Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sometimes eBay Happens

I've been feeling very low.  This is a time when I should step well away from eBay.  I have managed to avoid some of the worse pitfalls, however I did fall for a sari.

I don't know anything about saris.  I am in the UK, from a mad Welsh/sane English background.  I don't know how saris should be worn or what they should look like.  I just saw that old saris were being sold as reclaimed fabric in the Crafts section.  They look so beautiful and so glamorous, how could I resist?  So I spent 1p plus £6 post and package from India and bought a sari that was described as not fit to wear but good for reclaimed fabric. around 4 yards by 40 inches, stains and holes included.

Today I got this in the post.

I've included a battery to show the size of the package.  What the pack contained was 4 yards by 40 inches (just over three and one half metres by a metre) of 'art silk' which was just beautiful.  Bear gave me a look, but said I could probably make something with it.

Unpacked it looked like this.

It has stains, and bits where it has gone funny due to heat, and a few holes, but there is still a lot of nice stuff there.  I have no idea what I will do but I will do something.  I am entranced by it.

There is a most amazing YouTube Video of someone in India making a quilt from a sari here.   I don't think my reclaimed fabric is quite up to it, but I may have a go...

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  1. I am sure you could make some scarves, table runners, cushion covers, etc., from the reclaimed fabric. Have fun with it. Thank you for posting the link to the video; that was pretty amazing how that quilt was made.