Friday, 11 March 2016


Thanks, Wean, I agree.  Uncle just doesn't get how to get on with kids.  For example, when I went to school I didn't know my colours.  My parents had diligently taught me what was red, green etc but uncle used to point at something blue and tell me it was yellow and I was utterly confused.  He tells bear he is going to take stuff away or not let him have stuff.  I think it's the only way he knows how to deal with kids - to tease them - and he has a heart the size of Wales.  He adores bear.  I just keep a close eye when they do meet and I keep it short.

Bless - I think bear is very clever.  At the end of Year Three he was getting 100% in mental maths aimed at Year Six.  His maths tutor has struggled to challenge him as he just 'gets' it.  As far as I know he hasn't been tested at school, and there isn't a culture of skipping grades in the UK.  Theoretically he could start doing maths exams early, but with the way things are set up here, I am not sure it would be healthy.  His teacher looked a little weary as he mentioned that every topic they did, bear had already looked it all up and knew all that he was going to teach already.  I think he is an awesome teacher.  I don't envy him though.  He is teaching a lad who, when asked whether he knew what sodium was, defined it as an alkaline metal.  The school haven't reached the stages of even talking about elements.  Obviously I am proud of him, immensely proud, but I sometimes wonder how it will all turn out.  He may settle down to middling in secondary school, or he may continue bright.  I'm keeping the pressure off.


  1. You know him best, of course. My daughter was tested at the recommendation of her teachers and principal and was identified as "highly gifted". I enrolled her in a magnet school for highly gifted children, where the curriculum was 2 grade levels advanced, her curiosity was encouraged, she was challenged, and she thrived.

  2. You are in the best place. Being smart is no substitute for being happy. I have a sixth former who was smart... and is now ... not so smart. And all I want... is for her to be happy.