Tuesday 13 October 2015

Accidentally gluten free

I have a book called 'Feed your Family for a Fiver'.  It's an okay recipe book.  Yesterday I made a version of the sweet potato pudding.  You are supposed to cook it in a ready prepared crust, but I didn't.  You mix 500g of mashed sweet potato with 100g of soft brown sugar, teaspoon of mixed spice, 90g melted butter, four egg yolks, 450g milk and 4 egg whites beaten to stiff peaks.  You cook it at Gas 7 for fifteen minutes and then Gas 5 for another half hour or so.  It isn't deliberately gluten free but if you cook it in a pyrex dish as I did then there is no flour.  It tasted quite good as well, but while the men would like it again as soon as I like, I was underwhelmed.

Bear 'helped' me make it.  I have never been good at cooking with him as I get stressed after a while.  I seem to spend most of my time saying, 'hang on a minute... ' and I feel desperately inadequate.  I will also say that I do tell bear he is awesome, and he is, and he stirred and whisked and weighed with gusto.  It did seem to use a lot of pots and pans, but that's cooking for you.

It's the sort of recipe I am looking for, however, that isn't deliberately gluten free, just doesn't have gluten in it.  Risotto is another one.  Now I know I can make it in the microwave I can go for it.  There are lots of options out there without gluten.

Bless - your worries put mine in perspective.  Praying for you.


  1. Your sweet potato pudding sounds a lot like sweet potato pie. I'm sure it was very tasty. How wonderful that your son is helping you to cook! It's worth all the extra pots and pans you have to wash!

    Thank you for your prayers. Much appreciated.

  2. Delia has a really great recuipe for Risotto, which is oven baked... none of the add/stir/wait/add/stir/wait hassle. Here's a link If you don't fancy mushrooms, just leave them out and stir in some cooked chicken right at the end