Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Thank goodness DH managed to sort out the freezer.  I hadn't spotted the wedge of ice that was holding the door open, but DH cleared it.  I am so glad, and grateful that DH sorted it so well.  All the contents had to be thrown.  Looking for a bright side, we didn't have to spend over £100 and I got rid of a lot of stuff that was never going to be used but seemed such a waste to throw out.  It's just frustrating that the stuff had to go.  I can also start a freezer book and keep it up!

That being said, the sandals I dug out from last year definitely needed replacing.  So I need to get something that can cope with the swelling, something that can cope with my loathing of toe posts, something that will be inexpensive as it is likely to be only worn half a dozen times each year and, mainly, something that will make bear say, 'Mother!  You can't wear those!'  I saw these.

They are more expensive than I want to pay, also I would definitely break my neck in them due to iffy ankles, steep steps, bank down to bear's school etc.  But I do love the look of them.   I am getting an Amazon order together, as I can get that delivered to DH at work.  At the moment it contains slippers, as mine have disintegrated and are shameful.  I shall have to put them in someone else's bin, they are so bad.  It also contains a bundle of some inexpensive computer games to keep my sanity over summer.

Bear had his sports day this morning.  He won his race (the hurdles) and was generally lovely.  I am very proud of him.

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