Monday, 8 June 2015

Knowing my Place

Our kitchen is actually in our cellar.  Some competent house owner before us converted the large, low ceiling room into a kitchen, dining room and walk in cupboard.  This means that I always need the light on as the small window is at eye level inside but ground level outside and doesn't get much sun.  It also means that it is cool in summer, snug in winter and the only downside is carrying food up and down steep steps as father was too frail to manage down to the dining room.  

This morning I was making bear's cereal when I saw a very handsome tom stroll into the garden.  I had the perfect angle to admire him as he padded over the yard.  He was entirely black and very self assured as he looked me over, ignored me, sniffed the plants and then widdled on the window glass - dead centre, perfect aim.

The window needed cleaning anyway.

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  1. So sorry - that just made me laugh out loud for real! We had a cellar kitchen in Cupar but had much more light than you describe although it was weird to see people's feet and legs approaching the house before we saw the rest of them. Take care - hope you are feeling better xx