Monday 17 June 2024

Half a Millimetre

I've been making erratic progress on the hat. I keep getting distracted from the football.

It's 10 inches long, and I start shaping at 12 inches. However I've just realised that the needles were 4.5mm instead of 4.0mm. I don't expect that it will make a great deal of difference but it's annoying. 

The Duke of Edinburgh expedition starts on Wednesday and I shall be passionately glad when it's over. Bear is looking forward to it, but I'll just be thankful when I'm no longer worried if more shopping is needed. He took the backpack in to be checked today and apparently he needs a warm hat. I have never managed to convince bear to wear a hat in literal snow. The frost could be laying thick enough for polar bears and I'd be lucky to get him to wear a warm sweater. Bear has dug out a hat, but I don't expect him to wear it, even if it is cold for June in the Peak District. 

DH seemed to have a good Father's Day. Bear got him a vampire garlic crusher.

DH was very satisfied with the result when he tested it when making garlic butter. 

Writing stuff - The latest instalment from the White Hart is here

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. The slight difference in the knitting needles shouldn't make that much of a difference in the finished hat, I'd think. Well, bear will have a hat, whether he chooses to wear it or not. :) The vampire garlic crusher is cute!

    1. Fingers crossed that the knit will be fine - thank you for reassuring me.