Saturday 1 March 2014

What you find when you look!

We have a subscription to Lovefilm.  This has migrated to Amazon and if we upgrade to Amazon Prime we can get extra films and programmes.  I am not entirely convinced, but I thought I would look and see what you got from Amazon Prime.

Free delivery is a real draw, especially when you buy as much online as I do.  However I don't actually get that much from Amazon.  I suppose I could but I am not sure.  I know that there have been some good bargains on food or washing powder that are not such bargains once postage is added on, so I could save if they are part of the Amazon Prime promotion (not all are) and if I couldn't actually get it cheaper elsewhere.

While I have been looking I found black toilet paper.  If you don't believe me the link is here.  I do have to question what sort of decorating scheme needs black loo paper.  I am not that keen on peach or pink so I am confident that I will not be paying £6.99 for six rolls even if the postage is free.  I may possibly consider the 48 rolls of white toilet paper for £9.63 plus £2.35 p&p or £11.98 or @ 25p per roll.  This compares favourably with the Tescos Everday Value Double Length loo paper at £1.95 for six rolls (£15.60 for 48 rolls, although if they are really double length then £7,80 for 24, and a bargain with it).  You can probably make a good argument for Tesco with initial investment and ease of storage even if it isn't literally double length.  Neither of the Amazon offers are part of Amazon Prime, so the whole 'is it worth Amazon Prime?' discussion doesn't really apply.

One thing that is part of Amazon Prime is 'Distinctive' which is a washing powder for men.  I was a bit baffled by the whole idea.  I can understand why a man may be getting fed up of going to work on an oil rig smelling of pink diamond or lavender dreams, but really!  At £14.99 for twelve washes I'd expect some serious cleaning power but it is very focused on the scent of the thing.  You can get it gift wrapped as well.  According to the description it doesn't contain optical brighteners to protect designer clothes, but leaves the whites stuffed.  However one lady did comment that it left the dog's blanket smelling fresh.  I suppose that is an endorsement.

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