Thursday, 1 September 2016

Five Days Left

Just five days left before bear goes back to school.

Today bear spent in his pyjamas, chilling in the dining room and watching two seasons of the Pac Man cartoon.  I didn't let him help with dinner (turkey rather haphazardly marinaded in yogurt, next time I'll use a proper recipe) but we did bake some chocolate grantham biscuits that were a fail on a galactic scale.  However there are some potholes in the road that need filling and the biscuits will be better than stone chippings.

I should have known.  The recipe called for 4oz butter to 16oz sugar to 14oz flour to 2oz cocoa to one egg.  I've lost the recipe I had for them which wasn't like that at all. In the recipe I used to use, you ended up with a crumbly, fragile and toothsome ginger biscuit.  These were supposed to be the same crumbling, delicate and spicy morsel but chocolate.  They really weren't.  Bear couldn't manage one.  I begrudge the waste of ingredients.

I'm sure I'll find a good recipe tomorrow.


  1. Too bad the biscuits didn't turn out. You had me running to check one of my homemade cookbooks that I put together, in my late teens(!) copying recipes and/or cutting from magazines and pasting. I knew I had a recipe for something called Grantham Gingerbreads which I had made once (but only once, because the resulting cookies were hard as rocks!) Anyway, my recipe (cut from a pre1973 magazine) calls for 4 oz. butter or margarine, 12 oz. caster sugar, 1 large egg, beaten, 9 oz. self-raising flour, and 1 level teaspoonful ground ginger. Aha! I think I've discovered the reason why my biscuits turned out so hard - the recipe called for self-raising flour and I only had regular, all-purpose flour and didn't know enough at the time to add baking powder to it to substitute for self-raising flour! No wonder my biscuits didn't puff up as described in the recipe! LOL. Did your recipe specify self-raising flour?

  2. my late mum used to make the most awesome Grantham gingerbread biscuits, I wish I still had the recipe, knowing me I would fail on epic proportions, so better that I just have memories. By the way I love the word toothsome, pity it isn't used more often.