Saturday, 6 June 2015

Bear's Birthday Party

Bear had his birthday part today.  It was six months late.  I am a very rubbish mother sometimes.  We had it in the Thackeray Medical Museum, and it was beyond epic.

First of all there was a cake.  DH's cousin performed miracles at short notice and made this...

Then there were the demonstrations and opportunities to make slime and have a wound make up session.  Bear looked awesome with a huge gash on his cheek.  All the kids had a go, but I made sure I warned the parents first.  The staff were amazing!  We will be going back there for a visit again, it looked brilliant but not for the faint hearted.  After the make up there was a guided tour of some of the galleries followed by food.  It was a success.  Then DH took bear to visit father who was suitably impressed.

It may be late, but it was perfect for bear.  And that is definitely the last party I am going to sort out until his eighteenth.

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