Tuesday, 8 March 2016


I have a cold.  I have a stinking sore throat and it seems very like what poor DH had a week ago (he really suffered).  I haven't been to visit uncle, I can't risk taking a sore throat in there.  I fail again.

I've been researching how to make a silver bullet - for writing purposes, of course.  Bear has torn the curtain, so I need to sort that out again.  I can't find the reed thingies for the diffuser which is a nuisance as they have been lovely.  I've made up the bathroom spray from the 30 days to a clean house book (equal quantities of white vinegar and surgical spirit with a large dash of essential oil of lemon) and it smells scary.  Things continue.  I am worrying about uncle.

This morning bear was giving a sterling performance of someone who has had their legs amputated by a rusty nail file.  He has a grazed knee.  It's a really good graze, with quite a good spread, and it looks liked it oozed spectacularly, but it is just a graze.  Bear was disappointed that I didn't treat it with respect due to a severe injury.


  1. So sorry to hear you've a cold and sore throat. Hope you feel better soon. But good idea not to visit your uncle when you are ill.

    If you can't find the diffuser reeds, remember that you are supposed to be able to use twigs, etc. from your garden. At least until you find the diffuser reeds.

    Hope Bear's knee heals quickly.