Sunday 21 May 2017


All has been lovely and quiet here.  I've pottered very gently (leg is getting a lot better) and on the whole it could be worse.

I've taken some time to browse, which was fun.  There's a tab at the top which will take  you to random subreddits, different topics from a very diverse range of subjects.  I've dipped into a few and subscribed to a decluttering sub and a funny cat sub amongst others.  However if you do try to run through a selection of random boards, I strongly suggest that you wait until you are not at work and do not do so where children or those of a delicate nature can see the screen.

Some of them I didn't understand at all.  There's one that's dedicated to the different types of socks or stockings in anime.  I'm not linking to it.  It's quite disturbing and you'll have to take it on trust.  I'll link to cute pictures instead.

I've also started browsing eBay for clothes for bear for next winter.  I'm hoping that bear doesn't shoot up too much, and that if I stick to the likely age range then I'll do okay.  I'm trying to catch the sellers who are clearing out winter wardrobes, but I may have left it too late.  It's always good to buy things off season if they are a little less expensive, and second hand children's clothes are a reasonable target.  Salt and grit is also less expensive in the summer - if you can find it.

This is not fresh advice.  I read about buying out of season in a book on Medieval Social History.  Housewives in the fourteenth century were advised to order the salt fish so necessary for Lent in early Spring and to order it early, some recommending that it was bought in well before November.  The fish must have been very well salted!


  1. Glad your leg is feeling better! I used to get some great deals for the kids buying clothes out of season. The only problem was sometimes guessing the size wrong lol.

  2. The thought of buying salted fish weeks ahead sort of made my face curl up.... urgh! I'm not keen on the delivery drivers from asda. We used the service once when our work load was getting too much, the driver parked in a stupid place and was very reluctant to move, lectured us on the value of the service and in particular how 'nice' he was. It was 20 minutes of this on our main and busy road where his van was causing an irritating obstruction. Then about a third of our items were either substituted or not there as they'd not had them in stock.....never again! Take care of your leg.

  3. Glad to read that your leg is getting better.