Thursday 1 October 2015

Bear is Unamused

I could tell last night that I was heading for a tough morning.  Bear was told he could have one of the fairy cakes that came with the Approved Food order.  Three cakes later they 'smelled funny' and 'I feel sick...'

The cakes did smell a bit sour, but if they were so bad it did make me wonder how he managed to eat three first, as did his pal.  Bear is also keen to try and stay home.  At the moment, hanging out with his mother is the best thing possible (except for hanging out with his pals, playing football, arguing with his pals, playing computer games...)  This means that mornings are a challenge.  This morning bear managed to bring up some faint strands of phlegm - and I still forced him to school!  He was very indignant in a failing voice that he was being forced to school after being sick!  Past experience says that he will be fine.

Wean - lol, the tomatoes were stepped on before they reached the windowsill.  The delivery drivers are remarkably sensible round here, despite my influence.  I do have a visiting cat that has widdled on windows, though, which also makes me think I may have had a lucky escape with the tomatoes.

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