Thursday, 27 October 2016

Fail in Soccer Boots

I've watched a lot of football in my time, but I've never played it.  Bear will be starting extra football training after school on Mondays and for the first time needs proper boots and shin pads.  I am sort of aware that if you have shin pads then you really need the proper socks to go with it.  Father's old football socks were sturdy and thick and we used to have them for our Christmas stockings.  So I dragged bear out of the house to go and get kitted out.

The bus didn't come.  Neither did the next.  The buses are supposed to be every ten minutes and it was at least thirty minutes so I missed church.  When we finally got into town we had a lovely snack at the cafe and then braved Sports Direct.  I was very clear that I was clueless.  However when the nice man started on the football boots I asked again and again and again whether the socks would make a difference.  He assured me that it would all be fine so we spent just under £38 for boots, shin pads and two pairs of proper socks.  We got home and it wasn't fine.  The boots are too tight with the socks, which are more substantial than I thought they would be.  I would be more likely to see if the boots would 'wear in' and stretch if bear wasn't overdue going up a shoe size.  As it is, they need to be changed.

We are visiting with bear's cousin tomorrow so we will have to brave the town centre on Saturday with all the crowds and try and sort out an exchange.  

I'm really, really glad that bear is getting keen on football.  It will be great for his health and probably his social life.  I'm just bracing for the muddy kit.  I'll be so proud, though, that I have muddy kit to wash.

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