Wednesday 24 May 2017

Back to Everyday Life

Why aren't towels colourfast?  Seriously?  Things that get wet regularly outside the washing machine should not leak colour.

Bear is doing a Triathalon type thing (suitable for 10 year olds) and he needs towel, swimshorts etc and I looked for a new towel as ours are getting threadbare.  Tesco were doing a very reasonably priced, not too large towel that's supposed to get fluffier every time it's washed.  But I didn't get all of the whites that were in the previous wash out and one of bear's vests lurked in the corner.

It was a pristine white, even after six months of hard use.  It is now a delicate shade of acidic turquoise.  I'll try and get the colour here  

I suppose it could be worse.  It will do as a vest top for over the summer which means we get a little more wear before bear grows out of it.  


  1. At least it's not pink! When I had just given birth to our second child my husband did some washing and separated nothing. The whole washing ended up pink! He's learned to do washing (somewhat)properly since then. I don't understand why towels aren't colourfast though. You would think they would be. Sigh