Sunday 23 March 2014

A screw loose

Bear has found a screwdriver.  Bear has worked out how to unscrew the incredibly expensive nerf guns, and I have said that he can go ahead on the strict understanding that if anything that goes wrong it is entirely his own fault.  Nothing has gone wrong yet.

I am still, however, incredibly nervous.  Bear is desperate to unscrew anything.  We are not a household of natural tinkerers (apart from father who doesn't bother so much these days) but bear wants to take things apart.  So far nothing has fallen to bits so bear is restraining himself a little.  Part of the problem is that he has watched videos of people unscrewing nerf guns.  I have mentioned several times that they have more money than sense but I think that fell on deaf ears.

In the end we decided to go to Clearances at Forge Lane, which is a warehouse full of house clearance stuff.  Bear thought it was wonderful, and father treated bear to yet another gun which he can unscrew safe in the knowledge that it didn't cost £30 or more of hard earned pocket money.  I was having a wander around the elderly electricals but I didn't see anything suitable for bear.  I didn't see any sort of construction kits either, though bear also brought home an elderly transformer toy which he thought was wonderful.

While we were there I succumbed to a trolley.  I didn't need it but it will be perfect to replace the two drawer filing cabinet currently between the chairs of me and father.  I thought it would be fine for £35.

I am going to have to ration my trips there, as it is a very tempting place.  However next weekend we go to Headingley and the charity shops to look for meccano or something else that bear can unscrew.

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