Saturday, 17 March 2018

Eventually Snow

We had planned to go to the Science Fair at Leeds.  Bear was actually interested in going to somewhere outside of the house and I was quite keen myself.  Then snow was forecast.

Leeds is not set up for snow.  The main roads get gritted but people aren't used to it.  Cars don't have winter tyres or chains, pavements get very slick and the buses faint at the first snowflake.  Lots of drivers panic on the road.  We don't really get enough to have practice at driving in snow, so during the last snow, Facebook was full of pictures of cars skidded off the road and into lamp posts.  Also, the way home includes a steep hill that just doesn't work when it's slippery. 

DH said he wasn't going into Leeds when there was snow forecast.  I thought this was entirely reasonable.  When he was saying that, gusts of snow were whirling horizontally past the window.  However it just didn't settle.  Snow came and went in very windy patches, but it had no effect on the road.  So in the end DH and bear went in to the Science Fair (my joints were too bad). 

They had a blast!  There were people from all sorts of different societies and facilities, like from the hospitals and university as well as local science societies.  Bear made sherbet and showed off and came home very happy indeed.  The snow was still coming in gusts and still had no effect on the roads.  I was beginning to think that the weather forecast had got a little over excited and the drowsiness I was feeling was a late night (snow always makes me sleepy) when the snow really started.  I've just had a quick look out of the window and it looks like a couple of inches have settled over the street. 

So I am feeling a little smug.  I arranged for my shopping and deliveries to happen on Friday so they wouldn't be affected by the snow that was forecast.  I asked DH nicely to go to the tip with rubbish on Friday instead of Sunday when he would normally go (goodness only knows what this will do to the rubbish collection here!).  And I also got a small dent made in the dining room.  There's lots to do but I've started and I'm feeling confident.  The new dryer is coming on Wednesday and I've got clean shirts for DH and bear that should keep them going until then.  It could be a lot worse. 


  1. So glad that you heeded the snow forecast and got things done before that! Glad that Bear got to go to the science fair and have a good time! It sounds like just the thing that would interest him!

    I've been reading but not commenting a lot; my computer is giving me some trouble (freezing on me, etc.), so it takes me twice as long to type up a comment. Just wanted you to know that I am still reading, if not commenting on all the posts.

    1. Thank you - I feel like I have had the most amazing hug. LM x

  2. I don't drive in the snow. Luckily hubby does and is very good at it. He grew up here so of course he is! Few people have winter tyres or chains here they just learn how to drive on the white stuff. At the beginning of winter - before people remember how to drive in the snow - there are lots of accidents, but as winter draws on they seem to get less. I find people still want to go so fast - even the lorries speed past as ridiculous speeds. I'm glad winter is finally moving out so I don't have to worry about snow so much.

    Hope your joints get better soon. The cold doesn't help. I'm hoping that's what the main problem with my back is. I don't want to go to the doctors.

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