Sunday 8 December 2013

Sorry about absence

Sorry about absence.  I'm not my 'normal' self.  Father has to go into hospital tomorrow for some tests.  We are all confident that nothing will be found but he has been on an incredibly restricted diet all today for the scans tomorrow and it goes against everything my father enjoys to have two boiled eggs with dry toast as a Sunday lunch.  He hasn't been able to have milk in his tea or anything.  The leaflet didn't mention avoiding alcohol but I think he has avoided it and stuck to the rules.  The stuff they gave him has made him feel a bit 'off' as well.

This was a shame as we went to a brass band concert this afternoon and bear nearly fell asleep while sitting twenty feet away from the trumpets.  He had to go home half way through as he was almost in tears from 'tired'.  He is an exhausted bear.  We dashed into IKEA at opening time this morning (how busy?) and he managed to charm a soft toy from us.  DH bought me a plush dragon as part of my Christmas present, on account of the 'Sybil' nickname. I have been cuddling it.

Uncle is still very confused and disorientated.  He will have his third operation on his foot (since the beginning of October) tomorrow.  I don't exactly know what the position is as he is unable to give informed consent, but I know it is necessary.  I don't know how we are going to get his bills paid as there is no power of attorney and he was always against direct debits so we can't just let stuff run.  He states clearly that he is in pain, but he keeps telling the nurses that it is in different places.  I'm now imagining things like septicaemia which was one of the causes of my grandfather's death.  I am quite confident I am wrong but I can't stop it haunting me.

I've got most of my Christmas shopping done, we have enough whisky in to float the Queen Mary and the food shopping is more or less covered.  Bear has got me to write all his Christmas cards (school sent home a list of all in the class with a definite hint) but he gave them me back in irritation as I hadn't written the year and class on the envelopes.  I've written all his party invites and the bags are sorted.  The hall is confirmed, the party planning is confirmed, the food will be basic stuff and the cake booked.  I just need the rest of my cards and not much else.

DH has been driving on winter tyres all summer.

I've cancelled the day out I was supposed to have tomorrow with a friend of mine who is in a worse state than I am as I hope to drag bear into school but I am not sure that he won't be sent home and I am also worried about father and uncle and hospitals.

Digging up the Past has made it as far as Sony ebook store but hasn't reached much further.

So all normal here but a bit condensed.  I am looking forward to Christmas.

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  1. So sorry you have so much to worry about. Hope your father's tests go ok tomorrow. Often the preparation is worse than the procedure! If your uncle's doctors know he lacks capacity they will probably be dealing with him under a "ward of court" or Guardianship order under the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Because of fluctuating blood sugar levels caused by diabetes, sufferers often find themselves unable to think straight. If your uncle doesn't regain capacity soon, then someone (it may be the ward social worker) may need to start proceedings with the Court of Protection to ensure his bills get paid. If you haven't already spoken to the social worker , I would do so asap. These things take a long time to set in motion and the sooner someone starts the ball rolling for something, the easier life will be for everyone. The community mental health nursing team or the equivalent hospital team should be asked to assess him and a complex discharge should already have started for when he is well enough to leave hospital (note I don't say well enough to go home.) He may need to be assessed for residential or nursing home care via some rehabilitation and if he lacks insight into his condition and capacity, the decision will be up to the professionals rather than him.