Sunday, 1 May 2016

Epic Stamina Fail

When I went into Leeds and traipsed round looking for bear's trainers I spent more time out of the house than I normally do in a week.  Then I ran the 'Roll the Tuppenny' stall which was more interaction with strangers and their kids than I normally manage in a week.  Then we went out to see Macbeth, and a trip to the theatre is a 'once a year' treat.

Macbeth was amazing.  It was an amateur company but I have to say it was one of the best performances I have ever seen.  I loved it.  Lady Macbeth was particularly impressive.  When she snapped, 'Infirm of purpose!' at Macbeth every married man in the theatre flinched.  I wish I could watch it all again.

DH and I chatted in the interval.  I said that perhaps we ought to see if we could get a regular babysitter for an occasional Saturday afternoon so that we could go to see a film or a matinee.  After all, we were both looking forward to seeing Captain America, Civil War.  We normally only have bear sleeping away once or twice a year, and perhaps another one or two afternoons a year on top of that.  We don't mind, bear is good company and I'm happy to look after him, but we don't do much.

DH joked that we could see a late night showing of the Captain America film tonight, while we had the chance.  I asked if there actually was a late night showing.  DH checked on his phone.  There were several late night showings quite near to the theatre.  So after an amazing, wonderful performance of Macbeth we saw the 10:50pm showing of Captain America Civil War and got home at 2am.

Shopping, a church function, a Shakespeare play and a film rated suitable for twelve year olds (with guidance) isn't exactly a rock and roll lifestyle, but it was a lot more excitement than I'm used to.  Today I am tired.  My experience is that it is the second day when unexpected exertion catches up with you so I expect that tomorrow I shall be on the floor.

It was worth it.  I just need to work on my stamina.

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  1. You crammed in a week's worth of activity into one day! I'd say you have plenty of stamina!