Friday, 11 March 2016

Fail Continues

I'm still waiting in for the Amazon Delivery.  The curtain is now falling down and I am waiting for new curtain rings.  The pull of the curtain on the curtain hooks has broken some curtain hooks and pulled the eyes from the curtain rings.  I am furious.  We are going to have to move bear's desk.  It has been in the same place since 1994, but for ages we have had absolutely no issue with the curtain - years and years and years.  Darn.

I'm going to do a bodge job and hope it stays up.

We are also going to be moving furniture, and will spend most of tomorrow going up and down dratted ladders.  I am unimpressed.  I am also extremely concerned what I will find behind the desk.  On the bright side it will be a great opportunity to sort out the rats' nest of wires that I have been nattering about for the last few years.

Bear is happening to football.  When DH came in last night he asked whether the zombies had called.  I don't think the photo does it justice

All you could see were smeared and muddy handprints trailing down.  Fortunately I had soapy water and a cloth.  I also had to direct bear and his pal towards a large quantity of soapy water and cloths for themselves, they were mudmonsters.  Bear had come home the previous day with a coat so covered in mud that I had to wait until it was dry before knocking the lumps of dirt off - outside!

I'm actually happy he is going out and getting mucky.

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