Saturday, 20 June 2015

Back to the Basics

Yesterday I bought a bottle of vodka (at 9 in the morning!) for the fennel vodka.  I looked at the vast swathes of fennel still in the garden.  I looked at the fronds in the kitchen.  I thought I would never drink the dratted fennel vodka.  I will be making chilli vodka for a Christmas present so the vodka can keep for that.  I reluctantly got rid of the left over fronds.  The waste grieved me, but the waste of a bottle of vodka flavoured with fennel sitting there being ignored would be just as much a waste and more expensive.

Apparently there was a pub called The Squinting Cat.  It is currently closed due to violence, which doesn't surprise me.  Psycho cat was a devil after catnip. To my delight I found a picture of it on WikiCommons.

The one in Swarcliffe is not to be confused with the one in Harrogate.  I don't think the one at Harrogate ever had a fight at a funeral and the one at Swarcliffe definitely did.  I think the name is awesome, though, and I may well nick it for a novel.

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