately I have been outbid on one of the lots of Christmas Cards, so I am heaving a sigh of relief about that.  Just fourteen more auctions to worry about.

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