Saturday 28 December 2013

Sublime to the Ridiculous

My sister in law took bear to the cafe in Harvey Nicols where he had a hot chocolate and apparently behaved impeccably.  As is usual, I let the side down and have forgotten to buy his birthday cake.  I will pick up a small one on the way back from the quite grown up birthday lunch bear asked for at Bella Italia as he is having a humungous cake in the shape of a Tardis made by a relative of DH for his party later on.

I may bob around the clearance Christmas stuff while I am there.  I am on my third roll of wrapping paper and taking a break before I lose all hope.  Working it out, I haven't done too badly.  The biggest success was a box full of the gifts off the front of Dr Who Magazine, which had loads of really cool stuff for bear, some of it really, really good.  It wasn't expensive at all and I split the goodies between Christmas and bear's birthday.  I am still whimpering about the cost of the PC but otherwise it could have been worse.  

Uncle has told his friend that I will be visiting this weekend with bear.  I had told him I would not be visiting for a few weeks and definitely not with bear.  However uncle wanted me to visit this weekend and with bear, so he has decided that is reality.  Sigh.  It is going to be a long road.

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