Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Weary Wednesday

I'm trying to cut back on caffeine (again) so I am almost nodding off while I post.  It's been a funny sort of day.  I've been pootling around with a little ironing, a little cleaning and a little writing.  I spent around half an hour knitting and I've nearly finished another scrubby. 

It's been very limp today.  I still have an outsized pile of ironing, plus all sorts of stuff everywhere but it's getting slightly but consistently better over the last week.  I'm moving the best I have all year!  First it was almost-flu, which wiped me out.  Then my back went.  No it's my hip and knee but if I move in the morning it isn't too bad.  I suspect it may be arthritis.  As it is, the biggest excitement for me today has been watching to see which wheelie bin they took today.

The council are supposed to collect general rubbish and recycling on alternate Wednesdays.  The week before last, when it should have been recycling, we were hit by snow and the refuse collection had to be cancelled.  However the council did their best to catch up and were running only a day behind last week which means the general rubbish should have been collected last Thursday - when we had a lot of unexpected snow.  Last night I left both bins out and kept everything crossed that they would take the general rubbish which includes all the stinky food waste.  They didn't.  I've got to wait another week and the bin is already full.  Fortunately DH enjoys a trip to the rubbish tip, so that should take some pressure off.  As we live near a small stream (with some minor flooding onto some grass a few days ago), near a lot of fast food places and have a major sewer running down the centre of the street, we get a lot of rats here.  I don't like leaving rubbish out, just in case. 

Tomorrow I plan to go for a very short, perhaps five minute walk, even if it's raining.  I'm putting it here to try and keep my resolve.  I'll report back tomorrow to see if I managed it. 


  1. I think I have a touch of arthritis too. Especially in my back. I've been having problems with it (mostly) at night. I'm hoping when (if!) the weather warms up it might not hurt as much. So I feel for you.

    Yuck about the rubbish collection. It's all done privately here over in the states so they don't usually miss out - even if it's snowy they come out if not on the day the next. We live on the hill so we've been missed a couple of times. I ring them up and they come out.

    We don't have rats, but we do have raccoons. They seem to like the rubbish. Luckily they've stayed out of it so far!

    1. Raccoons look cute but from what I've seen, they really aren't.

      The rubbish collection here has got worse and worse. Most of the time it works, but they faint at snowflakes - which wouldn't work in your neck of the woods! I hope that you feel better in the good weather LM x