Tuesday 31 December 2013

New Year's Eve

I'll probably have an early night.

It almost certainly won't be a sober night.  Father is taking it personally that I haven't drunk the Amaretto that was a Christmas present to him.  Sigh.

You see, these New Year's Resolutions don't work for everyone.  I can't cut down as much as I would like on my alcohol consumption because I am under almost constant bombardment from father.  I am a bit worried about this as what with all the problems with uncle my consumption is up and I am rather concerned, but unsurprised, about how quickly I finished off a bottle of Cointreau.

I don't get 'No Spend' days.  I'm always picking up father's papers etc.

I can't rush round first thing after bear is at school when it would be a really good time to clear the house, because father is asleep, and writing first is a bit awkward as I know I will be interrupted to make father's breakfast.

I am trying to leave calls about uncle until after I pick up bear from school as I am usually devastated afterwards.  Today I rang early as bear is on school holiday.  Uncle had a bad night and was very confused.  I checked with the social worker.  If uncle once again lies and says that he has carers and that his family are looking after him (we can't) or his friend is looking after him (she can't) then there is nothing the hospital can do but just send him home.  I am really worried about this.  Even if the hospital know he is lying it doesn't make any difference.

I think I will just concentrate on what I can control.  I'm going to look at meal planning again, although I'll start w/c 6 Jan when bear is back at school.  It's going to a time for research and consideration about all the different blocks and how to deal with them.  If meal planning goes the way it has in the past at least I will have an epic fail to laugh about.

As for random spending, I have been out bid on one of the packs of Christmas cards.  Fingers crossed for the rest.

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